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Interweave Crochet Winter 2018

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Check out Interweave Crochet and take your crocheting to the next level! This is your single best source for crochet news, ideas, articles, and best of all — patterns! Enjoy the best crochet projects in addition to expert guidance with techniques and step-by-step instruction. Whether you have a wealth of experience or are just starting your crocheting journey, Interweave Crochet magazine is a must read.

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Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I do, and like a lot of you (I’m guessing), I’m terrible at keeping them. In 2017, I resolved to take better care of myself, have more adventures, learn new things, and crochet every day. I’m carrying these goals with me into 2018, and this issue is here to help. If you want to tackle these resolutions, too, read on, dear crocheters! Self-Care. Th e best way to indulge in a little self-care is to take time to pamper yourself. Had a long, hard day at work? Had to shovel your car out of the snow? Grumpy because you haven’t seen the sun for days? Come inside, light some candles, heat up the hot cocoa, and flip to page 46. We have a whole series…

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hook reviews

Addi crochet hooks are made in Germany and distributed by Skacel. Note that all addi hooks are manufactured to exact metric sizes; U.S. sizes are listed only as approximations. For greatest accuracy, always refer to the listed metric size. 1 CLASSIC addi Comfort Grip (Color Coded) Hook This issue is all about treating yourself, and there is no better way than with the classic addi Comfort Grip Hook. This is the most well-known hook from addi for good reason. The shaft is color-coded for easy organization and has fine ribbing for optimal finger positioning. The handle has a larger ribbed grip that feels great on your hand no matter how you hold your hook. It is available in sizes 2.0 mm through 6.0 mm. 2 ERGONOMIC addi Swing and addi Swing Maxi Hooks Take comfort to…

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relax into winter!

1 MYBAGGEE PROJECT BAGS Grab a mybaggee mesh bag in lavender for easy storage of your current crochet project. The transparent mesh makes it easy to see which project you have inside, the snaps make the bag easy to open, and the removable handle ensures you’ll always have your crocheting at hand. These bags come in four convenient sizes: small (pictured), medium, large (pictured), and jumbo. Retail Price: $10.00–$16.00 www.mybaggee.com 2 HANDY HANDS LIZBETH THREAD HOLDER This handy thread holder keeps crochet thread clean and neat while you work. It features a side opening for switching out balls of thread and an internal peg that makes it easy to unwind thread as you work. The holder comes with a ball of Lizbeth size 20 thread, so it’s ready and waiting for your next project. Retail Price:…

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ready for ribbing

Every Way Ribbed Mitts by Lisa Naskrent Practice your post stitches, back-loop-only stitches, and slip stitches to create this fun set of mitts with ribbing worked in every way. YARN Mango Moon Mulberry Meadow. PAGE 8. Diagonal Slip-Stitch Mitts by Janet Brani These mitts are created with a new twist on the classic slip stitch: the diagonal slip stitch. They are super simple to make and easy to customize in length and width. Get a perfect fit and fall in love with the knitlike fabric you’ll produce with this new stitch! YARN Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts 100% Superwash Merino DK. PAGE 8. Double-Hook Mitts by Darla J. Fanton Make two mitts in one! Working with a double-ended crochet hook and two colors of yarn makes for a reversible project that features a different color on each side. As…

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ribbing with post stitches and front/back loop only

Every Way Ribbed Mitts by Lisa Naskrent, page 6. Post Stitches In complementary post-stitch combinations, a bit of functional magic happens when you alternate front post double crochet (FPdc) and back post double crochet (BPdc) stitches across and then build on them row after row. Vertical columns form, and the fabric stretches and contracts horizontally. Th e surface area of the fabric remains the same, but when FPdc and BPdc alternate and build, they tend to scrunch up a bit next to each other like an accordion, and it’s this scrunching that creates the functional characteristics of ribbing. Front or Back Loop Only Changing where the hook is inserted into the stitch creates ribbing and stretch in crochet fabric. Traditionally, the hook is inserted into the top two loops of a stitch; working into…

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a new slant on slip-stitch ribbing

Little Stitch, Big Debate Using slip stitches to create fabric is regarded by some as an advanced technique, yet the slip stitch is technically the most basic of stitches. So why all the angst over this tiny stitch? Perhaps the slip stitch has a complicated reputation because using it to create fabric is such a slow process, or because it’s hard to maintain an even tension when crocheting slip stitches. Although these are valid points, there is no denying the wonder of the finished product! Slip stitches create a truly stretchy rib without the bulk of typical crochet “workarounds,” and the solid fabric is perfect for warm and stretchy hats, mitts, and cuff s, to list a few. Try Diagonal Slip Stitch Th e diagonal slip stitch is worked under two loops (one…