Love Embroidery Issue 16

Love Embroidery is the monthly magazine that is a celebration of decorative stitch. It is full of creative ideas for anyone who loves – or would love to learn – modern hand and machine embroidery.

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FRESH IDEAS WITH THREAD This month, we’re thinking about the intention behind our stitches. Is there love in each one that we make? Are we sewing to create a piece of art? Or, do we simply want to relax and let our minds float away as we embroider? Designer Christi Johnson (pictured) ponders these thoughts and more in her new book Mystical Stitches – we’re lucky enough to be able to share one of her magical projects with you on p49. Whether you stitch Christi’s talisman necklace or something else entirely, take a moment to think about what the project is bringing you. IMAGE FROM MYSTICAL STITCHES © BY CHRISTI JOHNSON, USED WITH PERMISSION FROM STOREY PUBLISHING…

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Summer is here, and with it comes a bold desire to explore the world and expand our horizons – thankfully, there’s no limit to how far we can travel in our own imaginations! This month, the Love Embroidery team have been dreaming of colourful European cities, sunny beaches and far-flung safari adventures. With these ambitions in mind, I hope you’ll be able to fly away with us to new destinations – all you need for the journey is a needle and thread, of course! I’m also beyond excited to share our exclusive guide book with you this month: Top 50 Stitches provides all the advice you’ll need to master the fundamental skills of embroidery. Show us your own colour wheel in progress by tagging #loveembroiderymag on social – I can’t wait…

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we love

Step into summer Discover the marvellous dreamscapes of Olya Isaenkova from Hare in Hands. As you scroll through her Instagram page, you’ll find an abundance of beautiful scenes bursting with such magic and colour you’ll wish you could walk right into them. The textured and three-dimensional aspects of Olya’s designs bring these heavenly vistas to life, not least of which is this quaint Birch Tree Landscape hoop. @green_ball_and_aneedle Globe-trotting If you often dream of being more adventurous and wish you could escape to far-off lands then capture your future travels in stitches with Chasing Threads’ wonderful world map banner. It includes rainbow embroidery threads and everything else you’ll need in a beautiful gift box that you can even take with you. Editor lovers Daydreaming of stitching in the garden on a sunny afternoon is a rather…

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kaleidoscope of colour

HOW TO USE THE COLOUR WHEEL This issue, we’ve teamed up with designer Clare Albans and thread specialists Anchor to bring you a comprehensive beginner’s guide to embroidery. Your exclusive gift, Top 50 Stitches, includes step-by-step instructions for 50 different stitches, each with clear photos and handy tips for ways to use them. You can get creative with your newfound skills using our selection of easy rainbow-inspired projects or make your own beautiful colour wheel sampler using the template and guide on the right. You’ll find a smaller version of this guide inside the book on p32, which you can also use as a reference when stitching. The embroidery guide on the right has been printed at full size so you can work directly from it, or download and print it…

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embroidery guide

Turn to p85 for your Top 50 Stitches book All the threads are Anchor stranded cotton: 1 Backstitch, 245 (very dark green)2 French Knot, 298 (very dark yellow)3 Whipped Backstitch, 334 (very dark orange)4 Bullion Knot, 20 (very dark red)5 Split Stitch, 89 (very dark pink)6 Stem Stitch, 101 (very dark violet)7 Colonial Knot, 112 (very dark indigo)8 Seed Stitch, 123 (very dark blue)9 Ring Knot, 170 (very dark teal)10 Running Stitch, 1076 (very dark turquoise)11 Fishbone Stitch, 258 (dark green)12 Chain Stitch, 291 (dark yellow)13 Fern Stitch, 333 (dark orange)14 Rope Stitch, 47 (dark red)15 Closed Feather Stitch, 88 (dark pink)16 Leaf Stitch, 100 (dark violet)17 Cable Stitch, 111 (dark indigo)18 Coral Stitch, 178 (dark blue)19 Cretan Stitch, 169 (dark teal)20 Straight Stitch, 1074 (dark turquoise)21 Scroll Stitch, 239 (green)22 Weave…

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hooked on granny squares!

What’s inside Simple squares & stylish projects Easy-to-follow patterns from top designers Stunning photos & step-by-steps ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY! ORDER ONLINE OR CALL 0333 016 2138* AND QUOTE 'Crochet Collection 2021 Print 1' *UK calls will cost the same as other standard fixed line numbers(starting 01 or 02) and are included as part of any inclusive or free minutes allowances (if offered by your phone tariff). Lines open weekdays 9am to5pm. Overse as please call +44(0)1604 973 746. Prices: EUR price£11. 99, ROW price£12.99. AII prices include P&P. Please allow upto 28 days for delivery. Offer subject to availability.…