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welcome to ipad user magazine, helping you to do more with your ipad

For a lot of people who’ve switched to using the iPad as their primary computer, I think speed is one of the biggest factors in its favour. Compared to firing up a laptop, the instant-on nature of the iPad, and apps that pop up in a fraction of a second rather than taking time to load, make it the first thing we reach for. The great thing, though, is that even though the iPad is naturally fast, there are shortcuts and tricks to get things done on it even quicker. You can make selecting text faster, switching between apps easier, and sharing things with other people as snappy as a couple of taps. That’s what we go through in our first article, but it’s a theme elsewhere in the issue too –…

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share sheets

The Share sheet is available in most apps – its icon is a square with an arrow pointing outwards – and comes preconfigured with a number of options for sharing content from your iPhone or iPad. To save time, you can customise which options appear on the middle and bottom rows by tapping the More item (three dots), which is always rightmost in each row. In the Activities list that then appears, toggle the switches beside each item to indicate which ones you want to show in the Share sheet. Conveniently, you can alter the order in which Share sheet actions are displayed. Drag on the lines at the right end of a row to move an action. The vertical order of items in this list reflects the order items will appear…

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multitasking on ipad

1 Quick reference In an app, swipe up from the bottom to reveal the Dock. Press on an icon ’til it grows, drag up, then let go to use that app in a floating pane. Flick the top line to swap sides, or to hide it off the right edge; swipe left there when needed again. 2 Side by side Again in an app, reveal the Dock and hold a finger on an app icon. This time, drag it to the left or right edge of the screen and let go to open it alongside the first app. Drag the divider to adjust the split, or on the line at the top of the right app to switch them around. 3 Keep watching If you’re using FaceTime or watching a film, say, tap the Picture…

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timesaving ios shortcuts

Adding important apps to the Dock means they’re only a tap away on any page of the Home screen. On an iPad with iOS 11, the Dock is also only a swipe away (upwards, from the foot of the screen) – even when you’re in an app. To add an app to the Dock, hold a finger on its icon until it jiggles, then drag it onto the Dock and let go; if it pings back to its original location, there’s no space left; the Dock can hold four items on iPhone, and between 11 and 15 on iPad (depending on the model). You can add folders to the Dock, too – but to make a new one (by dragging one app icon onto another), you’ll need to do it in the…

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super-quick controls

Don’t overlook Control Centre’s customisation options You can change Control Centre’s contents in Settings > Control Centre > Customise Controls. To use the following shortcuts, apply a firm press if your device has 3D Touch, or hold a finger on the control for a moment. 1 Apple TV Remote You needn’t reach for your Siri Remote when your iPhone or iPad is in hand. Tap Control Centre’s Apple TV button for a touchscreen trackpad and Siri button. 2 Screen recording This is useful for sharing iOS tips and troubles. Tap it to record to the Camera Roll, or press to pick one of your apps that can broadcast live, such as Facebook. 3 Camera This provides a quick route to take a selfie, record a regular or slo-mo video, or take a portrait photo. 4 Wallet Wallet’s button provides a…

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keyboard shortcuts on ipad

1 See the shortcuts When you have a keyboard connected to your iPad – either over Bluetooth or physically through the Smart Connector – you can use keyboard shortcuts to speed up actions. Some are universal across all apps, and we’ll cover a few of those here, but each app can have its own specific shortcuts for the things it does. In many apps, holding CMD ç on the keyboard brings up a cheat sheet, so you can see what’s possible. 2 Copy/paste Yes, these obvious shortcuts apply across iOS! Press ç+c to copy something, and ç+v to paste it elsewhere. You can also cut with ç+x. 3 Spotlight Hit ç+Spacebar to bring up the Spotlight search window. Here, you can look for things on your iPad: contacts, files, apps and more. You can select…