iPad User Magazine Issue 53

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One of Apple’s aims when creating the iPad was to make computing a little simpler. Traditional PCs are weighed down by options, filling every window with a suite of menus and buttons for all kinds of rarely used possibilities. iOS pushes these into the background, making it easier to do the basics. But iOS’s extra options are only hidden, not gone. This issue, we look at some great tips for finding the extra power within iOS, and getting more from its built-in apps and tools. As ever, there’s more! We take a look at the Memories feature of the Photos app, which has become really smart at picking out moments from the past that are fun to look through – I’m now regularly visiting the For You tab in Photos to…

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ios secrets uncovered

Before it was released, it looked like iOS 12 would be a ‘housekeeping’ update, focused heavily on stability and optimisation of the iPad’s software, tidying up under the hood. And while the end result included lots of that, now that it has been installed by such a high proportion of users – by the start of 2019, just three and a half months after launch, an amazing 75% of all active iOS devices were using iOS 12 – it’s clear that it has also delivered far more. Like every version, iOS 12 delivers its share of new features and enhancements. Combined with capabilities from other recent versions, Apple’s latest operating system for mobile devices offers a wide range of benefits, but they can be hard to find unless you dig around. So, we’ve…

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boost your touchscreen typing skills

Speedy typing With Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Caps Lock turned on, you can double-tap the key to lock typing to upper case. Tap that key to revert to normal. To type an upper-case letter, rather than tap then the letter, slide your finger instead, then release. That works for .?123 and symbols, too. Hidden characters Hold down keys on the on-screen keyboard to access extra characters. For example, hold the ‘e’ key to access accented forms: è, é, ê and so on. Slide your finger to the character you want to type, then lift it. In Safari, hold the .co.uk key for .com and other popular domains to save typing them. Trackpad mode Place two fingers on the keyboard together and it turns into a kind of trackpad, moving the cursor through the text…

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camera quick tips

Focus & exposure > Tap on the viewfinder where you want the camera to focus. Now you can alter exposure: slide a finger up or down on the screen – the sun icon next to the yellow focus box indicates the exposure level. To lock both, hold a finger on the screen till AE/AF LOCK appears at the display’s top. Tap anywhere to unlock. Avoid shake > Tapping the on-screen shutter button can cause camera shake. To avoid this, you can take a shot by pressing either volume button – or even better, a volume button on headphones with inline volume controls. Bluetooth headphones with volume controls can act as a wireless shutter release. Preserve settings > By default, the Camera app will reset its mode and other settings. Go to Settings > Camera >…

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add pizzazz to your pictures

You know you can apply filters by tapping the three-circles icon in the Camera app or later in the Photos app. Remember, filters are non-destructive – you can open an image in Photos, tap Edit, then the three-circle icon and remove the filter’s effects (by tapping Original or the active filter’s thumbnail), swap it for another, or reapply it, at any time, whether originally applied in the Camera app or Photos. Want even more filters to play with? If you have another photo-editing or effects app installed, you can use its filters too, within the Photos app. Open a picture in Photos, tap Edit, then tap the three-dot More icon. The first time you do this, tap More on the sheet that pops up (at the far right), and enable the…

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battery boosters

These days, iOS is more transparent about what’s affecting battery life and offers greater control over it. Go to Settings > Battery to see charts of power usage and identify thirsty apps. If you spot a big fall on the 24-hour chart, tap on that time period. The app list below then shows the greediest apps in that period only. Tap Show Activity to see if that app was in use (shown as Screen On). If an app is greedy when the screen is off, it may help to turn off its switch in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Also go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and switch problematic apps to While Using only. The biggest power drain is a device’s screen. Auto-Brightness (in Settings > General > Accessibility…