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MollieMakes is a brand new lifestyle and craft magazine which brings you the best of craft online, a look inside the homes of the world’s most creative crafters, tutorials on inspiring makes, round ups of the most covetable stash and tours of the crafty capitals of the world. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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spring cheer

This time is year is filled with the promise of things to come, from those first blooms in the garden to the lazy bank holidays ahead. So, we’ve echoed this sentiment with plenty of makes that’ll bring just as much joy. Hook up your free gift in a spare evening to cheer up a wall, then step up your crochet game with our tactile bobble stitch cushion on page 63. Or, embrace a slower pace of crafting with our patchwork quilt on page 58, naturally-dyeing your own fabric first. One event I’m especially excited for is the 2018 Mollie Makes Handmade Awards. This year’s submissions are now open, so turn to page 36 and find out how to take part – we can’t wait to see all your amazing entries! Turn the…

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Katie Robbins Ceramicist Katie grew up on a pig farm, studied politics at university, and speaks five languages. She’s now learning the guitar, but still finds time to make and sell beautiful porcelain pieces inspired by the sea. Peek into Katie’s creative world on page 26. www.ktrobbinsceramics.com Maryana Volkova When Maryana was little, she sewed outfits for her dolls from old clothes. Now she makes her own dolls and sews clothes for them using the cutest fabrics she can find. And if she comes across an animal print, she just can’t resist. Sew Maryana’s heirloom doll on page 18. www.lovemilkmusya.etsy.com Veronica Dearly Veronica loves to make art, either with pen and paper or on her iPad Pro. When she’s not doing that, she’s probably making a cup of Earl Grey tea, doing laundry, or living it up…

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crochet mandala kit

Stitch your sunshine “After such a long, cold winter, I was keen to embrace the sunny pastel colours of spring in the design for this crochet mandala. The central floral motif reminds me of a gerbera, which is one of my favourite flowers, and who doesn’t love a happy yellow border to brighten up a room? The design is made up of a variety of simple crochet stitches to create the floral and leafy design, and the blue round uses a spike stitch to add some texture. I’ll be hanging mine from a beautiful ribbon in my daughter’s bedroom window, which gets really fabulous sunlight when the sun actually shines!” Lucy is a crochet designer and technical editor, and mum to a feisty three-year-old and a soon-to-arrive little one. Find her on Insta…

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Tatty Devine’s new Fauve Foliage collection has taken summer styling to a whole new level. It’s a triple threat of tropical leaves, edgy graphic style and sweet pastels, and resisting it is harder than waking up on a Monday morning after a two-week holiday.Wear it with a pastel tee, or go full pattern clash on a floral top for maximum impact. www.tattydevine.com TOP READ New knots Modern Macramé is everything you’d expect from queen of knots Emily Katz. With 33 projects, this new book is also full of inspirational lifestyle shots and ideas for styling macramé in your own space. www.penguinrandomhouse.com THIS MONTH’S WISHLIST This beauty of a rain jacket is made from around 20 single-use plastic bottles. Let that thought keep you warm during the great British summer. www.insaneintherain.com If you like your soaps scented…

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this month we’re obsessing about... eye motifs

Simple embroidery and a strategically-placed button. So blinking cute. www.misspatina.com MAKE IT! EYE MOTIF COLLAR MATERIALS • Black embroidery thread• Embroidery needle• Plain collared shirt• Craft knife• Cutting board• Erasable fabric marker 01 Print or copy the template on page 99, scaling it if necessary to fit the collar of your chosen shirt. 02 To create the stencils, use the craft knife and cutting board to cut out the paper templates. Cut around the black lines of the open eye and winking eye and cut away the white parts inside the open eye, as shown. 03 Decide on the placement of the design on the collar, then pin the eye stencils in place. Draw around the stencils with the erasable pen, then remove them from the collar. 04 Using three strands of embroidery thread, thread the needle,…

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girl about town

HOW TO MAKE… AN HEIRLOOM DOLL MATERIALS • Medium weight cotton fabric in a skin tone, 26 x 30cm (10¼ x 11/8") (Fabric A)• Patterned cotton fabric, 17 x 55cm (6¾ x 21 /8") (Fabric B)• Blue muslin fabric, 20 x 58cm (7/8 x 22 /8") (Fabric C)• Pale yellow muslin fabric, 10 x 70cm (4 x 27/8") (Fabric D)• Grey jersey fabric, 15 x 20cm (6 x 7/8") (Fabric E)• Grey felt, 10 x 20cm (4 x 7/8") (Fabric F)• Pink felting wool• Matching sewing threads• Elastic, 20cm (7/8")• Embroidery thread in brown and pink• Embroidery needle• Two wooden buttons, 1.5cm ( /8") diameter• One white plastic button, 1cm ( /8") diameter• Soft toy stuffing• Needle felting tool• Large sponge• Knitting needle• Erasable fabric marker• Blusher• Cotton bud This girly is throwing…