iPad User Magazine Issue 51

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When you’ve just splashed out on a new iPad, the first thing you want to do is fill it with great apps so you can make the most of it. Of course, after buying one, your wallet may be feeling the hit, so we’ve chosen our favourite free apps from the App Store, helping you work, create and generally have fun with your iPad without reaching for the credit card. You also get Apple’s apps free with your iPad, including its own work and creativity apps. We’ve covered GarageBand and iMovie in many other issues of iPad User, but in this one we’re looking at the new features added in the latest version of Pages and Keynote, which add some very smart new tools. Plus, we’ll show you how to power…

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master the long press in ios

IT WILL TAKE 10 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How long pressing makes life easier YOU’LL NEED An iOS device with iOS 11 or later One of our favourite things about iOS is the long press. It’s when you tap on something and keep your finger on it for a moment, and as we’ll discover it can save a lot of time and messing about. It’s not the only way to interact with icons in iOS. There’s also 3D Touch, which uses pressure sensors to detect not just the tap, but the force of it. The big difference is that a long press works on any iOS device, whereas 3D Touch only works on iPhones that include the tech: iPhone 6S, 7, 8, X and XS (and the Plus models of all those devices). It doesn’t work on…

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how to access extra options with a long press

1 Quick links If you long-press a link in Safari you’ll get a pop-up with some useful time savers. What appears depends on the kind of link it is: because this one’s an App Store link you get an Open In App Store option, among others. 2 See shortcuts Bring up Control Centre and long-press on an icon to quickly change its settings or access shortcuts. Here we’ve long-pressed Camera to get options for photo, video, selfies and QR code scanning. Try them all! 3 Manage apps Long-press any app on the Home screen until you see the little “x” appear. Tap it to delete the app, or drag the icon to move it. Keep holding the first app and tap others if you want to move multiple apps simultaneously. 4 Do more in the Dock This…

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explained… the guided access options

1 Buttons Set whether Sleep/ Wake and volume works, along with motion sensitivity and keyboard input. 2 Touchscreen The app shrinks into the screen’s centre. Draw over areas to disable interaction. 3 Touch controls Turn off this switch to deactivate the touchscreen for a passive experience. 4 Time Limit Set a time limit, after which the iPad will be unresponsive until Guided Access’s passcode is entered. 5 End restrictions Tap at the top left to cancel Guided Access and restore full access to your iPad. 6 Resume app Tap the option here to start/resume with your specified restrictions in place.…

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childproof your ios device with guided access

IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to put your device into Guided Access mode, and release it again YOU’LL NEED An iOS 12 device (some parts work on older versions), a toddler (optional) Anyone in regular contact with a small child will know the rather magnetic way in which they are attracted to phones and tablets. Whatever the wisdom of handing a toddler £500-worth of aluminium and glass, there’s no denying the ability of a game or video to keep the little ones quiet for at least the time it takes to mix and consume a gin and tonic. What you really want, however, is a way to prevent inquisitive fingers from hitting the Home button and going on a spending spree in a shopping app, or firing up Breaking Bad when they should be…

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how to enter guided access mode

1 Turn on Guided Access Guided Access isn’t switched on by default, so you’ll have to set it up. Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Slide the switch across to turn on the feature. There are a few extra settings here too. 2 Key settings You can set whether Touch/Face ID is enough to turn Guided Access off, what the passcode is (make it different to the one that unlocks your device), whether a time limit is in force, and whether you can change settings as you exit. 3 Open an app With Guided Access made available, open the app you want to lock your toddler into. Guided Access settings are remembered per app, even after you restart your device, so you can disable different areas of the screen in each…