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Little Looms 2019

Easy Weaving with Little Looms is a perennial favorite. By popular demand, it will now be available by subscription. Each issue will have the mix of 18–22 projects, techniques, and features you love, expanding the focus on fundamental weaving skills, creative inspiration, and innovative applications. Each issue is designed to have something for beginning and more experienced weavers. In addition to the core subjects of rigid-heddle and pin-loom weaving, Little Looms regularly includes projects and articles about tapestry, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving.

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manufacturer contacts

Bluebonnet Crafters,, Blue Butterfly Originals, 1519 North Walnut Street, Muncie, IN 47303. (765) 282-0124,, Dewberry Ridge, 3222 Massey Ford Road, Union, MO 63084. (636) 583-8112,, Gist Yarn and Fiber,, Glimåkra USA, 1471 Railroad Boulevard, Unit 5, Eugene, OR 97402. (541) 246-8679, Handywoman, Hazel Rose Looms, Route 2, Box 4792, Trinity Center, CA 96091., Magpie WoodWorks,, Schacht Spindle Company, 6101 Ben Place, Boulder, CO 80301. (303) 442-3212,…

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tropical sands flip-flops

The essential summer wardrobe footwear is the flip-flop, simple and unassuming—until now. These summery inkle-woven flip-flops are sure to steal the show no matter what you wear. Weave them using Jennifer’s palette or design them to match your favorite swimsuit or sundress. MATERIALS Type of Project: Inkle STRUCTURE Warp-faced plain weave. EQUIPMENT Inkle loom; inkle shuttle; band knife (optional); 29 string heddles. YARNS Warp: 5/2 pearl cotton (200 yd/1½ oz; Lunatic Fringe Yarns), Teal, 50 yd; Coral and #5 Yellow Red, 8 yd each; Bleached White, 20 yd; #10 Green Yellow and Cobalt Blue, 30 yd each. Weft: 5/2 pearl cotton, Teal, 27 yd. OTHER SUPPLIES One pair foam flip-flops with plastic thongs; sewing thread; contact cement adhesive; crêpe rubber sheet; fabric pen or permanent marker; Fray Check; rotary cutter and self-healing mat or sharp scissors. WARP…

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weaving shop directory

ALASKA THE ROOKERY—KODIAK Kindle your fiber fascination. We carry quality yarns, fabrics, threads, buttons and other fiber art supplies for the fiber enthusiast. 104 Center Ave., Ste. 100 B (907) 486-0052 ARKANSAS RED SCOTTIE FIBERS—EUREKA SPRINGS A fiber shop featuring Glimakra, Schacht, Louet, Kromski and Ashford looms, wheels and accessories. Bockens and Borg fibers, local yarns and fleece. Full studio for weaving and spinning retreats and lessons - located in beautiful historic downtown Eureka Springs. Open Tues-Sat. 10-4 51 Spring St. (479) 253-0711 ARIZONA FIBER CREEK—PRESCOTT Weaving, Spinning, Knitting, Crochet, Felting, and other Fiberarts. Yarns, Equipment and Supplies. The yarn shop that has it all, we are here to help and please! 1046 Willow Creek Rd, Ste. 123 (928) 717-1774 CALIFORNIA HAZEL ROSE LOOMS Beautiful woods because your loom is more than just a tool. And free project instructions are…

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cape may wrap

This lacy beach wrap is a great accessory for walking on the boardwalk when the sun is setting and the ocean breezes pick up. The cotton and wool yarn combined with an easy float pattern on a pin loom creates a light and airy fabric. You’ll stand out at the shore in this beautiful wrap woven in bright and fun variegated yarn. MATERIALS Type of Project: Pin Loom STRUCTURE: Plain weave with floats. EQUIPMENT: 4" x 4" pin loom; 5" weaving needle; tapestry needle; G-6 (4 mm) crochet hook. YARNS: Warp and weft: Synchrony (60% cotton/40% wool; 210 yd/100 g; Brown Sheep), #ST203 Picnic, 3 skeins. DIMENSIONS: 60 squares, 4" x 4" each. Finished size: (after washing) 11" x 75". PROJECT STEPS 1 Following the loom manufacturer’s instructions and using the lace pattern below, weave 60 squares. Lace Pattern: Wind the…

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fireside coasters and table runner

Many people have found out accidentally that over-washing wool can cause it to shrink and full. For this project, Susan used the fulling property of wool to her advantage. She threaded and wove the wool warp and weft in colorful ombré stripes and then fulled the fabric in the washing machine until it was felt-like. That allowed her to cut shapes out of the fabric without it fraying. Twill tape on the back of the runner keeps its design in place. MATERIALS Type of Project Rigid Heddle STRUCTURE Plain weave. EQUIPMENT Rigid-heddle loom, 16" weaving width; 8-dent heddle; 2–6 stick shuttles. YARNS Warp: Highland 100% wool; (900 yd/lb; 450 yd/cone; Harrisville Designs), Garnet, Topaz, Melon, and Gold, 40 yd each; Blackberry and Marigold, 44 yd each. Weft: Highland 100% wool, Garnet and Topaz, 43 yd…

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making sense of weaving drafts & figures

Weaving patterns include a variety of charts and graphs to convey information in a graphic, concise manner. Weaving graphs are generally called drafts, and for rigid-heddle weaving, there are three main types: warp color order (sometimes called threading), weft order, and pick-up or pattern sequence (sometimes combined with weft order). The threading or warp color order portion of a draft provides the sequence for warping your yarns and is read right to left. Each row in the warp color order represents a different color. To save space, wherever a section of the draft is repeated, a bracket is placed above it with the number of times to do that section. For example, for the Gridlock Scarf by Benjamin Krudwig, start to thread with 4 ends of Plomo, then 4 ends of…