iPad User Magazine Issue 57

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This is such an exciting time for iPad owners – at long last, we’re getting our own dedicated operating system that isn’t tied to iPhone developments. Okay, in reality, the two are still very strongly linked and share the majority of their DNA – but the differences are the important part, and it’s so great so see Apple paying attention to what the iPad alone needs in order to become even more useful to us. iPadOS is now available as a download, and once you’ve installed it, you can read our crash course in what’s new starting from page five – we’ll look at the new ways to multitask with apps, Safari’s powerful upgrade, new capabilities of the files app, and more! Due to awkwardness of timing, the rest of our…

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ipados genius guide

Autumn is here, which for iPad users means only one thing: a new version of iOS to get excited about. Except this time it isn’t iOS, because for the first time, Apple’s tablet is getting its own software: iPadOS. iOS still exists on the iPhone, and almost all features are shared between the two systems, but the iPad gets some custom new tweaks for the bigger screen. Here, we’ll take you through the stand-out changes, from Dark Mode to new multitasking tools, to smarter Apple Pencil options, and more. Apple has been trying to turn the iPad into a computer for serious work ever since the launch of the first iPad Pro. It has been hindered though by decisions it took early on with iOS, like the lack of a ‘proper’ file…

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today view

The Today View slides over from the left and can be configured to display whatever widgets you choose. It can also be set to be persistent. App icons are squeezed up so that all 30 of them, plus 18 in the Dock, still fit on the screen. 1 Full screen capture When you take a screenshot of a web page, either using the button combination or Apple Pencil, you can tap the Full Page button at the top to grab the whole of the page, instead of just the portion that’s currently visible. 2 Crop and fade Once you’ve grabbed the page, it’s displayed as a thumbnail. You can then crop it so you only save the bit you want. You can also adjust its opacity so that when you mark it up, your…

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setting limits on your apple screen time

Encouraging healthy use of its devices has been one of Apple’s goals in recent years, and Screen Time is a key part of that. There are a bunch of new features in iPadOS and iOS, and Screen Time will also debut on the Mac in macOS Catalina. You can now combine apps into groups and set combined limits for the group. Usage data now spans 30 days, and you can now tap ‘One more minute’ to get an additional minute of time to allow you to save work or log out of a game or service. You can set communication limits for family members when you use Screen Time with Family Sharing, and also manage the contacts that appear on children’s devices. Apple seems to be trying hard to find the…

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iphone and ipad shared updates

Dark Mode Performance boost There’s a long list of performance improvements in iPadOS/iOS 13, and while many of them are under the hood and have arcane names, they will make a real difference. App load times have been cut in half, said Apple at WWDC. In addition, app downloads from the App Store will be reduced in size by as much as 50%. Updates will also be smaller, meaning faster download times and less space used on your devices. Turn it on Dark Mode changes the look of the OS and of apps that support it, making them, well, darker. You can set it manually in Control Centre or Settings, or make it come on automatically at night. In the background New wallpapers can change to reflect Dark Mode or you can ‘dim the lights’ on…

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The Photos app in iPadOS gets a range of new editing features. It also gets a new curated view of what it thinks are the highlights of your day, month and year. It hides receipts, screenshots and other clutter from this, which is perhaps the most useful aspect of the feature. This view, along with the rest of the app, really pops on the larger screen of the iPad. Editing adjustments are applied with dials, which show you changes as you fine-tune them. Most of us edit photos in landscape mode on an iPad and the new interface makes full use of that, and is much easier to use than previously. The Photos app also feels much faster to browse and use. Video editing in the Photos app on iPad makes…