Love Embroidery Issue 19

Love Embroidery is the monthly magazine that is a celebration of decorative stitch. It is full of creative ideas for anyone who loves – or would love to learn – modern hand and machine embroidery.

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A huge hello to our wonderful readers. It’s so very lovely to be back at the helm of Love Embroidery after a brilliant year of maternity leave with my little girl. Oh, how I have missed you all! It feels fantastic to be making magazines again and even better to be kicking off with our first Christmas issue of the year – any excuse to listen to festive tunes and scoff mince pies in September! With so many of us unable to spend the holidays with our loved ones in 2020, we’ll all be looking for ways to make this Christmas that extra bit special. And for me, that means making it as homemade as possible. From ornaments and gifts, to festive wardrobe updates and seasonal homewares, we’ve got loads of…

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we love

IDEAS INSPIRATION ACCESSORIES PEOPLE KITS Polaroid picture Step right into the ethereal landscapes of Artemis W. Chung of Mmiddleewc’s Polaroid Series. Thread-painted directly onto paper, these gorgeous scenes are one-of-a-kind, hand-embroidered creations that evoke a captivating sense of nature and tranquility. We’re utterly mesmerised by these pieces, Forest Hymn, and Tiefer Frieden unter Bäumen, aptly meaning ‘deep peace under the trees’ in German. @mmiddleewc Nature’s workers Want to be wowed by beautiful, stitched critters? Look no further than Victoria Matthewson’s new book, Needlepainted Plants and Pollinators, a stunning collection of nine embroidery projects with meticulous instructions and step-by-step images. Hitting shelves at the end of October! REBECCA PAGE ON EMBROIDERING FOR POSITIVITY “It’s important to use positive affirmations in the everyday. Having faith in yourself and your skills is the first step to creating the life you want…

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tape measures

Beauty is in the detail and this smart ruler bracelet has it nailed. Perfect for measuring projects, fabrics, thrift shop finds… Add it to your wish list! £18.17+ | We adore this sweet, plasticfree tape measure from Cocoknits. It’s available in six earthy, bespeckled colours including this sea glass beauty. £17.99 | A bit like a magpie, we can’t help being drawn to YAK (Yarn and Knitting)’s shimmery, rose gold, retractable tape measure – just look at those cool, corner curves. £4.75 |…

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current stitches

Feliz navidad Kate L’Amie’s merry trio of cacti have got us thinking outside the box with our decorating this year. Her playful use of colour and texture, breathes new life into the festive season. We love the way she’s layered Bondaweb (a sticky-backed fabric) with simple stitches to build up each cactus. Plus, her 3D tree decorations made from bright beads and glitzy metallic thread are a great way to add quick detail to each hoop. Tempted to have a go yourself? You’ll be happy to know they’re available to buy as complete kits via Kate’s Etsy., @katelamieart IMAGE © © KATE L’AMIE, WWW.KATELAMIEART.ETSY.COM…

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home for christmas

MATERIALS • Linen fabric: 35x35cm, cloud blue DMC stranded cotton: 1 skein each of ecru (cream), 352 (dark pink), 353 (peachy pink), 436 (tan), 503 (teal), 520 (dark green), 729 (gold), 780 (dark brown), 928 (light blue), 3853 (dark orange) and 3854 (light orange)• Embroidery hoop: 18cm diameter• Basic embroidery kit STITCHES USED Backstitch, Chain Stitch, French Knot, Lazy Daisy Stitch, Satin Stitch, Split Stitch, Straight Stitch NOTES • Find the template on p63. This winter, treat yourself to evenings snuggled up on the sofa, stitching Julie’s serene scene, with your own cup of hot cocoa – or, mulled wine – close to hand. She’s magically captured the quiet calm of the night before Christmas and all the joy that awaits us in the morning, working the design in soft pastels to create a modern space…

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embroidery guide

HANGING STARS Inside: French Knot, light blue, 3 strands Outline: Backstitch, teal, 6 strands ORANGE SLICES Outer Circle: Split Stitch, dark orange, 3 strands Inner Circle: Split Stitch, cream, 3 strands Segments: Lazy Daisy Stitch, light orange, 2 strands TREETOP STAR Treetop star: Satin Stitch, cream, gold, 2 strands TREE Trunk: Split Stitch, dark brown, 6 strands Branches: Split Stitch, dark brown, 3 strands Leaves: Straight Stitch, dark green, 3 strands GARLAND STRING String: Backstitch, tan, 6 strands MUG Handle: Split Stitch, dark orange, 3 strands Main part: Satin Stitch, dark orange, 2 strands Top: Straight Stitch, dark orange, 6 strands Design: Straight Stitch, cream, 3 strands Steam: Split Stitch, cream, 3 strands TABLE Top: Satin Stitch, tan, 2 strands Front: Satin Stitch, dark brown, 2 strands Legs: Satin Stitch, tan, 2 strands BASKET Lower half: Chain Stitch, peachy pink, 3 strands Upper half: Chain Stitch, gold, 3 strands Handles: Lazy Daisy Stitch, gold, 6 strands BAUBLES Bauble fill: Satin…