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Hemmings Motor News April 2020

Every issue is packed with hundreds of pages of auction news, car profi les, buyer's guides, restoration profiles, technical advice, event coverage, and a classified section that is THE PLACE to find high quality listings of cars, parts, and services for sale.

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true tales of tents, foxes

There are no atheists in a three-person tent, pitched at a racetrack campground, with a lifted ’78 Blazer doing full-throttle doughnuts 20 yards away. To this I can swear a mighty oath. The more the other drunken campers howled and cheered on that pre-race-day Saturday night, the more Blazer dude hammered the throttle, hanging out the truck’s tail and whipping up giant clouds of campground dust. Once every revolution, the Blazer’s headlamp beams would whiz past our tent, lighting up the inside enough that I could see the widened eyes of my two equally terrified tent mates. Figuring our odds of not getting run over were better on foot, we crept outside to see a mob of half dressed, fully boozed lunatic race fans surrounding the Blazer while it spun…

3 мин.
fancy a fiat?

When it comes to owning sports cars, Fiats are often overlooked for the more popular British marques. But if you crave something different, then you should really give serious consideration to those distinctive little fun machines from Turin. I owned a 124 Spider years ago and found it to be far better built and better driving than any of the Triumphs and MGs that I had owned up until then. So, here’s a short list of some very collectible, very affordable, Fiats that really are a heck of a lot of fun to drive. 500: Better known as the Topolino (“Little Mouse”), these late-Forties-era icons feature a big vertical grille separate headlamps, and were fairly aerodynamically advanced for their time. Although the 570cc side-valve engine had an aluminum cylinder head, it…

17 мин.

In December 1953, I entered the United States Air Force aviation cadet program for jet pilot training. My last phase of training was in Laredo, Texas, from November 1954 until June 1955, when I received my wings and commission. Sometime in the late fall of 1954, I went to San Antonio with a classmate on weekend leave, and while there I saw — and purchased — a 1953 Corvette from a dealer’s lot. It had very few miles on it, and I think I paid $2,300 for the car. That was still a lot of money for a 21-year-old, about-to-be second lieutenant jet pilot in the USAF. The Corvette had a great little motor but a lousy transmission, and it leaked rainwater like a sieve. If it rained hard enough,…

4 мин.
motoring news

MANUFACTURER NEWS Hummer EV truck set for 2021 Hummer — the brand that once sparked the ire of environmentalists — will return as an electric truck, sold by GMC, General Motors announced in January. The new GMC Hummer EV pickup will be revealed on May 20 and it will be built in Michigan, at GM’s Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant. Production will begin in late 2021. GM hadn’t released many details about the new GMC Hummer EV by press time, though it did say the truck will have 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of torque, and will be capable of hitting 60 mph in 3 seconds. On the heels of the Hummer announcement, GM issued a statement heralding its $2.2-billion investment in the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly plant, where the company said it will produce “a variety of…

4 мин.
1954 chrysler new yorker deluxe

The 1954 model year was one of transition at Chrysler. Performance and engineering were advancing, as evidenced by the impressive 55-horsepower gain for the 331-cu.in. FirePower V-8. A fully automatic PowerFlite two-speed transmission provided a 4.47:1 torque-multiplication ratio that was touted by the automaker as “the highest in the industry.” Inside there was a new engine-turned instrument panel, trim, and additional upgrades, yet the body shell that was revised for 1953 retained the fairly conservative styling direction of previous years, and it was carried over with somewhat subtle revisions for 1954. The New Yorker Deluxe ranked above the New Yorker and the Windsor Deluxe in price, but below the larger upmarket Custom Imperial and Crown Imperial. It sported more trim and equipment than its lower-cost siblings, and it had the 235-hp…

3 мин.
1955 ford thunderbird

Was there a more desirable new car in 1955 than the two-seat Ford Thunderbird? It’s doubtful. Dowdy Mopar was only just getting into the styling-and-performance game with its “100 Million Dollar Look.” Chevrolet still had its screen-headlamp Corvette, but it had overestimated the public’s reaction to spartan accommodations and hopped-up six-cylinder power. Not even the addition of the new V-8 for 1955 could buoy its slow sales, and it was close to being canceled entirely. Ford, however, had hit a home run with the T-Bird. It wasn’t a serious sporting effort, but it was sporty enough thanks to a 193-hp (198-hp when coupled with the automatic transmission), 292-cu.in. V-8. Plus it came with creature comforts like roll-up windows and a lift-off hardtop. Perhaps better, from a marketing standpoint, the Thunderbird’s styling…