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Home is a practical, inspiring guide for the home and garden that enables people to make their home prettier and increase the value – inside and outside. The magazine makes life easier for people wanting to buy a home, build, or make alterations, or even try their hand at gardening, cooking and decorating. Home doesn't just demonstrate what looks good – it explains what adds value, and why. The magazine offers readers affordable and accessible choices, help with do-it-yourself projects, and provide advice for renovations. It’s for men and women with ordinary lives, ordinary careers and ordinary homes; people who want to add value to their home with a limited budget.

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35 days in lockdown makes you think about life differently; it gives you insights you previously never had. Five weeks of self-isolation is, well, an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Here is my lockdown diary for March and April. I’d love to hear about yours – send me an email! In the meantime, enjoy your incremental freedom, and please wear the face mask we have included free with this issue if you do venture outside. Wash the mask before wearing it for the first time (as well as after each use), and always wear it over your nose and mouth every time you venture out – a must in these uncertain times! Day 1 Shave! Comb hair! Put on collared shirt! Work is work, even if you’re sitting at the dining room table. Day 2 Choose…

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your space

Write to us at Home, Readers’ Letters, PO Box 1802, Cape Town 8000; email editor@homemag.co.za, fax 021 408 3046, and join our Facebook group (facebook.com/homemag) or follow us on Instagram @TuisHomeMag. When submitting a letter, please include your full name and the town in which you live. WINNING LETTER Much more fulfilling! Janine Adams of Cape Town writes With the world becoming more and more digital and questions being asked about whether books are becoming obsolete, I must admit I took a break from buying Home for a few months, echoing what I so often hear people say: anything you can find in a book, you can find on the internet. But now I must confess, I’ve started buying Home again. I found that scrolling through numerous pinned pictures or a quick blog post…

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what’s new

Ballo’s handmade easy-to-fit face masks (R150 each) feature a double layer of pleated cotton. The outer sustainably-sourced cotton layer comes in various colourful patterns; these designs vary according to availability. For every mask purchased online, Ballo will donate one to someone in need. Go to ballo.co.za to get yours. Samesyn’s unique design features three layers of fabric: cotton on both sides and a water-resistant inner layer. The mask (R140 each or R390 for a pack of three) is secured with elastic bands and it’s reversible. For details, go to samesyn.co.za. Wren Design’s double-layered Classic (R130) and Deco (R180) face masks are made from paper and brushed cotton; they have double tucked-in pleats and are edged with soft cotton black bias tape. These reusable masks are available in various designs and also come…

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green and gold

Stairway to heaven A flight of stairs in a daring shade of green grabs your attention in this otherwise neutral space in Stefan Blom and Albie du Toit’s home in Green Point, Cape Town. The pair painted the staircase after their first visit to Amsterdam. “It reminds us of the fresh colours of the city, the lush grasslands in the Netherlands – and even the inside of a flower!” says Stefan. A show of hands Annamarie and Dirk Blom created this mural on the stoep at their home in Betty’s Bay as a fond reminder of family members who have spent holidays with them. The wall was painted with Dulux Weatherguard after which the couple added their own handprints – plus those of their four sons, their sons’ partners and their six grandchildren…

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a man with a plan

WHO LIVES HERE? Bernie Diedericks WHERE Villiersdorp SIZE 252m² During his lifetime, Bernie Diedericks has built and renovated plenty of homes and he isn’t one to shy away from a challenge, but this old house in Villiersdorp in the Western Cape almost drove him over the edge. The house, which he purchased from the bank, had stood empty for three years. “It was awful, a total nightmare,” says Bernie. “The garden was so overgrown, you couldn’t set foot in it.” So why buy such a run-down house in the first place? “If money was no object, I would fix up all the old homes in the world. I get so frustrated when I see how places have deteriorated,” he says. “But this house... I wasn’t in my right mind! The dreamer in me failed to take into…

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expert advice

Renovating a house built with unbaked clay bricks like Bernie’s requires special measures. “If you’re in any doubt, avoid products that weren’t available in the olden days,” recommends Henry Paine, a conservation architect and heritage practitioner in George. Here’s his advice: • Cement It is very important to use as little cement as possible on old houses. Cement gets very hard when it dries and it’s quite brittle. It doesn’t adhere to clay or sun-dried bricks and it has a different coefficient of expansion and contraction. • Slaked lime is the oldest method of waterproofing walls and ridges of thatched roofs. Slaked lime, rather than ordinary paint, works best for covering exterior walls. It is waterproof but allows the walls to breathe. Since it expands and contracts at roughly the same rate…