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February 2020

Stay on top of today's fast-changing Apple technology with a Macworld digital magazine subscription! Macworld is the ultimate resource for savvy users of Apple products. Every issue is filled with authoritative news, analysis, and tips about all things Apple -- Mac, iPhone, iPad, and beyond! Best of all, Macworld brings you the most trusted product reviews, from Apple hardware to accessories to the very best apps. Make the most of your iPhone. Get work done on your iPad. Shoot videos with pizzazz. Print gorgeous digital photos. Make the most of your Apple products with Macworld!

United States
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EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Matt Egan EDITOR IN CHIEF, CONSUMER BRANDS Jon Phillips DESIGN DIRECTOR Robert Schultz SENIOR EDITOR Roman Loyola Editorial STAFF WRITERS Jason Cross, Michael Simon ASSOCIATE EDITOR Leif Johnson SENIOR CONTRIBUTORS Glenn Fleishman, Rob Griffiths, Joe Kissell, Kirk McElhearn, John Moltz, Dan Moren, Jason Snell COPY EDITOR Sue Voelkel Design DESIGNER Rob Woodcock Advertising SALES INQUIRIES http://www.idg.com/contact-us/ INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Walter Boyd IDG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. CEO Kumaran Ramanathan…

4 мин.
apple’s next step with the mac should be consumer-focused

At long last, some two and a half years after Apple declared itself serious about enticing professionals back to the Mac, the Mac Pro is finally here. It joins the iMac Pro and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro as a triptych of attractive options for professional Mac users. That’s great. But while Apple was focused on the professional market, its consumer-facing options have languished a bit. It’s not that the MacBook Air, the iMac, and Mac mini aren’t perfectly serviceable machines, but they could all use a little bit of love—especially after all the attention that’s recently been lavished on their pro-level counterparts. The consumer Macs may lack the high margins of the pro market, but they more than make up for it in terms of volume. The iMac, whose design has…

3 мин.
where did that go? find the parts of itunes now spread throughout different apps in macos catalina

With macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple killed iTunes, but its heart still beats in different apps across the operating system. Judging by email received, knowing where to find them can be a treasure hunt. Here’s how iTunes was split up. MUSIC Remember when iTunes was all about music? You no longer have to remember, because the Music app replaces most of iTunes’s features and is, true to its name, all about Music. In Music, you find your music library, manage an Apple Music subscription, and purchase songs, albums, and music videos from the iTunes Store. (See, iTunes isn’t really dead!) SUBSCRIPTIONS You used to rely on the iTunes account feature to view and manage subscriptions. That’s migrated in Catalina to the App Store. You can reach this either from the Apple ID preference pane’s Media…

4 мин.
would apple make its own microsoft surface neo?

Recently, Microsoft introduced the Surface Neo, a strange device that looks like two iPads stuck together, or alternately, a laptop in which the keyboard has been replaced with a second touchscreen. Upon first seeing the Surface Neo, I immediately wondered: Would Apple make a product like this? And if not, why not? Let’s start by noting that the Surface Neo doesn’t really exist. People at Microsoft’s event weren’t allowed to use it, the company admitted some of its hardware specs were yet to be decided, and it’s been announced for a “holiday 2020” release. In other words, what was announced was Microsoft’s intention to ship this product almost a year from now. But still: Two iPads hinged together to make a laptop sandwich! Imagine the possibilities. Given the clear distinction Apple has…

3 мин.
swift publisher 5.5: affordable dtp software for mac expands design options

As someone who still burns a fair amount of DVDs and Blu-rays, I was alarmed to discover my favorite Mac applications for printing disc labels have been either abandoned entirely (R.I.P. Disclabel) or become victims of the macOS Catalina 32-bit “app-ocalypse” (Disc Cover). Thankfully, BeLight Software comes to the rescue by incorporating disc labeling tools into their already awesome page layout software. LABELS AND MORE A free update for owners of version 5.0, Swift Publisher 5.5 adds a ton of awesome functionality to the most capable and affordable Mac desktop publishing software. This $20 app already gave the likes of Adobe InDesign a run for its money with two-page spreads, unlimited layers, master pages, rich text tools, and print/export of projects in RGB or CMYK color modes for home or professional service…

4 мин.
fontexplorer x pro 7: helpful tools to find the font you need

While an up-to-date font management utility is a necessary tool for creative professionals, version 7 of FontExplorer X Pro adds features that make it appealing to any Mac user who wants to explore their font collection. In addition to the arsenal of useful features and tools in previous versions, version 7 adds helpful and educational features, such as automatic classification of your fonts by style, suggested usage, or theme, as well as the ability to show you similar fonts, and to show you fonts that pair well with a selected font. FINDING FONTS Sometimes when choosing a font for your project, you find a font that’s almost what you’re looking for, but not quite. The new Similarity panel helpfully shows you other fonts in your collection that are similar to the one…