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The iPad gets more and more powerful every year, and I mean that in every sense. This issue, not only do we have our review of the new iPad Pro, which has the same processor power as Apple’s professional laptops, but we’ve also got our huge feature on the new Shortcuts app, which arrived in iOS 12. It’s not often that you can say the addition of an app really changes how you’ll use a tablet, but Shortcuts is different. It opens iOS up to customisation in ways that weren’t possible before – you can make your iPad do things Apple never gave you options for, or speed up (and even totally automate) tasks you perform regularly. It really is an amazing new tool. On top of that, we also dive deeper…

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manage your screen time

Are you really aware of how much time you spend picking up your devices to check on things throughout each day? A few minutes here and there soon adds up, and because you may be disinclined to log your iPhone and iPad use manually, Screen Time can do it for you. This new feature enables those same devices to play a part in keeping gadget guilt in check. You can use it to: gain insights about your behaviour; impose a soft limit that nudges you in the right direction when a daily quota runs out; and set a hardcore lockout that stops activity until a passcode is entered. This feature can also be applied to other members of your Family Sharing group (bit.ly/mffmshr) to help your kids develop healthier habits. 1 Get started Go…

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how to work with screen time

1 What you use most The Most Used group lists apps and websites. Tap one for more info. You’ll see an hourly or daily breakdown, based on your choice on the previous page. Hold a finger on a bar and slide over the chart for insight into each time period. 2 Limit by app Think you’re using an app or site too much? Tap Add Limit and then dial in the allowance you want on most days. If you want more or less time on certain days – on a weekend, say – tap Customise Days, a day, and then dial in another amount. 3 Limit by category Return to the top level of Screen Time’s settings, tap App Limits and then Add Limit. The difference here is that the limit affects all apps of…

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how to use two-factor authentication more easily

1 Secure your account Sign in to a site where you’ve set up twofactorauthentication(2FA).Forexample,see Facebook’s instructions at bit.ly/fb2fa and Twitter’s at bit.ly/tw2fa. 2FA is a more secure way of signing in than by username and password alone. 2 Enter the security code When an account has 2FA set up, any attempt to sign in to it will send a code to your registered phone number. This adds an extra step to the sign-in process, whereby you need to enter the code as confirmation of your identity. 3 QuickType rescue! No longer do you have to type the code. The QuickType row above iOS’s keyboard recognises the situation and displays the code received by text. You only have to tap the code there to copy it to the correct box and finish signing in.…

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security and privacy in ios

IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to better manage and secure your passwords YOU’LL NEED iOS 12 New and improved features are largely the focus for iOS 12. That doesn’t just mean making sure your device runs better and is packed with fun features, but also that it’s tighter when it comes to security and privacy. A standout benefit of the latest system update is that it’s easier to ensure you’re using super-strong passwords that are unique to each site, reducing the likelihood that one place suffering a breach will compromise several of your online accounts. It’s also easier than ever to pass two-factor authentication (2FA) checks, as you can fill in a verification code from a text message with just one tap. Perhaps you’ve avoided setting up 2FA to avoid having to deal with typing…

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intelligent tracking prevention

Advertisers like to track your online movements in order to offer ads they think will appeal to your tastes. You may not want this. Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention muddies your tracks by making it harder for ads and other on-site widgets to make these predictions. Safari in iOS 12 also stops comment widgets and Share buttons, which are used on many sites these days, from running code that could also be used to track you without your knowledge. Go to Settings > Safari and ensure Prevent Cross-Site Tracking is turned on.…