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MollieMakes is a brand new lifestyle and craft magazine which brings you the best of craft online, a look inside the homes of the world’s most creative crafters, tutorials on inspiring makes, round ups of the most covetable stash and tours of the crafty capitals of the world. Please note: This digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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By the time January rolls around, I’m always ready to jump into everything a new year brings – the positive feel of a fresh start, the promise of spring, and far too many resolutions. This year though, I’m trying to do things differently. So, in this month’s issue we’re still embracing the new, showcasing creative makes like our floral resin earrings. But, we’re also taking time to be in the present with projects that help focus on the here and now. Take inspiration from our cosy leopard cover star and layer up, get outside and enjoy the crisp, cold air. And, after all that manic festive crafting, remind yourself just why we make with this month’s motivational gift. It’s so important to reflect on last year’s achievements too, as well as your 2019…

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Elli Beaven If Elli hadn’t been a quilt maker and workshop teacher, her dream job would have been as a museum archivist – her ever growing fabric ‘archive’ is evidence of her great skill in this area. Sew Elli’s whole cloth baby quilt on page 54. www.wholecloth.co.uk Chloé Joyce Chloé’s an Australian illustrator whose work focuses on lovely ladies and plant babies. When she’s not busy illustrating, you can usually find getting her hands dirty in her own planty wonderland or being taken for a walk by her adorable gentle giant fur baby Lulu. See Chloé’s beautiful illustration on page 36. www.chloejoyceillustration.com Georgia Coote When she’s not working as a textile designer, Georgia channels her style icon Bianca the mouse from The Rescuers. Her other talents include a GCSE in Russian and making a mean sponge cake. Tour…

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mollie makes gift

MEET THE MAKER FIBRE ARTIST JESSIE DOUGHTY CREATED THIS MONTH’S CRAFTY PENNANT “When I think about how crafting makes me feel, I always come back to the word ‘meraki’, which means to ‘do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work’. Seeing your idea become a piece of art you can hold in your hands is another level of happiness and achievement. I take a lot of inspiration from mindfulness – my workspace is full of postcards and pieces of art that have positive mantras on them. Creativity is contagious. That’s why I chose the quote that I did for the design. This stellar little pennant is a great way to improve your stitching precision and practice (or learn, if you’re a beginner) whipped backstitch! Use…

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BOHEMIA DESIGN AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISE BeadWORKS Kenya have joined forces in an ethical collab that makes our eyes happy and our hearts full. Their Samburu collection features playful statement jewellery in delicate beading that’s light enough to be worn every day, and each purchase helps support the women that made them. Knowing you’re empowering the artisans from this north Kenyan community makes us feel just as good as sporting these gorgeous Kalama earrings does. www.bohemiadesign.co.uk SHOW YOUR NON-FELINE LOVED ONES HOW MUCH YOU CARE with this card from Louise Lockhart of The Printed Peanut. Even though we all know cats truly have the top spot, occasionally it’s nice to show our humans we love them too. Luckily, Louise is here to help send colour and happiness to your nearest and dearest two-legged…

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warm and fuzzy

01 Mohair, don’t care. Knit your way to the ultimate fluffy roll neck. www.woolandthegang.com 02 Go beyond the pom. www.oliverbonas.com 03 A princess-worthy yet delightfully practical bag. Want. www.shrimps.co.uk 04 The chenille patch that’s missing from your dungas. www.onrshop.com 05 Touchy-feely texture at its best. www.wallflowerweavings.etsy.com 06 Ethically made for all the feels. www.projektityyny.com 07 Meet your new favourite four-legged friend. www.noths.com/grattify 08 Loungewear just got fancy. www.accessorize.com 09 Bring 70s vibes to the sofa. www.westelm.co.uk…

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warm and fuzzy jumper hack

MATERIALS Plain sweatshirt Tailor’s chalk 1m (39 3/8") each of plain short pile faux fur in baby pink and baby blue (ours was from www.minervacrafts.com ) Matching sewing thread 01 On one of the sleeves, use tailor’s chalk to mark a line 1.5cm (¼") up from the cuff, then mark 17cm (6¾") up from this. Measure a further 17cm (6¾") up from this line and mark again. Cut the sleeve following these lines. Put the cuff aside. 02 Use these sections of sleeve as templates for the fur. Fold the fur in half and place the top of the first template along the fold. Measure and mark a 1.5cm (¼") seam allowance around the three sides then cut out. Repeat with the second template on the second fabric. 03 With right sides (RS) together, pin and sew…