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Mollie Makes Issue 88

MollieMakes is a brand new lifestyle and craft magazine which brings you the best of craft online, a look inside the homes of the world’s most creative crafters, tutorials on inspiring makes, round ups of the most covetable stash and tours of the crafty capitals of the world. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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love is in the air

This month, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy. Partly because I’m wrapped up in a ton of layers, but also because Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and this issue celebrates love in a whole host of crafty forms. Indulge your passion for crochet with our chunky sampler scarf on page 18, whip up heart-emblazoned macramé bunting on page 54, and enter into a new relationship with the latest craft trend; rug hooking, via the dreamy textured hoop on page 39. We’re also spoiling you with the sweetest Valentine’s gift – a pom pom love birds kit, plus three bonus project ideas, all designed by pom pom queen Christine Leech. Share the love (and your makes) at #molliemakers. Turn the page for more on your free gift! Then Turn to page 67…

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Stephanie Fradette Mid-century fanatic Stephanie loves nothing better than finding quirky treasures in the local charity shop. As well as playing around with all things fibre, she’s commited to reading all the dystopian novels ever written. Make Stephanie’s hoop on page 39. www.lepetitmoose.etsy.com Elizabeth Olwen Elizabeth is a Canadian surface pattern designer. She creates prints, patterns and illustrations inspired by the world around her, and is driven by a desire to leave something beautiful behind with every step she takes. Find Elizabeth’s dreamy papers on page 67. www.elizabetholwen.com Emma Friedlander-Collins Emma is a crochet designer and author. If she’s not buried under piles of wool in her Sussex home with her boys, husband and cat, she’s out indulging her other obsession – collecting leaves, berries and feathers. Crochet Emma’s scarf on page 18. www.mrssteelschool.blogspot.co.uk Nancy Straughan “Proper Geordie girl” Nancy…

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pom pom love birds kit

The art of the pom “Even though my book Pompomania was published almost two years ago, I still seem to be making pom poms at least once a week. These birds were inspired by the budgerigars my neighbour used to own when I was small – they’d fly around her lounge and nestle up together on top of a lampshade. Bird pom poms are a bit more complex than single colour pom poms, but once you get the hang of the breast shape, they’re super-quick to create. If you’re looking for somewhere for your lovebirds to perch, make a simple swing by threading a piece of paper straw onto a length of baker’s twine and decorate with felt flowers.” Christine Leech is an author, maker, stylist and workshop host, and has sold…

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One surefire way of staying warm this winter is to take layering to the next level.We’re seriously impressed by Babaà’s commitment to being toasty, but are pretty sure just one of their oversized chunky knits would be enough to keep chills at bay. Although we do quite like the idea of that mustard and blue jumper/ cardi combo... www.babaa.es TOP READ Scandi chic Blogger and model Pernille Teisbaek personifies Danish style, so her new book, Dress Scandinavian, was guaranteed to be a treat. Filled with fashion tips and ideas for the home, make it your new go-to guide. www.penguin.co.uk Just when you thought you had all the tote bags you needed, Sunwoven collaborate with Beckett Boutique on this textured beauty. Grab it while stocks last. www.beckettboutique.com You’re never too young to make a statement, especially…

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this month we’re obsessing about... red alert


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make it! jumper update

MATERIALS • Red jumper • Plain cotton shirt • Matching sewing thread • Red fabric dye 01 Dye the shirt red following the manufacturer’s instructions, then leave to dry thoroughly. Once dry, press the shirt before using 02 Place the shirt on a flat surface. Use a pair of scissors to cut off the bottom of the shirt with a straight horizontal line approximately halfway down, using the image as a guide. 03 Set aside the top part of the shirt as it won’t be needed. Take the bottom part of the shirt and hem the cut edge by folding it to the wrong side (WS) by 1.5cm ( /8"), twice. Pin and sew. If the bottom edge of the shirt isn’t straight, cut it in a straight line, parallel to the hemmed edge, and hem in…