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Hemmings Motor News

Hemmings Motor News February 2020

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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electrifying dinner talk

It was a nice, quiet, holiday dinner until somebody at the table started in. Talking about him. You know who I mean. He’s polarizing, he’s rich, he writes crazy stuff on Twitter. Yep, that guy: Elon Musk. Actually, it wasn’t Mr. Musk specifically, it was his latest achievement, the Tesla CyberTruck. Fortunately, for all of the normal people at the table, the topic vanished even quicker than my sister’s delicious mashed potatoes. Personally, I have no opinion about the truck’s looks, its range, or its autonomous driving capabilities. I’m not the CyberTruck target demographic. It’s too new by about 40 years. Too expensive by about $50,000. Plus, it has things I never knew I needed in a pickup — like seating for six inside an “impenetrable exoskeleton.” Look, I’m just going…

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grandest of grand

The collector-car community has an upcoming event that everyone will want to attend. It’s going to be one of those rare shows that people in attendance will be talking about for years to come. A one-of-kind happening that will be more than just a car show, but educational and inspirational for us all. In July, the Antique Automobile Club of America will be hosting its annual Grand National in Allentown, Pennsylvania. No, not at the usual parking lot of the host hotel or some nearby college campus. Instead, the event will take place at The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage. Readers of Hemmings Classic Car will be familiar with this unique facility, due to the many special automobiles we have profiled from its collection. The complex, like its cars, is…

7 мин.

I have been with you and your staff for many years. I remember seeing my first Hemmings Motor News way back in the ’60s. That was when all the orphan cars were just used cars and no more. I’ve been through the comments about restomods in Muscle Machines. Then there were the foreign cars in Classic Cars. I’ve seen station wagons and four-door sedans, and plenty of trucks. All of this I have been able to digest to some extent. I have agreed to most of the writers’ viewpoints, even to the point of experiencing them in the past, now, and seeing some of the future, which doesn’t appear the best. Now with all of the above being the middle of the road I hope, here comes more of my comments…

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motoring news

IN MEMORIAM Automotive literature specialist Walter Miller dies at 66 On November 15, the collector-car hobby lost a giant of a personality when Walter Miller passed away at age 66. It was a life cut short by pancreatic cancer. With a deep-seated passion and life-long appreciation for auto literature, this soft-spoken gentleman was a friend to everyone who met him. Walter began collecting literature on automobiles — both American and foreign — at a very young age, and he never stopped. He turned his love of printed brochures into a business, Walter Miller’s Automobile Literature, which has benefited thousands of car enthusiasts throughout the world. Be it brochures, owner’s manuals, maps, posters, paint chips, and even old signs and garage/ dealership displays, if it had anything to do with automobiles — trucks too —…

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1964 oldsmobile vista-cruiser

Station wagons occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of many who grew up with them as their family car. General Motors, like other automakers, was keenly aware of the lucrative market segment in the 1960s, so when the new A-body intermediates were developed for 1964 to replace the smaller Y-bodies, station wagons remained in the program. Oldsmobile and Buick took the concept a step further by offering their higher-line midsized wagons with the new Vista-Roof (Skyroof at Buick). The feature added a series of tinted windows in a raised top section over the rear seats and cargo area, and evoked the observation windows of certain rail cars and buses. The new attraction increased headroom and “hatroom” and provided “easier access to the rear compartment,” said Oldsmobile, which christened its…

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Engine Oldsmobile small-block V-8; cast-iron heads and block Displacement 330-cu.in. Horsepower 230 (Jetfire Rocket V-8); 290 (Cutlass V-8) Fuel system Two-barrel carburetor, cast-iron intake manifold (standard); four-barrel carburetor and manifold (optional) Transmission Three-speed manual (standard); two-speed automatic and four-speed manual (optional) Brakes Drums (front/rear) Wheelbase 120 inches Length 208 inches Width 74.3 inches Curb weight 3,781 pounds (Custom, two row) Production 1,305 (two row); 2,089 (three row); 3,320 (Custom, two row); 7,286 (Custom, three row)…