iPad User Magazine Issue 38

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One of the great things about the iPad is that it’s a computer that needs a minimal amount of maintenance. It rarely crashes, drivers don’t conflict, updates don’t cause your speakers to mysteriously stop working… it’s a less stressful device. But it’s still a computer, running complex code on elaborate hardware, and sometimes things go wrong. That’s why we’ve got guides to helping you solve problems in this issue – from troubleshooting common difficulties, to getting support quickly and easily from Apple directly with the excellent Apple Support app. And when things are going smoothly, we’ve got some great tutorials to help you… get things going even more smoothly, actually! We’ve got one guide to using the easy free mind mapping app Mindly to help put together thoughts and projects easily, and…

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troubleshoot common ios problems

1 The battery life on your iOS device seems short Firstly, make sure that your software is fully updated by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Then, go to Settings > Battery on your device to check your usage. The easiest solution to reduce the drain on your battery is to go into Low Power Mode (in the Battery section) which disables unnecessary features – background app refresh is disabled, automatic downloads are disabled, screen brightness is turned down, and more. (Note that Low Power Mode is an iPhone-only feature. Go to apple.co/2qZzNaZ for full details.) 2 Your device is slow/ unresponsive… If your device responds sluggishly or freezes up, try to restart it by holding down both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button until you see the Apple logo…

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configure photos settings

IT WILL TAKE 30 minutes YOU WILL LEARN What the options in the Camera & Photos section of Settings do YOU’LL NEED iPad The biggest decision you’ll have to make is whether or not to use iCloud Photo Library The iPad is a terrific tool for shooting video and taking photos, thanks to powerful cameras and a big clear screen. Combine it with a good stand or tripod mount, and maybe an external microphone or lens kit, and you have a brilliant mobile photo and video shooting and editing studio. The latest version of Photos makes sharing photos and videos or turning them into slideshows and albums very easy too. And if you’d rather use a third-party app to shoot or edit photos and videos in a different way, well you can do that too. However your shoot, view…

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how to alter photos & camera settings

1 iCloud Photo Library If you switch iCloud Photo Library on, every photo and video in your photo library will be uploaded to iCloud and will be available on all your Apple devices. You may need to pay for additional space. 200GB costs £2.49/month. 2 Optimise storage If you’re using iCloud Photo Library, Optimise iPad Storage allows you to only keep low-resolution copies of your photos and video on your iPad. You can download full-resolution versions when you need them. 3 Upload to My Photo Stream Photo Stream enables you to share photos with your other Apple devices. It doesn’t count against your iCloud storage allowance, but has timing limits, and doesn’t allow you to share raw files or videos. 4 iCloud Photo Sharing To share albums with other people, switch iCloud Photo Sharing on. That will…

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explained… navigating the apple support app

1 Your devices If a device is signed in to your Apple ID, it’ll be listed in the app ready for you to request support. 2 Multiple subjects Most subjects are covered in the categories on offer, or you can enter terms above the list to filter the offered solutions. 3 Automated admin Useful details such as your device’s model, serial number, and warranty status are all listed here. 4 Extra info Each category lists support articles, which can be useful to gain knowledge and potentially solve your issue without a call.…

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get help with apple support

IT WILL TAKE 5 minutes YOU WILL LEARN How to use Apple Support to determine your best course of action to resolve a problem with a device YOU’LL NEED iOS 9 or later The app makes the experience of seeking advice quicker and more natural Apple support is legendary within the tech industry, and is widely recognised as the benchmark for customers who need help with products that are important to them. The main Apple Support website (support.apple.com) is cleanly laid out and fairly easy to navigate, but there are still some hurdles to jump if you want to reserve an appointment or get direct help. The Apple Support app for iOS makes this all easier. It detects the specific model of device you’re using and puts it at the top of the list of all your devices, though…