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Martha Stewart Living October 2017

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OUTDOOR ARTWORK There’s no more masterful piece of art than nature itself. Your kitchen window can highlight a gorgeous garden or beautiful view. Use that as inspiration when choosing interior colors and finishes. SLEEK SIMPLICITY Fresh, modern-style windows can complement your contemporary home. Enhance their clean, sleek look with linear, minimalist decorations for a soft transition throughout the room. NATURAL LIGHT An easy step toward healthy living comes right from your windows. Natural light is not only good for plants but does wonders for your own health, mood, and even energy costs. Choose windows that complement the room while maximizing the space to allow for extra light. VISUAL BALANCE Don’t be afraid to match your windows’ frames with the finish and color of fixtures in the room. This will help define and outline your windows while creating…

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MAKEOVERS ARE A FUNNY THING. I remember when my mom got one back in the ’80s, after a local makeup artist offered to give her “an update.” Now, I should mention that my mother has a signature look if there ever was one—just a swipe of glorious red lipstick and she’s good to go. But that day, she returned home with pale-lavender lids, mauvy-pink lips, and more foundation on her skin than you’d find in the base of a new building. She walked in hopeful, yet slightly selfconscious. (Had she really been wearing her makeup wrong all along?) For better or worse, I was quick to tell her, as only a blunt teenager can, “It’s new, but definitely not you!”And we laughed over it. The next day, I was as…

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| ON THE ROAD | URBAN LEGENDS In the 19th century, many cities set aside green space to serve as rural cemeteries, featuring parks and outdoor galleries. Now these resting spots have centuries-old trees, bird populations, and museum-worthy sculptures that draw visitors beyond those of the dearly departed; Mount Auburn Cemetery (right), outside Boston, is a riot of red oaks and yellow ginkgos this time of year. Here, three more places where you can join a tour or take a quiet solo stroll. Cambridge/Watertown, Massachusetts CHICAGO See monuments made by architect Louis H. Sullivan and sculptors Daniel Chester French and Lorado Taft at Graceland Cemetery. LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Stretch your arms around Cave Hill Cemetery’s lovely giants, including an American yellowwood with a fivefoot- diameter trunk. BROOKLYN Spot green monk parakeets among the Gothic spires at Green-Wood Cemetery, where NYC…

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Farnsworth House Time-travel back to the Civil War at this 10-room Pennsylvania inn, considered one of the country’s most active ghostly spots. Check in overnight to find out for yourself, then visit the nearby battle sites. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania;farnsworthhouseinn.com Pittock Mansion Peer inside the 23 rooms of this French château– style manor, built in 1914 for a wealthy newspaper publisher and his wife. Visitors claim that their phantoms linger on, enjoying their hilltop retirement home. Portland, Oregon;pittockmansion.org Lemp Mansion Raise a pint to the influential beer-making family who once lived here—and the generations of tragedy that befell them. You can stay at the inn, eat in the restaurant, and even take a nighttime haunted-history tour. St. Louis;lempmansion.com…

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TEACH AND INSPIRE Who’s calling? It’s Martha, rocking yet another wildly original Halloween costume. She shares how it came to be—and her favorite transformations from the past. BLOND AMBITION I’ve always loved the artist Roy Lichtenstein’s work, so I decided to dress up like one of his comic-book women. I wore an amazing platinum-blond wig and outlined a plain white shirt with black stripes. Red half-gloves, a bright-blue scarf, and exaggerated makeup added the more cartoonish touches. BEHIND THE SCENES FROM THE TIME I WAS A LITTLE GIRL, I have loved dressing up for Halloween. Every year I look forward to devising my costume—some years the look is elaborate and the ensemble itself is extraordinarily complex, like when I was Fairy GrandMartha or the Spellbinding Sorceress. For those getups, I worked with the editors, makeup artists, costume designers,…

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FRESH IDEAS TO ELEVATE THE EVERYDAY No Shrinking Violet If you can cut and glue felt, you can make this adorable flower. The top four petals attach to a headband, the bottom two to a ribbon that ties under your sweet blossom’s chin. Bonus: The leaves” are safety-pinned to the dress translation: removable), so it can be worn again. Synergy alert: This pretty posy’s name just happens to be Violet. Storm Chasers A tomato cage and tulle are the only elements you need for a tornado costume that will blow everyone away. Fabric leaves, model fences, and toy cows get swept up in the fun. Our twister’s sister is breezy, too, thanks to wire we gaffers’- taped into her skirt and scarf and tucked into her shoelaces, plus an inside-out umbrella. Gel ensures her…