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Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Motor News January 2020

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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3 мин.
some truly special ideas

A monthly magazine with 400-500 ink-soaked paper pages is pretty special in this age of TikTok, Snapchat, and other internet-based things that I get tired not caring about. But, in the past couple of years, we’ve upped the specialness of Hemmings Motor News even further with stem cap know-how aided by leading valve stem cap aficionados. Expect to learn about thread pitch variations, cap knurl pattern identification, and rare factory caps with built-in valve core removers. 101 Re-uses for Car Show Awards Your car sure is a hit on the regional scene, but did you ever imagine that it would amass such a pile of worthless dust magnets? Fear not, because the Hemmings team has dozens of ways to give your old trophies new life. Just as soon as we think of…

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what’s mint?

“…let’s take a look at commonly used phrases that are inaccurate and, at times, deceiving.” In the world of coins, the “mint” label designates one that is in perfect condition, as if it just left the manufacturing facility. But when “mint” is used in ads to describe a car’s condition, it is misleading. The only time a car is in that level of condition is the moment it rolls off the assembly line. As soon as it’s driven, it no longer can be labeled “mint.” So, let’s take a look at commonly used phrases that are inaccurate and, at times, deceiving. Ads need to state the facts — it’s not good to mislead a potential buyer. ALL ORIGINAL: Few cars are truly all original. Any major component that has been replaced, including…

10 мин.

I predicted that the September (4-7) Mecum Auction in Dallas, Texas, would be a shot heard round the world. It didn’t disappoint. The 1957 Chevy, Ford Model A, and the Shelby Mustang from the ’60s need to know, there’s a new kid in town: 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s trucks. The auction saw the coming-out party for the next era in collectibles. A 2006 Chevrolet short bed with 9,300 miles, a 5.3-liter V-8, and a set of chrome SS wheels stopped everyone in their tracks at $32,000 plus buyer fees. Anyone wanting to jump on the bandwagon should check out the results at Mecum’s site, grab any cash they have, hook the trailer up, and go barn finding. These trucks are out there by the thousands. This is going to be incredible to…

5 мин.
motoring news

MANUFACTURER NEWS Mazda expands restoration parts offerings for first-gen Miatas Launched in 1989 as a 1990 model, the Mazda MX-5 Miata marked the return of the classic British roadster, albeit an interpretation that was built half a world away, in Hiroshima, Japan. The last of these first generation “NA”-chassis models rolled off the assembly line 22 years ago, meaning that even well-preserved examples are likely in need of TLC — and repair parts. Building on the success of programs in its home market, Mazda recently announced the expansion of its NA Miata restoration parts offerings for customers in the United States. The current list stretches to 42 pages and some 1,100 line items, with newly added parts including a replacement cloth top, roll-up plastic rear window, and eight-spoke alloy wheels that are visually…

3 мин.
1940 nash ambassador

Many distinctive-looking automobiles were produced for the 1940 model year, but few were as elegant in their simplicity as the Nash Ambassador. With a tall, slender grille—anchored by a pair of horizontal “waterfalls”—its style was incomparable. Understated, yet very appealing in a conservative way. But what made Nashes of this era so fascinating to the more sophisticated car buyers were their engines. While the majority of automakers relied on old flathead technology to power their automobiles, Nash engineers preferred the smoother-running alternative of overhead-valve design. Be it Nash’s straight-six or straight-eight engines, both powertrains used OHV technology. Perhaps this is why there was lots of truth to its slogan: “Once you get your hands on a Nash, you’ll never rest ’til you own it.” The straight-eight engine in this particular 1940 Ambassador…

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1971 buick gs hardtop

Buick facilitated the creation of the budget muscle car market segment with its 1967 GS 340. For 1968, Plymouth blew the lid off the new niche with the low-buck, high-profile 383 Road Runner, wearing the Warner Brothers cartoon character. Other automakers quickly countered with their own variations on the theme. The GS 350 replaced the 340 for 1968, and Buick continued to offer its moderate-displacement muscle car alongside its more powerful GS 400s and GS 455s in the ensuing years. For 1971, the base GS engine was the 350 four-barrel, rated at 260 hp. Its compression ratio had dropped to 8.5:1 — from the 1970 GS’s 10.25:1 — to run on low-lead and unleaded fuel, but the 350 did retain its functional hood scoops and dual exhaust. The GS also had…