iPad User Magazine Issue 37

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As more and more of our lives becomes digital, we need to be increasingly conscious of our security, online and off. Both our online accounts and our devices are full of personal information, and so need robust passwords and multiple layers of authentication. It can all feel a bit stressful – but it doesn’t need to be as hard as you might think. You only need to take a few key steps to lock out would-be hackers, and our easy guide this issue shows you exactly what to do. Elsewhere this issue, we’ve got a quick look at how to check whether your apps are ready for iOS 11. Apple’s making a change that means older apps that haven’t been recently updated may stop working as of iOS 11, but there’s an…

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boost the security & privacy of your ipad & iphone

MODERN DEVICES such as the iPad and iPhone have become invaluable for many people – not just because of the dollar value of the hardware involved, but more importantly because of the massive amount of often extremely personal or confidential data stored on them. That’s why it’s more important than ever to insure your devices are as secure as possible, and that the chances of someone being able to swipe your data are minimized. Over the next few pages we’ll show you how to use iOS’s many built-in features to do exactly this – and offer some tips on what to do if the unthinkable happens and your iPhone or iPad is physically stolen. > Passcodes and passwords WHEN YOU first set up your iPhone or iPad, you were asked to set a…

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prepare for the ios 11 update

IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to keep your apps working in iOS 11 YOU’LL NEED iOS 10.3 or later After updating your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10.3, opening certain apps and games may have presented you with a warning that they need to be updated to work with future versions of iOS. You can keep using them with iOS 10, but if you plan to upgrade to iOS 11 (expected to be released in the autumn), now is the time to take action for any apps you depend upon. You need to find out which of your apps are affected. Expect many of them to be games, which you may still enjoy playing, but it’s more in the case of productivity apps that you should be concerned about; if you’re dependent on…

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get more from albums

Photos uses the metadata stored in our digital images and video clips to gather related files IT WILL TAKE 15 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to create and add pictures to an album, how to manage albums, and share their contents YOU’LL NEED iOS 9.3.5 or later, Photos In the days of analogue film cameras we were limited to shooting on rolls of film that produced a maximum of 36 photos at a time. Most people would only use a handful of rolls of film each year to record special events such as holidays, weddings and birthdays. The best images from these occasional shoots would be mounted in photo albums, repositories of precious family memories that would be dusted off and viewed a few times each year by a handful of friends and family. In these digital days,…

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share via icloud

Go to Settings > iCloud. Tap Photos. Scroll down to iCloud Photo Sharing and turn it on. Go back to Photos and select the thumbnails that you want to share. Press the Share icon, then tap iCloud Photo Sharing. Photos will prepare upload-able versions of the shots to be shared. In the iCloud window, type in a comment and tap Shared Album. Tap + New Shared Album and label it. Tap Next. Type in the email of the recipients of your shared album, and tap Next. Now hit Post. The album will appear in the Shared section of you and your friends’ Photos app.…

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format messages in mail

Where other email apps are jam-packed with features, Mail is Zen-like in its simplicity IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to format messages and replies YOU’LL NEED An active email account on your iPad Apple is famous for stripping things back to the bare essentials, and that’s something it’s clearly done in the iOS Mail app: where other email apps are packed with all kinds of features, Mail is almost Zen-like in its simplicity. That means you don’t get much in the way of formatting options: unlike the desktop mail app in macOS, you can’t mess around with different fonts or colours, and you can’t turn ordinary messages into eye-popping extravaganzas. There are some options you can use to make text stand out, though. You can apply formatting to make a word or block of…