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Little Looms Holiday 2020

Easy Weaving with Little Looms is a perennial favorite. By popular demand, it will now be available by subscription. Each issue will have the mix of 18–22 projects, techniques, and features you love, expanding the focus on fundamental weaving skills, creative inspiration, and innovative applications. Each issue is designed to have something for beginning and more experienced weavers. In addition to the core subjects of rigid-heddle and pin-loom weaving, Little Looms regularly includes projects and articles about tapestry, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving.

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rigid-heddle bread bags

Bread bags are great for preserving the crust of freshly baked sourdough loaves. A few years ago, Angela’s friend Rose gave her a cotton bread bag that Angela found handy for storing her own fresh-baked bread. As a weaver, she thought it would be fun to weave a decorative bread bag for herself and for her fellow sourdough-bread–baking friends. MATERIALS Type of Project: Rigid heddle STRUCTURE Plain weave. EQUIPMENT Rigid-heddle loom, 15" weaving width; 12-dent heddle; 2 shuttles; Schacht Incredible Rope Machine (optional). YARNS Warp: (100% cotton; 750 yd/8 oz; Gist Yarn & Fiber), Clay, 406 yd; Denim, 78 yd. Weft: Mallo, Clay and Denim, 157 yd each. OTHER SUPPLIES: Mallo, Clay and Denim, 8 yd each for rope cord, or 76" of ¼" cotton twill tape for ties. WARP LENGTH 174 ends 100" long (allows 8"…

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yarn to love

For Anu, projects almost always start with a love-at-first-sight moment with a particular yarn. Jagger Spun’s Mousam Falls yarn is lofty and soft to the touch and pairs perfectly in a color-and-weave design featuring Jagger Spun’s Heather. (Originally published in Loom Theory: Rigid-Heddle Scarf Collection, 2018.) RESOURCES • Patrick, Jane. The Weaver’s Idea Book. Loveland, Colorado: Interweave, 2010, 25. MATERIALS Type of Project: Rigid Heddle STRUCTURE Plain weave with color-and-weave. EQUIPMENT Rigid-heddle loom, 10" weaving width; 10-dent heddle; 2 stick shuttles. YARNS Warp: 4/6 Mousam Falls (100% superwash merino; 840 yd/lb; Jagger Spun Yarns), Black, 152 yd. 2/18 Superfine Merino (100% merino; 5,040 yd/lb; Jagger Spun Yarns), Shale, 152 yd. 3/8 Heather (100% wool; 1,500 yd/lb; Jagger Spun Yarns), Chokecherry, 209 yd. Weft: 4/6 Mousam Falls, Black, 89 yd. 3/8 Heather, Chokecherry, 132 yd. WARP LENGTH 93 ends…

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sugarplum towels

Tea towels are my favorite way to learn new skills. Cotton is easy to work with and inexpensive, and as an added bonus, if the experiment doesn’t work you still have a useful tea towel! These sampler towels create dozens of color-and-weave patterns that can be used when planning your next project. And, of course, they looks fabulous hanging in your kitchen! MATERIALS Type of Project: Rigid Heddle STRUCTURE Plain weave with color-and-weave. EQUIPMENT Rigid-heddle loom, 24" weaving width; 10-dent heddle; 3 shuttles. YARNS Warp: 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,360 yd/lb; Maurice Brassard), #5120 Mauve Pâle, 491 yd; #1768 Rose Pâle, 470 yd; #100 natural, 272 yd. (Note: All ends are doubled threads.) Weft: #5120 Mauve Pâle, 433 yd; #1768 Rose Pâle, 420 yd; #100 Natural, 162 yd. (Note: Mauve Pâle and Rose Pâle are used…

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gifts galore

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tree scarf

Inspired by evergreens and holiday lights, this scarf was designed to celebrate the holiday season without looking seasonal. The pointed clasped-warp accents at one end suggest blue spruce trees against a winter sky, while the colorful staggered Danish medallions hint at joyful festivities. Short, colorful tassels on the other end suggest a celebration in the works. The project invites you to break free of the pull of symmetry. RESOURCES • Lynde, Robin. “Clasped-Warp Weaving.” Easy Weaving with Little Looms, 2020, 107–109. • Patrick, Jane. The Weaver’s Idea Book. Loveland, Colorado: Interweave, 2010. NOTES • For a shorter or narrower scarf, or one with longer green areas, 2 skeins of Kohl may be enough for both warp and weft. However, this scarf includes scant yardage for sampling or loom waste, so it’s advisable to purchase 3…

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hemstitching on the loom

You invest a lot of time, heart, and soul when making a handwoven item, so consider giving it a finish to match: hemstitching by hand. You can quickly machine-sew hems or knot edges, but some pieces need the special touch that shows you took extra care. Beautiful handwovens deserve beautiful finishes! Hemstitching is part of drawn-thread embroidery needlework. Embroiderers draw threads out of an even weave (what weavers call “balanced weave”) fabric to form areas with only warp or weft that they then bind with thread to create borders and lacy effects. As a handweaver, you don’t need to draw out the threads and you don’t have to use a balanced weave; your warp on the loom is waiting and ready to take the beautiful stitches whether you use them to…