iPad User Magazine Issue 62

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As the iPad matures, it’s able to do more and more things, but Apple has always tried to keep the simplicity of its interface intact, so that it stays light and quicker to use for basic tasks than a laptop or PC. This is a double-edged sword, though – it’s great that the iPad stays super-friendly for people who wouldn’t consider themselves ‘power users’, but it means that the extra abilities that get added often end up hidden. They’re deep in the Share menu, or behind long-taps on items you wouldn’t necessarily think to try that on. As you get more confident with your iPad, you’ll may start finding that these would be useful to you, which is why we’re spilling your iPad’s secrets this issue! Our feature gives you tips and…

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secrets of ipados

The introduction of iPadOS/iOS 13 in 2019 was a landmark one for Apple because it split the operating system into two versions, one for iPad and one for iPhone. As usual, there were plenty of headline new features, like Dark Mode, improvements to Siri, the new Find My app, and beefed up security and privacy. However, there were also a raft of features that didn’t make the headlines but which all help make both operating systems easier to user, more powerful, and more reliable, as well as, importantly, more fun. Some are under the hood and you may never know they’re there, others more visible but tucked away in settings or menus, waiting to be discovered. Despite the split into two operating systems, many features, including the new ones in iPadOS/iOS 13…

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interface tricks

The way we interact with iPads and iPhones has remained broadly the same since version 1, but there have been changes along the way, as new features have been added and hardware has changed. Here, we’ll show you a few interface tricks you might not know. 1 Rearrange apps Rearranging apps on the Home screen is now a two-step process – you need to long press on an app, then choose Edit Home Screen. From here you can drag apps around to re-arrange them or tap the ‘X’ in the corner to delete them. Then press Done when you’re finished. 2 Access from Home Depending on the app, you can access features within the app instantly by long-pressing on its icon on the Home screen. For example, tap and hold on email app Edison’s…

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camera, photos and video

iPadOS 13 saw a raft of improvements to the Camera and Photos apps. There were new Portrait lighting effects, including a high-key mono filter, perfect for recreating magazine-style fashions shoots. And you can now edit auto-adjustments and filter by adjusting their intensity. And, all the effects you add to photos can now be applied to videos, too. 1 Use High-Key Mono High-Key Mono mode shoots the foreground in monochrome and bathes the background in white light. In the Camera app, tap Portrait, then the front camera icon (on iPad Pro 2018 and later), then swipe through Portrait modes until you see High-Key Mono. 2 Adjust the lighting in Portrait mode Choose Portrait mode and the front-facing camera (again, iPad Pro 2018 and later). Tap any Portrait mode except Natural Light. Now, tap on the…

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reminders, shortcuts, and more

The built-in apps in iPadOS 13 are full of improvements and new features. Reminders has been overhauled, we’ve already shown you some great new additions in Mail, and Safari has been greatly improved, too. Shortcuts is now installed by default and much more powerful. And both Siri and Voice Control are much updated. 1 Lists of Reminders To create a new List, open Reminders, tap Add List and give it a name. Choose a colour and an icon. Tap Done. To create a group of lists, tap and hold on a list and drag it over another to be included in the group. Give the group a name. 2 Remind when messaging Locate the reminder you want to be flagged when messaging and tap the ‘i’ to the right of it. Look near the…

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text-editing gestures

IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN All of the new text-editing gestures in iOS 13 and iPadOS YOU’LL NEED An iPad with iPadOS 13 (some work on older software) Selecting and editing text has always been a bit easier on the Mac than on iPad thanks to the keyboard shortcuts you have at your disposal. However, with iPadOS 13, Apple has worked hard to introduce new gestures that should help close the gap between your mobile devices and your Mac or PC when it comes to text editing. All of these gestures work on iPadOS, but many will also work on your iPhone, though there are some unique gestures designed purely for iPadOS. And if you have an Apple Pencil, you can perform a number of text-editing gestures using that instead of your fingers, which…