MILIEU Summer 2019

In MILIEU, every story captures the look and feel, the mood and character, the style of a place - its milieu. The milieu that defines a great house or garden, the unique character of a design professional, the message conveyed in a thoughtful essay about home life, the creative strategies for accomplishing the look you want for your home - these are the elements of our magazine.

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southern debut

There’s something about Atlanta—a lot about Atlanta—that inspires Will Fisher and Charlotte Freemantle, husband-and-wife owners of the London-based Jamb Ltd. “I’ve known Atlanta for twenty-five years,” says Fisher, who established his brand in 2003, “and I’ve seen it grow and grow, and I absolutely love the city. It’s an exciting time there.” So infatuated is the couple with the creative energy in Georgia’s capital city that they opened their first U.S. showroom in Atlanta, as part of the already well-established Ainsworth-Noah showroom in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC). “This new showroom represents our first opportunity to carefully curate a space that reflects our company’s DNA,” Fisher emphasizes. “Instead of being in an integrated environment with other people and other brands, as we are in our other great location, Los Angeles, here…

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home at last

EARLY ON, Stephan Jones was a fearless explorer—through art. Though he studied painting, graphic design, and interiors as a student at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Jones was drawn to collage. He worked nights in his studio, assembling compositions with found elements, drawings, and paint, combining the rough with the smooth, blending the subtle with the bold. Jones’s explorations, combined with his penchant for creating, building, and experimenting, set him on the path to a career in design. During an internship, armed with a history degree and a passion for architecture, Jones incorporated his fine art skills (creating scale models for interior architecture assignments) before accepting a position with Bruce Gregga Interiors, the venerable Chicago interior design firm. “The experiences I’d had to that point all came together…

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market plans

On a whim during my honeymoon, I coerced my husband, the talented comedy director (and funniest man I’ve ever met or, should I say, married) Gary Weis, to buy a house in France’s La Profonde (the deep interior heart of the nation). We took a wrong turn, and, instead of going to stay at a posh hotel in Provence, we ended up in what was then an unfashionable part of the south of France. Le Sud Ouest. Because of my longing to have a home close to my roots, somewhere between Southwest Scotland and the Tuscan coast, I found a remote, rundown farmhouse (see MILIEU’s Spring 2019 issue) that sat atop a cluster of hills with far-reaching views of the Pyrenees. It was February, and neither of us had any idea…

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milieu at wisteria

In April, Wisteria and MILIEU co-hosted a lively panel discussion and book signing at Wisteria Dallas on the theme of Timeless Design. Architect Jeffrey Dungan; architect and designer Patrick Sutton; and editor and blogger Jennifer Boles, who writes The Peak of Chic blog, addressed the idea of what timeless design means to them now and how their upbringing continues to influence their point of view. All three panelists were well equipped to discuss the topic: Jeffrey Dungan is the author of The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses (Rizzoli); Patrick Sutton wrote Storied Interiors: The Designs of Patrick Sutton and the Stories That Shaped Them (Images); and Jennifer Boles authored Inspired Design: The 100 Most Important Interior Designers of the Past 100 Years (Vendome). For more images, visit…

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nicky haslam

A PLACE IN LONDON YOU NEVER TIRE OF VISITING? The Charles Sargeant Jagger memorial to the fallen in WWI, at Hyde Park Corner. The “toughest” bit of sculpture I know. YOU’RE A SEASONED CABARET PERFORMER. FAVORITE SINGERS, PAST OR PRESENT? Lee Wiley above all, but Josephine Baker and Jimmy Durante come pretty close. SONG LYRICS THAT ALWAYS MOVE YOU? Rodgers and Hart’s “It Never Entered My Mind.” The last (rarely sung) lines make me cry, even when I sing it. A MOTTO YOU LIVE BY? My own: “Life Is Too Long”…not too short. Too long to hold grudges, keep up feuds, be angry with ex-lovers, have regrets. YOU’RE HOSTING A DINNER PARTY WITH THREE HISTORICAL FIGURES. WHO WOULD THEY BE? The Duchess of Windsor, Count Axel von Fersen, Marilyn Monroe. Might shed light on unanswered questions. But three is…

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go shopping

COVER Photography: Clive Nichols, Cornishware, HATS OFF Photography: Brett Wood, Page 26 Background fabric: Cabana Stripe, Color: Coral, R. HOLLAND, JOHN ROSSELLI & ASSOCIATES, Hats: (Top) Alix natural wheat braid straw hat, JANESSA LEONÉ,, Trim: Primavera Wide Tape, Color: Marigold, SCHUMACHER, (Bottom) Jeanne bao straw hat, JANESSA LEONÉ,; Trim: Riviera Outdoor Tape, 32183-9300, HOULÈS, Pages 28-29 Background fabric: Tangier cotton-linen, Color: Spice, T3006-01, Konstantin Kakanias for TEMPLETON, JOHN ROSSELLI & ASSOCIATES, Hats (Clockwise from bottom left) Nina woven jute hat, JANESSA LEONÉ,, Trim: Saisons Stripe Border, Color: Azalea, BT-57467-04, SAMUEL & SONS,; Jeanne bao straw hat, JANESSA LEONÉ,, Trim: Saisons Stripe Border, Color: Capri, BT-57467-29, SAMUEL & SONS,; Stylist’s own hat, Trim: Saisons Stripe Border, Color: Tangelo, BT-57467-02, SAMUEL &…