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This past winter felt like the longest and wettest (here in the Cape) in years. Perhaps it was because we worked at home during all those freezing cold months, without the benefit of a temperature-controlled office. To me, it felt as if the cold took hold right under my toenails and behind my eyeballs. The fireplace was lit at dawn, even before the first pot of coffee was simmering on the stove. Because if that fire wasn’t on the go all day, by late afternoon I could hardly type, my fingers were so stiff. A few years ago, I visited my new in-laws in Bloemfontein in the dead of winter. Ifear I may not have made the best impression because I was either in a heap in front of the fireplace in…

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your space

WINNING LETTER A house and a home Monica Dawson of Port Elizabeth writes Another year has passed and with sadness and an ache-in-a-deep-place-thatstill-wishes-to-be-fabulous I realise that entries for the Fix it with Flair competition have closed. My humble dream ‘shattered’, I have to admit that having handed a 160-year-old renovated clay cottage over to my family, it is in vain that I reach for national ‘fame’. With two small, slightly feral farm children and a mud-clomping Nguni-farming husband, window blinds are now broken, having served as safety places to grab after Superman attempts to fly from high places. Outside couches, once warm and inviting, have suffered a vicious, untimely ‘death’ at the teething fangs of a Bull Terrier puppy. Perfectly clean and painted walls bear the marks of paint, crayon, ink, make-up and…

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what’s new

CREATE, INNOVATE! WHO Amoret Ferreira WHERE Upington BUSINESS Create Ceramics HER WORK Drawing inspiration from the Kalahari Desert, the plains of the Karoo and the abundant fynbos of the Cape Peninsula, Amoret Ferreira creates ceramic plates, bowls and jewellery with unique handmade designs. Small batches of each design are painted onto the bisque-fired pieces, which are then glazed for a high-gloss finish; delicate touches of gold lustre offset the details of each item.Visit createceramics.co.za. Fine fabrics The ShineShine range is a creative explosion of African-inspired fabrics (150cm W; R500/m). Printed on cotton, the designs feature contemporary faces and figures on vibrant backgrounds. If you want to add some spice to your décor, look no further! 1 Rose Mary Yellow 2 Mickey and Mercy Natural 3 Jacki So Blue See more at shineshine.co.za. Influenced by archival…

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down to earth

Rays of sunshine Irma Herbst of Onrus decided to have a beautiful window she was gifted built into her boundary wall as a striking feature. Framed by lush ivy, the semicircle window allows the sun’s rays to shine through and brighten up what could potentially have been a dark corner. Tree wall sculptures beneath the window complete the picture; the ivy around them is pruned regularly so as not to crowd them out. Because the window is positioned high on the wall and has opaque glass, Irma and her neighbours’ privacy isn’t compromised. Tree sculptures from Garden Bleu The lady in the mirror Irma used an old second-hand steel door as a front gate; instead of transparent glass in the top half, it had a mirror – the back of which was not the best…

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a work of art

WHO LIVES HERE? Hilko Johannsmeier and Maximilian the Black Russian Terrier WHERE Parkhurst, Johannesburg SIZE 125m² It was a stroke of luck that led Hilko Johannsmeier to discover this house in Parkhurst on a Friday afternoon in 2013. All the estate agent had sent beforehand was a single unattractive photo of an ugly brown house with ‘lashes’ – two canopies over the windows on either side of the front door. But the price was right and the house was one of the most affordable he could find in this popular Johannesburg suburb. The interior was run-down but once Hilko had seen the house plans, he was convinced he could transform the space into something beautiful. “It’s atypical Parkhurst house: more or less square with a tiled roof and a chimney. Apart from a small extension…

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heaven on earth

WHO LIVES HERE? Dieter Odendaal and André Lambrechts WHERE Solitaire, Hemel-en-Aarde (near Hermanus) SIZE 350m² A visit to Dieter Odendaal and André Lambrechts’ home in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley always feels like an occasion. It’s little wonder, since the pair are the owners of Fabulous Events, a company that ensures that weddings and other special events around the country are memorable. Not only do they create beauty for other people, but their own home is also a testament to their boundless creativity. Dieter is a décor fundi, a collector of a little bit of everything. He is also a former journalist who worked in the wine industry for many years. André is a florist and the mastermind behind the lovely arrangements created by their other business, The Flower Boyz. There’s no shortage of ideas here. It was…