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Land Rover Owner January 2019

LRO is the world's biggest magazine dedicated entirely towards the Land and Range Rover enthusiast. Every issue you'll find our team of experts writing inspirational features on: - Adventure! Off-road adventures in some of the world's most spectacular countryside - Restoration! Inspiring tales of old Land and Range Rovers lovingly rescued and restored... - Maps! Tough tracks with OS maps for you to try - Rare models... find something unusual in every issue - Land Rovers and spare parts for sale... a fantastic range of parts & vehicles for sale, every month Plus the latest club news and events from around the world. Love Land Rovers? Love LRO!

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editor’s welcome

“We’ve been out in the mud this issue – and as well as producing a cracking article it’s been very therapeutic. Getting away from it all, getting stuck and testing methods to extract the vehicles (and, at points, ourselves) from the mud certainly made a change from just driving Land Rovers, but mud is their home.The same may not be said for the Evoque 2 (p20); some will head off-road , but the vast majority won’t. Is all-wheel drive (as Land Rover now calls the transmission) really required?Still, it’s good that the designers managed to keep the Evoque 2 looking like the outgoing model; something that’s looking less likely with the next-gen Defender.Our sources tell us the new body design sits under the panels of the mule pictured on…

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world of land rovers

1st prize IAN MOORHOUSE WINS A SEALEY INSPECTION LAMP ‘Ian’s 300Tdi (left) and 200Tdi lend a fantastic sense of occasion. Congratulations to him and Grace for their stunning Yorkshire wedding, and for being our winners!’ NEIL WATTERSON, EDITOR This idyllic scene was caught during the last weekend in summer, when GRAEME JARVIE slipped away to Wales in his 2004 Td5 Defender for a bit of trout fishing. LESLIE NOELMANS captured this beautiful sunset in southern Sweden during a tour with his wife Caroline Gérimont, son Bob Noelmans and pooch Ares in their 2006 Td5 90. How do you replace a Disco 2 you’ve had for 15 years? MARTIN EVANS’ daughter Katy and pal Ollie seem to approve of Dad’s choice, this cracking 2.4 TDCi Defender.…

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1st PRIZE Sealey Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Shade 9-13 - Black (PWH610) LIST PRICE £77.94 For stockists, to order a free catalogue, or to buy online, go to sealey.co.uk 2nd PRIZE Sealey Solar Power Panel 12V/1.5W (SPP01) LIST PRICE £38.94 For a chance to see one of your pics in print, send it to wolr@LRO.com. Include a description of the vehicle and where the photo was taken, along with the names of anyone in it. Please send the biggest image file sizes you have. This issue, it’s well done to first-placed Ian Moorhouse, who wins a Sealey Rechargeable 360° Inspection Lamp 7 SMD + 3W LED Black Lithium-ion. Second prize, a Sealey Auto Retractable Ratchet Tie-Down 50mm x 3m, goes to Bart Bouma.…

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from write-off to right-on

A vital part of Defender DNA is its sheer adaptability – it’s always fascinating to see how different owners make different choices.When Jon Cole’s 2.4 TDCi 110 was written-off by a people carrier driver who drove into him, almost head-on, it could have ended up in a breaker’s yard. But Jon called on his experience gained from a lifetime of Land Rover ownership, and the skills of a local Land Rover restorer. He had a lot of choices to make – and, as I’m about to find out, he got them right. New chassis The 110 sits on a Richards’ galvanised chassis, painted with Buzzweld’s Chassis in Black. It should last for many decades (unless it gets hit by another Vauxhall). Biased power Ashcroft…

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years of land rover experience pay off

Slickshift gearlever transforms drive OWNER: JON COLE ‘I used to have a C-reg One Ten 2.5 petrol in original condition; I liked it a lot. It didn’t get much use because I had an Alfa 156 2.4 diesel as my daily driver. It handled superbly but it was getting a bit old. I thought, “I’ll get a new car”. Every time I showed my wife more powerful, new Alfas she said no. “If you get rid of the Land Rover and the Alfa, you can have another Land Rover”. ‘Within a week I’d bought this 110 – for more than my budget, of course. It was completely standard, one lady owner. She’d traded it in for a Skoda so I bought this from a Skoda garage…