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December 2019

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ls: lowrider special

It’s the December issue of Lowrider and you already know what time it is. Each time this year, we showcase lowriders equipped with LS motors and gracing this month’s cover is a finned and muraled-out beauty that also happens to be one of the most desired classic cars out there. Now fitted with an LS engine, this highly coveted ’57 is a piece of Americana. It has a mixture of automotive history that captures the essence of automotive styling from the late ’50s and automotive performance technology that embodies the essence of lowriding today. Looking back, it was only a decade ago that LS engines were somewhat of an anomaly. They were reserved for the brave of heart and those with deep pockets. At the time, having a stock LS with…

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built one sunday at a time

A parent’s time is limited, especially if you’ve got a son playing football at Syracuse University and a daughter playing volleyball at University of Alabama. Traveling from coast to coast to support their athletic efforts sheds what little time you have left. Once you include work, household chores, and the time spent addressing life’s necessities, well, it leaves little time for anything, let alone a hobby. But not for Keith Whitner, better known as “Big Whit” to locals. This is the story of his life. Somehow he managed to set aside his Sundays not as a day of rest but rather a day of leisure in which he could work on his ’57 Bel Air. It was a project he had always wanted, and one he thought he could never afford,…

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barbeque at the q

Tiguex Park serves as the back drop for the Meat Up Series that’s held in Old Town Albuquerque. Sponsored by Shell & Quaker state, this annual event is produced in association with Artemis Productions and any donations are given directly to their local Ronald McDonald House Charity. It’s a day of giving, a day of entertainment, and a day when the lush greens of the park are overcome by the smell of secret recipes, and the laughter and camaraderie of the lowrider community. The attraction packs the park by 11 a.m., and as the grills get to temp, it only takes a few minutes for warm-blanketed breakfast burritos to start making their passes. In typical fashion, Joe Ray officially starts the event in front of the Lowrider rig, and from there,…

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eazy duz it

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you’re into. It could be imports, rods, classics, or lead sleds, but truth be told, no one does it like lowriders. Not to take away from other forms of customization, but lowriders have a deep sense of creativity in which everything must be touched. From the frame to the suspension, body to the interior, lowriding’s unique offerings make it an extensive art piece. In the same breath, it’s about the only form of customization that frequently creates “turntable” cars. In essence, a turntable car is one that has been touched from bottom to top. It’s a craft that requires years of work, plenty of money, and the headaches come free. But ask Wallace Pardo Jr. if he has any regrets, and he’ll probably…

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a teacher’s influence

While attending Yuba High School, Sal Mendez was given the opportunity to paint his autobody shop instructor’s personal Chevy C10. He saw this as a chance to use the skills he acquired in class, but little did he know it was going to be a life-changing experience. After the truck was complete his instructor gave him permission to drive it back to school; five minutes into the drive Sal was hooked and knew he had to own one. Fast-forward to present day, Sal’s C10 is now a picture-perfect specimen of one of America’s most prized trucks. The build took a total of 3½ years and while the modifications are subtle, it by no means makes them minor. Inside, the truck has a barrage of custom touches, but underhood is an LS…