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The difference between the average person and one of Apple’s Geniuses is, basically, practice. That’s the secret – anyone who’s spent more time getting used to all the power features and secrets of a product will be Genius-like to someone who’s spent less time with it. And that’s what we mean when we say you can be an iPad Genius – when you know all the little ins and outs, and start using them, not only will you find your iPad even faster and easier to use, but you’ll be the Genius now for anyone else you know! So dive into our tips, starting from p4, and get practicing. There’s lots more, as ever, of course. One thing I really like about Apple’s iWork apps compared to their Microsoft or Google equivalent…

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ipad genius tips

There’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ reputation to the iPad and iPhone. Although they are more locked down than PCs or Macs, that doesn’t mean they’re devoid of settings for fine-tuning your experience. In fact, there’s quite a lot of customisation on offer – provided you know where to look. We’ll show you various options for doing this throughout the rest of this feature. On this page, we’ll primarily concentrate on the Home screen, Dock, Spotlight searches and Control Centre. As ever, explore and experiment to make your iOS device just right for your needs. Master the basics 1 Arrange your apps Hold a finger on an app on the Home screen until they all jiggle, then drag and drop to rearrange them. Drag one onto another to create a folder.…

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boost your productivity

Apple’s bundled iOS apps have a reputation for being basic, but in part that’s perhaps because many useful features are not readily apparent. Let’s look at four of Apple’s most commonly used productivity apps through tips that’ll help you do more with them. Mail Tap Edit in the Mailboxes list and you will see a number of options that are initially hidden. Turn on those you consider might be useful – you can always change your mind later. You’ll then be able to zero in on messages with attachments, and those that are unread. Also: make use of the VIP mailbox to quickly get at emails from your most important contacts. To make a contact a VIP, tap their name in any open email, then ‘Add to VIP’. Calendar The main problem with Calendar…

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multitask on your ipad

From day one, Apple has been keen to position the iPad as closer in nature to a computer than an iPhone. And with its extra screen space – especially on the larger models – it was great when Apple introduced multitasking to iOS. It’s possible to use two apps side by side (Split View), and have one in a floating panel on top (Slide Over), though you’ll need a suitable device: an iPad Pro, 5th-gen or later iPad, iPad Air or Air 2, or iPad mini 2 or later. You can also play video atop other apps, and run two instances of Safari at once – useful when making comparisons. 1 Try Slide Over When in an app, drag the Dock upwards and stop when it’s fully in place (don’t drag further or…

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drag and drop tips

> The Dock is the simplest place from which to grab apps to drop into Split View, but you can do this from other places too, if you’re happy with some two-handed finger gymnastics. Hold on an app on the Home screen and then drag it slightly to pick it up. With your other hand, open another app (from the Home screen, the Dock or the app switcher), then drop the icon into Slide Over or Split View, as per the tips to the right. It’s also possible to pick up an app icon from Spotlight’s search results; once picked up, tap Cancel to exit Spotlight.…

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work with the files app

The Files app is like iOS’s version of the Mac’s Finder. It is split between Recents and Browse tabs. The former lists recently opened and shared docs. The latter provides a traditional file browsing experience. In the Browse tab, tap Edit above the Locations list, then tap switches to integrate relevant installed third-party apps with Files. Examples include cloud storage providers Dropbox and Google Drive, productivity apps like PDF Expert and Yoink, and FileBrowser, which can access computers on your local network (to access shared folders on your Mac) and remote servers (FTP and so on). Manage favourites In the file browser on the right, tap a download icon to store a file locally, or tap the file itself to preview it (if possible on iOS). Hold a finger on a file or…