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NZ Classic Car No 325 January 2018

New Zealand’s longest running classic car magazine – celebrated its 300th edition in January 2016, an amazing achievement for a publication which began as a simple idea to put local classic car owners in touch with event organisers, car clubs and trade professionals. NZ Classic Car has been a vital part of the local motoring scene for more than 25 years and features unique and extensive classic motoring coverage. NZCC’s enthusiastic and passionate writers cover the length and breadth of the country ensuring extensive classic motoring coverage. Our coverage of New Zealand’s motoring heritage remains unrivalled, especially in the field of motorsport history, plus we include stunning photography, authoritative features and event reports from throughout the country.

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’tis the season

The season of joy, festivities, and good times is upon us and I can’t help wondering if time goes faster as our cars age, or does it just seem like Christmas comes around sooner every year? The lead-up to the festive season can be a stressful time for everyone. Leaving everything to the last minute seems to be the norm — well, for me, anyway — despite my best endeavours not to make to same mistake again every year. As our minds clog up with last-minute work details, who’s coming for Christmas, holiday plans, and last-minute Christmas shopping, not to mention the fact the everyone else has the same idea, then it’s probably not a bad idea to steal a moment or two to take a break and thumb through the pages…

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kombi adventurer

Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon visited the VW factory on Wednesday, April 23, 1947, when it was still controlled by the British Commonwealth Occupation Force under Major Ivan Hurst, a British Army officer and engineer assisting to rebuild Volkswagen after the war. He was there to talk through his ideas about the importation of Volkswagens into the Netherlands, but it was a special day because he did something else. He took out his notebook and drew an oblong transport vehicle. It was basically no more than a soapbox on wheels, with the cab in front and, in the back, the engine. How his conversation with the British ended nobody knows. But one thing is for sure: in 1947, his idea was revolutionary. It was brilliantly simple — a large cargo space…

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a real lemon

In the early 1930s, André Citroën realized that he needed a new model to maintain and protect his position on the sales charts so he commissioned an engineer and a designer to come up with a totally new and radical vehicle Mind you, to continue the human-relationship metaphor, this old girlfriend has now been to the cosmetic surgeon and had a ‘lifting’ par excellence. Russ first owned the car more than 50 years ago, when, for $400, he purchased what was at the time a very tidy 1951 Traction Avant. It served him faithfully for a few years as his daily-driver. This included being the tow car for his yacht, which was dragged around the country to various regattas as Russ represented New Zealand as a 12-foot-skiff-class sailor. The car was eventually sold…

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pulp fiction

Sorry to disappoint you, but, in reality, this tour ain’t leaving the North Island, New Zealand. But let me say this: my expedition into deepest, darkest backblocks Aotearoa rivalled anything in those Stars and Stripes celluloid adventures, as I stumbled across strange and weird offbeat encounters in the back of beyond … the only thing missing was the US-style brutality, I’m happy to report. Hopeless addiction Obsession is a bit of a random animal, and when it gets a grip on you, you end up a pretty helpless victim. About eight years back, I got hooked on seeking out the last remnants of pulp-fiction paperbacks, which unleashed an untameable urge to hunt down the last survivors anywhere in the North Island. These books, with their gaudy (read ‘lurid’) and often sexist cover…

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readers’ writes letters

The DB Story SEND YOUR LETTERS TO: Mail: Readers’ Writes, New Zealand Classic Car, PO Box 46,020, Herne Bay, Auckland 1147 Email: editor@classiccar.co.nz In July 2005 you ran a feature about Aston Martins entitled The DB Story. On the cover of that issue is a blue DB4 registered EG147. My interest in this story and this car is that it was imported into New Zealand from the UK in 1969 by my late father, Charles Clarke. He died in 2010, but was a New Zealander who moved to the UK during his honeymoon in 1959, and we made frequent trips back to New Zealand as a family to see relatives, etc. One of the occasions was in 1969, when we stayed in Auckland for about 18 to 20 months, and it was on…

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this month at themotorhood.com …

A physical and spiritual journey to the end of the world Kiwis Rob Mumford and Aaron K drove a classic V8 muscle car down Argentina’s National Route 3 from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, for a physical and spiritual journey via the history, geography, and people of Patagonia. To read about this epic journey, visit themotorhood.com and search ‘Patagonia’. Audi RS heritage While the current range of Audi RS wagons is considered by many to be the pinnacle of performance and practicality, that’s not just a formula Audi stumbled into. There’s a bit of heritage there, and we were lucky enough to gather together the first three RS cars ever built and spend the day discovering how Audi came to corner this very important and very quick segment of the market. To…