Linux Format March 2021

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who we are

Jonni Bidwell I lost many a brave (and broken) virtual machines in the great RAID reformat of 2021, but new ones are starting to re-establish themselves. Mostly I like to have lots of Mint and Ubuntu VMs around to remind me how much easier my life would be if I didn’t use Arch. Nick Peer I have VMs coming out of my ears on Mac, Windows and Linux machines running, er, Linux, Mac and Windows VMs. They’re used primarily for research, experimenting and – gulp – stress-testing security products. Also a good option for isolated BitTorrent clients running over VPNs… Les Pounder Right now I don’t have any virtual machines in the traditional sense. I do have an Atari ST, Amiga 1200, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Mac emulated in JavaScript. Mayank Sharma I use VMs for testing…

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orchestral manoeuvres in the docker

Jonni’s been arguing with me this issue – he thinks Linux Format readers don’t need virtual machine orchestration. Of course, as always, he’s right, but I’ve never let being wrong stop me before… Just because you don’t actually “need” something doesn’t mean you don’t want to learn about it or try it out! Virtualisation has become such a common thing that it’s easy to take it for granted, but this also means there are better ways of managing your many virtual machines. Storing VMs on your local machine is fine, but it can become messy in terms of space and the numbers that can build up in your VirtualBox list, as an example. So this issue Jonni’s taking us through the virtual machine basics and then moving on to look at…

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is online privacy the hot topic for 2021?

WhatsApp’s loss is Signal and Telegram’s gain, after an influx of new users abandoned the Facebook-linked messaging app after a change to its terms and conditions raised awareness on the information they’re sharing when using the app. A new pop-up has appeared for the majority of WhatsApp users (though not in the UK and Europe), informing them that they must allow the app to share data with Facebook if they want to continue to use it. If they don’t accept the new terms by 15 May then they won’t be able to use the app or service. The data to be shared is phone numbers (both the users’ and from their address book), profile names and pictures, status messages and information about when a user was last online, as well as…

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linus vs intel

Linus Torvalds, the outspoken creator of Linux, has taken aim at Intel once again, this time in a forum post ( where he accuses the chip maker of preventing error correction code (ECC) memory from becoming widely supported on consumer platforms, stating that “ECC availability matters a lot – exactly because Intel has been instrumental in killing the whole ECC industry with its horribly bad market segmentation,” and that “Intel has been detrimental to the whole industry and to users because of their bad and misguided policies [with reference to] ECC.” Torvalds’ issue is that by not supporting ECC memory with its consumer CPUs, manufacturers have not been inclined to make ECC memory for consumers, and therefore the memory is hard to come by. The last non-Xeon Intel platform to support…

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affordable risc-v pc arrives

The BeagleV ( ) has been announced, promising an affordable way to get hold of a RISC-V computer. Using the open-source RISC-V architecture (the processor is a dual-core 1.5 GHz StarFive SiFive U74 CPU), the BeagleV is priced at $119 for a model with 4GB RAM, while an 8GB model sells for $149. This is quite a bit cheaper than other RISC-V computers, which means it should be more affordable for many people. It’s also built to be compatible with many Linux distributions, such as Fedora. The single-board PC looks similar to a Raspbery Pi and comes with an HDMI out port, four USB 3.0, Ethernet, audio, USB-C (which is also used for charging your devices) and a microSD slot. At the time of writing, you can’t buy one just yet, but you…

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the end is nigh, so…?

“In February 2021, MySQL version 5.6 reaches the end of its life. It’s been available since 2013 and was supplanted by versions 5.7 and 8.0. With such a venerable version, there’s been ample time to implement an upgrade. However, the adage ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ is all too commonly used to justify not updating your software. So, if you’re still using 5.6 – or any older database – what should you do? There are three main options. The first approach is, ‘Do nothing!’ Unfortunately, this means no more patching of security issues, and problems may arise further down the line. The second option is to update to the next stable version(5.7) to keep your applications running smoothly. A good approach if you want stability, but don’t need or want too…