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Metal Hammer UK December 2019

For over three decades, Metal Hammer has brought the biggest and the best in the world of metal each and every single month. From exclusive interviews with the biggest bands in our game to celebrating the rise of the new artists taking our genre into its next chapter, we represent heavy music in all its many forms, offering world class features, unbiased reviews and special looks inside the scenes no one else will talk about. Be it heavy metal, punk, hardcore, grunge, alternative, goth, industrial, djent or the stuff so bizarre it defies classification, you'll find it all here and backed by the best writers and photographers in our game. If you like heavy music on any level, welcome to your new favourite magazine.

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metal hammer

Editorial Editor Merlin Alderslade merlin.alderslade@futurenet.com Deputy Editor Eleanor Goodman eleanor.goodman@futurenet.com Production Editor Vanessa Thorpe vanessa.thorpe@futurenet.com Reviews Editor Jonathan Selzer jonathan.selzer@futurenet.com Art Editor Louise Brock louise.brock@futurenet.com Online Editor Alice Pattillo alice.pattillo@futurenet.com Online News Editor Scott Munro scott.munro@futurenet.com Editor in Chief Scott Rowley Contributors Emmie Bielby, Dean Brown, Cheryl Carter, Richard Chamberlain, Chris Chantler, Alec Chillingworth, Toby Cook, Ali Cooper, Joe Daly, Alex Deller, Malcolm Dome, John Doran, Dave Everley, Jerry Ewing, Paris Fawcett, Connie Gordon, Stephen Hill, Emma Johnston, Dom Lawson, Dannii Leivers, Dave Ling, Sophie Maughan, Edwin McFee, Chris McGarel, Ken McIntyre, Joel McIver, Tom O’Boyle, Dayal Patterson, Greg Prato, Adam Rees, Alastair Riddell, Natasha Scharf, Nick Thorpe, James Weaver, Christina Wenig, Jon Wiederhorn, Holly Wright, Nik Young Cover image: Travis Shinn Image Manipulation: Gary Stuckey Photography Ben Bentley, Justin Borucki, Derek Bremner, Steve Brown, Stephanie Cabral, Duncan Everson, Mick Hutson, Will Ireland, Tina…

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“we need a revolution!”

SUCH WERE THE words plastered over Metal Hammer when we first put Five Finger Death Punch on our cover just a little under 10 years ago. Even way back then it was clear that they were a band destined for huge things, and as this decade comes to a close, they lived up to those expectations and then some. Chances are you’ll certainly have an opinion on this most combustible of bands by now, but the fact is that no one has smashed through metal’s glass ceiling in recent times like they have: loudly, proudly and with a steadfast refusal to compromise on a single, goddamn motherfucking thing. As they gear up for a seriously heavyweight tour with Megadeth and prepare to step into a bold new era, we catch up…

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meet the band

TRAVIS SHINN PHOTOGRAPHER Our man on the West Coast is no stranger to shooting Five Finger Death Punch, so we snuck him over to Vegas to snap this month’s lairy cover. Imagine our surprise when the band actually turned up in shirts and slacks (SPOILER: they obviously didn’t). KIM KELLY WRITER Kim often finds herself on the frontlines of the Good Fight, and this month she sat down with UK black metallers Dawn Ray’d for a look at the scene’s fightback against the rise of white supremacism and far right extremism. It helps that their music is ace, of course. STEPHEN HILL WRITER This issue sees Steve repping for punk rock across the ages, from his interview with Agnostic Front legend Roger Miret to his piece with up and coming metallic hardcore crushers Renounced. Never let it be…

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tommy udo 1960-2019

AN INSTINCTIVE JOURNALIST with a carefully cultivated enigmatic charisma, Allan McLachlan was everything he didn’t appear to be. Many close colleagues didn’t even know his real name wasn’t Tommy Udo. He had a reputation for being gruff, aggressive and confrontational. His hilarious Facebook persona was similar, full of irreverent ranting fury and biting satire aimed at vacuous meme-led inanity. Allan spent the late 70s studying politics at Strathclyde University and cut his teeth as a journalist in the West Scotland area on arts and culture magazines. He moved to London in the late 80s and, entirely appropriately, started his life-long love affair with the metropolitan district as Music Editor on City Limits magazine. A devoted father to Bill and Tom, of whom he was immensely proud, Allan was an unashamed enthusiast…

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united we stand

WE METALHEADS ARE proud of putting on a united front. For anyone who’s ever spent a rainy Wednesday night watching death metal bands blow the roof off of London’s Underworld, or crowdsurfing around Satan’s Hollow in Manchester, we all certainly like to think that we belong to the world’s biggest exclusive club. Whether your favourite band is Iron Maiden or The Black Dahlia Murder, we’re all on the same team, and our shared interests are far bigger than any differences we might have (occasional online bickering aside). In 2014, one metal promoter living in Australia decided to take the whole concept of the metal world being united just a little further than most, putting on an event that’d unite Aussie metalheads across the nation. Dubbed Metal United Down Under, it would…

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10 things we learned this month

WE’RE THE BEST MAG IN THE WORLD! Made totally official when Metal Hammer scooped the Best Magazine gong at the 2019 Future Awards. Thanks to everyone who continues to support us. BLOODSTOCK IS LOOKING TASTY BLOODSTOCK IS LOOKING TASTY From ace headliners to some killer UK exclusives, the UK’s most metal festival is shaping up nicely. METAL VS POVERTY IS A FIGHT WE FULLY BACK Metallica, Ozzy and more will take part in the huge Global Goal Live gigs next September. Should be an intimate event. KNOTFEST JAPAN LOOKS GOOD Slipknot? Anthrax? Korn? Anyone fancy a trip out East? TOBIAS IS UP FOR A GHOST MOVIE We cast Robert Downey Jr as the Cardinal and Ian McKellen as Papa Nihil. YOU COULD BE THE NEXT SUPERSTAR ROCK PHOTOGRAPHER Head to www.metalhammer.com for details on our awesome competition with Affinity Photo! COREY TAYLOR…