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National Geographic Traveller Food Spring 2021

National Geographic Traveller Food focuses on where to go, what to see and how to explore the world via unique culinary experiences. Its writers talk to producers, suppliers, farmers, chefs and restaurateurs, and this authentic storytelling is accompanied by so-good-you-can-almost-taste-it photography. Whether it’s uncovering the truth behind a gourmet trend, sharing delicious recipes or taking readers on the bumpy journey from farm to fork, the magazine champions sustainability and celebrates local cultures. Across its pages, National Geographic Traveller Food serves up the latest culinary experiences, shares insight on cultural contexts and offers practical advice, from deconstructing classic dishes and ‘breaking bread’ with families across the globe to meeting the food world’s new pioneers.

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@jecuisinecreole Leslie’s recipes from Guadeloupe have helped me see many ingredients in a new light, and also inspired many of my creations. @jessicain thekitchen Jessica’s mouth-watering vegan food always leaves me hungry, even though I could never be vegan. @thebiteshot Joanie Simon is a food photographer and educator who shares her tips and tricks. She’s helped improve my photography skills. @cheflemaire Haitian chef Lemaire does great work in elevating our cuisine. We’ve never met, yet he’s one of my main supporters.…

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HENRY’S Chef Henry Scott offers an elegant, European-inspired menu, with seasonal mains including mallard, roast monkfish and lamb rump. MARLBOROUGH TAVERN One of the most beloved gastropubs in town, the Marlborough serves excellent food in relaxed, unpretentious surrounds. Pop in after admiring the Royal Crescent, just around the corner. THE CIRCUS You’ll need to book ahead for this small, family-run restaurant, serving homestyle dishes such as game bird crumble and Winslade cheese tart.…

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Horseradish may look similar to a parsnip, but this root packs a real punch. Thought to originate in Eastern Europe, it works with an array of dishes, whether you’re grating it into a Ukrainian borscht or eating it with sushi in place of wasabi (something many Japanese restaurants do in the UK). It requires peeling and, when blended or grated, releases a mustard-like oil, which is where the flavour lies. Blitzed, it’s great for jazzing up storecupboard ingredients; simply combine it with cider vinegar and a little salt, then add a spoonful of that mixture to some creme fraiche or yoghurt, and you’ve got yourself a horseradish cream. Be warned, though: you may want to equip yourself with gloves and goggles before tackling this fiery root — many a professional chef…

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10.12kg THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST BUNCH OF GRAPES, GROWN IN 2018 BY SEBASTIÁN GÓMEZ FALCÓN IN LOS PALACIOS Y VILLAFRANCA, SPAIN 10,000 THE APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF GRAPEVINE VARIETIES FOUND ACROSS THE WORLD, THE MOST WIDELY PLANTED BEING CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2017 The year dolma-making in Azerbaijan was added to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The practice traditionally involves stuffing grape leave with fillings 5,980BC The approximate year from which the earliest evidence of grapebased winemaking dates. In 2017, fragments of 8,000-year-old clay jars containing wine residue were found in two Georgian villages 12 THE NUMBER OF GRAPES EATEN BY SPANIARDS AT MIDNIGHT ON NEW YEAR’S EVE. THE RITUAL IS SAID TO BRING GOOD LUCK FOR THE YEAR AHEAD 50% THE PROPORTION OF THE WORLD’S RAISINS PRODUCED IN CALIFORNIA. ITS FIRST CROP AROSE WHEN A HEATWAVE CAUSED GRAPES TO…

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CHEZ WONG, LIMA, PERU Chef Javier Wong is revered in Peru for his ceviche. Chez Wong is part of his home, and he gets up early each morning to buy fish from the market before returning to prepare dishes for lunch. Service ends at 4pm (reflecting the fact that ceviche was historically seen as a lunchtime meal). Booking is essential and there are no frills, but you can watch Wong dextrously fillet fish and cook in the open kitchen. Some of Peru’s best chefs learnt their trade here. T: 00 51 1 4706217. Enrique León García 114, La Victoria 15034 EL MERCADO, LIMA, PERU Founded by celebrity chef Rafael Osterling, this is another lunch-only spot, but somewhat fancier, with the restaurant set in a large, partly open terrace filled with foliage. As well…

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A plump pork sausage, fresh from the grill; a salty, smoked kipper with a perfectly poached egg; shakshuka, bubbling on the stove; a hot English muffin, devoured on the way to work. When it comes to breakfast, there’s no shortage of options, particularly in a country as multicultural as the UK. On any given day, in kitchens and cafes across the land, you’ll find the full spectrum of morning meals, from simple snacks such as toast, yoghurt and cereal to more elaborate dishes like dosas, frittatas and breakfast burritos. Over the past 12 months, we’ve spent more time at home than we’d ever have thought possible, but, for many, the silver lining has been the chance to try new things, particularly in the kitchen. If we’re to keep this spirit of…