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Home is a practical, inspiring guide for the home and garden that enables people to make their home prettier and increase the value – inside and outside. The magazine makes life easier for people wanting to buy a home, build, or make alterations, or even try their hand at gardening, cooking and decorating. Home doesn't just demonstrate what looks good – it explains what adds value, and why. The magazine offers readers affordable and accessible choices, help with do-it-yourself projects, and provide advice for renovations. It’s for men and women with ordinary lives, ordinary careers and ordinary homes; people who want to add value to their home with a limited budget.

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The cheap window latches my builder fitted about two years ago after a misunderstanding (they are ugly, skew and just plain flimsy). The guest toilet that doesn’t have a toilet roll holder (my dog Asgat’s fault – he steals the toilet rolls and then tosses them around like streamers at a wedding). The front roof that’s rusting (again!). The sofa in the living room with one leg that worked itself loose and then disappeared. The half-painted drinks trolley. The sad clivias in the tiny front garden... My father always said you must stay on top of things. Which is why I took the matter seriously and compiled a list on my phone: TO DO BEFORE 2019. Soon it was longer than my CHRISTMAS SHOPPING LIST. It was by far the more expensive…

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your space

WINNING LETTER Overcoming challenges Christina Coates of Cape Town writes I have a large garden set against the mountain. In 2015 it was destroyed in the fires, which nearly undid me, and it took the whole of 2016 and part of 2017 to reconstruct the garden – on ashoestring budget. And then the drought hit us... I must say it has been a challenge but I’ve made it waterwise and indigenous. I have enjoyed learning how to save the plants and to encourage growth. In winter and spring my garden is at its best. To me, it looks like a mini Kirstenbosch! Sun, moon and stars Margreet Smit of Pretoria writes I spent my December holiday with a paintbrush in one hand and Home in the other (occasionally, I swapped the brush for a cup…

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ON THE BOX In Home’s new TV show 1,2,3, Fix It! (starts 28 February on VIA, channel 147 on DStv, with English subtitles), three teams go head to head in a competition to renovate a lucky reader’s home – room by room. Each team is also presented with mini DIY challenges along the way –with a time limit of just three hours, these projects will test their mettle and creativity. And that’s not all: Home’s editor Wicus Pretorius has the final say as the main judge. Tune in every Thursday at 17:30 as presenter Lynelle Kenned navigates the construction site as well as all the drama. WOORDFEES 1–10 March: Stellenbosch Enjoy 10 days of theatre, music, books, dance, discussion and poetry – and even a session with Home’s food editor Johané Neilson and editor…

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what’s new

I love the idea of functional art . – Ian CREATE, INNOVATE! BUSINESS Patat Ontwerp/Design WHO Ian Engelmohr WHERE Paarl, Western Cape HIS WORK Back in 2012, Ian Engelmohr took a few ceramics classes at a community-based art centre, not thinking much of it. But when he began craving a creative outlet for the stress of his full-time job as a chartered accountant, those classes came in handy. He decided to make a few pieces and once he placed photographs of them on his social media accounts, orders began streaming in. This soon led to the launch of Patat Ontwerp/Design in a studio in Paarl, where Ian hand makes – from casting to glazing – each piece. His range includes iconic South African product images hand-printed on ceramic plates and ceramic ‘paper’ cups. See more on…

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smart storage

On the shelf In architect Clara da Cruz Almeida’s home, rows of vertical brackets hold a variety of clip-in steel shelves (including a space-saving drying rack) and birch-ply boxes to store odds and ends. The system is customisable: change the configuration to suit your needs, or add storage over time as budget or space allows. Design and installation by Dokter and Misses A glass act Michael Udell and Carin Dean-Wales describe their Sea Point apartment as a light-filled, airy cocoon, despite the apartment’s size constraints. They’ve achieved this look and feel throughout their home with an all-white palette paired with blonde wood. When it came to transforming a nook in their bedroom into a home office that would suit their aesthetic, a chest of drawers was removed and a simple glass pane was added…

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a new beginning

WHO LIVES HERE? Teresa Dalton WHERE Craighall Park, Johannesburg When raging fires ripped through the Garden Route in 2017, Teresa Dalton and her then husband lost everything. Like many others on 7 June that year, they could do nothing but look on as flames engulfed what was once their pride and joy. “My home was my sanctuary,” Teresa recalls, “filled with special memories, photo albums, rare books, antiques and furniture chosen carefully and lovingly over the 14 years that we lived there. It burnt to the ground. “It was the worst experience of my life. I’m a ceramic artist and apart from our home, I also lost my studio with all the work that was in it. We had to evacuate so suddenly, wecouldn’t even find our cat Stripel! Thankfully, she survived; she was…