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Martha Stewart Living December 2017

We've expanded our magazine to bring you more of the ideas you want for organizing, entertaining, cooking, and decorating- all in one place. Plus, our special Gardening issue, Entertaining Issue, Decorating Issue and Holiday issue are all yours to enjoy as a subscriber.

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the decemberists

ONE OF THE MANY THINGS I have always loved about this magazine is what makes it different. While we may not publish a Hollywood issue, we most definitely have a holiday issue—and this year the volume in your hands shines esp ecially bright, thanks to Martha and the talented editors at Living. After a challenging 12 months, the timing couldn’t be better. To help you make this month extra-sp ecial, the following pages are brimming with fest ive ideas. You’ll find creative ways to get yourself and your home in the sp irit, st arting with the front door. The food editors have cooked up delicious recipes for every meal. And the entire st aff went in search of personal and last ing gifts for everyone on your list. (Another thoughtful…

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living in my life

19 These wontonwrapper “cookies” are clever and a snap to make. I’ll have fun cutting out the shapes with my son on a snowy morning. 31 The HP Sprocket 2-in-1 takes and prints photos instantly (and it’ll keep me from using my phone’s camera and checking emails during the holidays). 73 Every year, I lean on MarthaStewart.com for nice Christmasday breakfast ideas. Here’s a new makeahead option that we'll enjoy that morning. 90 Martha’s trees are always enthralling, but this one caught my eye, and it will inspire ours this year. The others are equally enchanting. Good luck picking one! 106 We’ll end the year with the seafood feast from “Twice as Nice,” and on a sweet note with these budini.…

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out & about

ON THE ROAD CITY LIGHTS Many neighborhoods across the country go full-on Clark Griswold as soon as the Thanksgiving dishes are put away. Take in your own town’s decorations by foot or car—you’ll surely find front-yard extravaganzas to ogle. These three sp ots really get lit, and if they’re hundreds (or thousands) of miles away, Google Images does them dazzling just ice. STRONGSVILLE, OHIO The nine families that live on the Crown Point cul-de-sac put their houses on the national map by turning each one into a blitz of bling. ARLINGTON, TEX. One local man illuminated his home in 1976; now, all 200 or so on the two-mile Lake Interlochen loop do, drawing thousands of visitors. MCADENVILLE, N.C. The monthlong visual and musical spectacle put on by a local textile mill has earned this place the nickname “Christmas…

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handmade with care

TEACH AND INSPIRE BURSTING WITH JOY For my grandchildren, Jude and Truman, two different cotton plaids in the same color scheme were apropos. Then you can sew them into generously sized stockings and add a cuff of soft, cozy shearling. Use our pattern to make these stockings and the ones on page 17; download it at marthastewart.com/marthas-christmasstockings. I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED HANGING STOCKINGS for the holidays, and have wonderful memories of the ones my mother made for us when we were growing up. She always sewed our Christ mas dresses, and I fondly remember one year when I was given a navy-blue velvet dress and a velvet st ocking adorned with ecru lace to match. Our st ockings were filled with sensible gifts: tangerines, lady apples, a candy cane or two, or maybe…

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home sweet home

FRESH IDEAS TO ELEVATE THE EVERYDAY LANDSCAPE THE PLACE To fashion a small forest of snow-dappled trees, roll out extra dough and cut, bake, and ice it. Then add a pile of peppermintstick firewood and gum-stick skis. PS: Make more cookies to put on a plate, so no one will be tempted to take a bite of your snowy setting. THE FINER POINTS To build our mountain retreat (inspired by classic A-frame cabins, some of the simplest yet sturdiest structures out there), start by baking the cookie-slab roofing, pentagon-shaped back wall, low side walls, and floor. Then assemble with royal-icing “mortar,” and stack pretzel logs on the sides. For the full recipes, templates, and all the sweet details, visit marthastewart.com/cookie-cabin. 1 RAISE THE ROOF Create our freshly hewn siding by firmly pressing a fauxbois tool into…

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a tinted toast

CELEBRATE A Surprise Inside Whether you’re lighting up eight nights or counting down 24 days, half the fun of the holidays is the anticipation. Extend the excitement with a twinkling treeline full of hidden presents. We covered paper cones in sp ray adhesive and metallic glitter, slipped a treat under each, and attached a paper tag with a number st icker to create a free-form calendar. A word to wise men (and women): Wrap your miniature gifts, in case someone sneaks a peek. THE DETAILS: Saveon-Crafts papier-mâché cones, 10½", $12 for 12, save-on-crafts.com. Martha Stewart vintage leaf glitter, $16 for 12 0.14-oz. jars, amazon.com. Meyer Imports German glass glitter, from $6 for a 1-oz. jar, meyer-imports.com.…