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Home is a practical, inspiring guide for the home and garden that enables people to make their home prettier and increase the value – inside and outside. The magazine makes life easier for people wanting to buy a home, build, or make alterations, or even try their hand at gardening, cooking and decorating. Home doesn't just demonstrate what looks good – it explains what adds value, and why. The magazine offers readers affordable and accessible choices, help with do-it-yourself projects, and provide advice for renovations. It’s for men and women with ordinary lives, ordinary careers and ordinary homes; people who want to add value to their home with a limited budget.

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your garden in october

Delightful daisies Their bright faces and long-lasting qualities make daisies a popular choice in the garden, whether massed or mixed. They belong in a cottage garden, a meadow patch, in a border, in pots, and in a bee and butterfly garden. Choose an open space that gets plenty of sunshine for a meadow-style garden filled with these daisy-like plants: blanket flower (Gaillardia), zinnia, wild cineraria (Senecio elegans), gloriosa daisy (Rudbeckia hirta), cosmos, purple cone flower (Echinacea), painted daisy (Chrysanthemum carinatum), paper daisy (Bracteantha bracteata) and sunflower. The perennial Shasta daisy (Leucanthemum superbum) with white petals and a yellow centre is often grown in the border as a contrast to brighter flowers. Flowers can be single or double and have short or tall stems depending on the variety. Waterwise Gazania and Arctotis are…

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what’s new

HIS WORK Shaun Brits recently left his job as an assistant marketer to pursue his passion for creating decorative coastal scenes using recycled wood – an expression of his love of the ocean and its surrounds. “When I posted my first piece on Facebook in early 2018, I was inundated with requests for similar artworks – everyone wanted their own little bit of the sea. Now, this is what I dofull-time,” he says. “I live in the heart of Limpopo so I find inspiration is hard to come by but I have a book featuring picturesque illustrations of Southern Africa’s coastline, the internet, and a rich imagination – and I take trips to the coast whenever I can!” Shaun’s pieces start at R250 and vary in size from 20cm to 45cm tall; email…

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ludwig’s rose corner

Q: The new leaves of my ‘Mr Lincoln’ rose have a white powdery substance on them and they’re also curling up. Why is this? It is probably powdery mildew. Roses planted in a windy or shady position get it more easily, as do plants in very dry soil. Some varieties are also more susceptible to powdery mildew than others. Powdery mildew affects the growth and vigour of a rose. Mix a dessertspoon of bicarbonate of soda with Chronos fungicide in 5L of water and spray the leaves. Water correctly; a deep soaking two to three times a week will suffice. If shade is a problem, cut away tree or shrub branches to let in more sun. Q: Is the height of a rose an indication of how deep its roots grow, or…

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a touch of romance

1 Tapestry of life At 74, Dolene Jobing of Plattekloof just outside Cape Town is still full of creative ideas. She loves browsing the Milnerton Market in search of old tapestries which she then combines with fabric remnants to upholster furniture such as this ottoman at the foot of her bed. Dolene also created the pretty bedcover from leftover fabric and lace. She isn’t afraid to mix and match motifs and says the secret is to stick to a muted palette of cohesive colours and floral designs. A layer of pale gold paint on the backrest and legs of the chairs around Dolene’s dinner table (opposite) emphasises the curves and complements the rich hues of the red poppies in the seat tapestry, making for an opulent dining experience. 2 Fit for a princess A…

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your space

WINNING LETTER An exciting eco conversion Shelley de Klerk of Elgin writes I was inspired to build a shipping container house for short-term rentals after watching a YouTube video – far better for our planet than letting them rust away in a harbour. Iqualified as an architectural draughtsman 43 years ago and got a diploma in building construction but I’ve been out of the industry for well over 30 years and it’s been an exciting challenge putting all the forgotten knowledge back to good use! I employed contractors to do all the building but I was the project manager and did all the interior finishes and decorating. The outside of the containers is clad with fibre cement and the inside with ceiling board. All the walls, inside and out, are insulated with Isotherm,…

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a home with integrity

WHO LIVES HERE? Dee Malkinson and her sons, Joshua and Samuel WHERE Mount Pleasant, Port Elizabeth SIZE 140m² Dee Malkinson was cautiously optimistic when she heard about a four-bedroom house well within her budget for sale in popular Mount Pleasant in Port Elizabeth. But this optimism was nipped in the bud when her estate agent tried to put her off the purchase... “She told me that the house was derelict and wouldn’t even be considered a ‘fixer-upper’ as it was beyond repair,” explains Dee. “The agent said the only option was to tear it down but since the house, which was built in 1932, was classified as a heritage home, even demolishing it wasn’t really an option as it was unlikely that permission would be granted to do so.” Still, Dee couldn’t wait to see the…