iPad User Magazine Issue 41

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We’ve now all had a couple of months since iOS 11’s launch to dive into its new features. We brought you our first batch of tips last issue, and we’ve dug up even more this time, to make sure you’re really getting the most from the new software. Our opening feature is nine pages of great extra things your iPad can now do. Our dive into iOS 11 doesn’t end there, in fact. We also have an in-depth dedicated guide to the new Files app, which adds an almost desktop-like way of managing documents and folders to your iPad. It even ties in with cloud storage services such as Dropbox, putting everything in one place, where you can organise them, or open them in other apps – especially handy with the…

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lock down notifications

THE BASICS OF notifications remain the same in iOS 11. They can appear as a banner across the top of the screen, play a sound, and display a badge on their parent app’s Home screen icon to remind you there are things awaiting your attention. However, there are some important changes to know about. Helpfully, they include the use of clearer language to describe behaviours and hopefully prevent confusion. In the past you might previously have stopped an app showing notifications on the Lock screen because you didn’t want it to display potentially sensitive data there. Problem is, you could also miss important notifications. Fortunately, this should no longer be necessary – one of iOS 11’s most welcome changes can fix that for you. 1 BANNERS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE The first change is…

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make your home even smarter

iOS’S HOME APP offers the extra flexibility necessary for a smart home to be convenient for your whole family. It takes the existing ability to trigger automations based on when your location changes, a time of day occurs, an accessory is controlled, or a sensor detects something, and adds more detailed time constraints plus the potential to track all family members coming and going. For example, the expanded range of conditions that can trigger automations enables you to turn on your heating only if someone is home and the time is between 5 PM and midnight. Bear in mind that automating HomeKit accessories and scenes requires a device that can act as a home hub. Today, that’s either an iPad or an Apple TV model that runs tvOS (starting with the 4th-generation…

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work faster with imessage apps

FEW WOULD ARGUE with the notion that Apple made a bit of a pig’s ear of integrating third-party apps with Messages when it introduced the capability in iOS 10. Now it has untangled the spaghetti mess of navigation it created, by putting access to the iMessage App Store, Digital Touch, and your installed iMessage apps behind one icon that looks like the regular App Store icon. Tap it to reveal the new, easier-to-navigate app drawer. 1 THE APP DRAWER In an iMessage conversation, tap the App Store icon (left of the message box) to open the app drawer. Swipe on the drawer and its row grows larger to help you find what you want. 2 FAVORITE APPS AND OTHERS The iMessage App Store is the leftmost item, then Digital Touch. Left of the divider…

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mark up documents & screenshots

INSTANT MARKUP is a set of tools for annotating documents in any app, whether for your own use or to collaborate with other people. In most apps you only have to tap the Share icon, then Create PDF in the bottom row of the sheet. Some add extra steps: at the documents list in Pages, tap the Share icon, Send a Copy, PDF, then Create PDF. If an app has no sharing feature, you can take a screenshot and annotate that! 1 START MARKING UP While viewing a document, use its app’s means of opening the Share sheet. In the sheet’s bottom row, tap Create PDF. When the PDF opens, tap the pen icon on the toolbar. 2 THE LASSO TOOL Tap this, mark a selection that intersects at least one annotation, then drag…

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learn about the little things

BEYOND ITS BIG features, iOS 11 has some neat little settings that might save you money or battery power, help you to better protect your privacy, or make your iPhone or iPad work better with other Apple devices by adding features to AirPods and Apple Watch. Check out these useful techniques. 1 ACCESS TO YOUR LOCATION Previously, control over some apps’ access to your location (in Settings > Privacy > Location Services) might have offered you just two of three possible options: Never, While Using the App, and Always. For example, in iOS 10 Uber offered only the first and last of those options, omitting the middle one. In iOS 11, that usefully conservative option is available for it and all other apps. 2 ENHANCE YOUR AIRPODS iOS 11 is an upgrade for your…