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NZ Classic Car No 335 November 2018

New Zealand’s longest running classic car magazine – celebrated its 300th edition in January 2016, an amazing achievement for a publication which began as a simple idea to put local classic car owners in touch with event organisers, car clubs and trade professionals. NZ Classic Car has been a vital part of the local motoring scene for more than 25 years and features unique and extensive classic motoring coverage. NZCC’s enthusiastic and passionate writers cover the length and breadth of the country ensuring extensive classic motoring coverage. Our coverage of New Zealand’s motoring heritage remains unrivalled, especially in the field of motorsport history, plus we include stunning photography, authoritative features and event reports from throughout the country.

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the ‘classic’ case

What exactly is a ‘classic’ car? It’s something most of us think we know but how we define it can be comfortably woolly. A quick search on Google returned some US guidelines for eligibility to enter the ‘classic’ section of a motor show. The guidelines in the UK are looser, and the term ‘classic car’ there is more emotive than technical. Probably that is also the case here in New Zealand too. Certainly at this magazine across the issues and years—and through different editors—we have applied the term ‘classic’ to a broad range of motor vehicles. We are open to including cars that simply evoke a different cultural time and place. For some, it will be the car they were carted around the countryside in when they were a child. This means…

10 мин.
from egg van to the targa

There’s no doubting that it’s a race car, but it is engineered for reliability and ease of use Terry is not entirely innocent in the affair; it’s not as if he developed a sudden interest in motor sport one day when he was in Paris and imbibing a glass or two of Chablis, but he can point to one occasion that generated his current and lasting obsession with various Targa New Zealand events. He was in Europe and had been having a look around the Porsche facilities in Stuttgart and Leipzig. Obviously, there was already more than a passing interest in sporting automobiles. Decades earlier, Terry Riding had been a part of the rally scene, competing at various events, even the Motogard Rally of New Zealand, in a Mk2 Ford Escort. A…

12 мин.
building a name the auto icon

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST FULLY HOME-GROWN SPORTS COUPE The HK debuted with a one-two finish in the three-hour race at Sandown Park.That year, and at the next Bathurst race, the HKs broke the dominance of the Ford Falcon XA GTs of the previous year General Motors–Holden’s (GMH) new-generation HK model range, launched in 1968, was a turning point for the Australian manufacturer at a time of rapid social changes. Holden wanted a clear flagship model, and, with the longer, sleeker HK range, it planned a derivative designed to attract the youth market. The new Monaro sports coupé was launched some six months after the other vehicles in the range. Its introduction was due largely to the foresight of the company’s then managing director Max Wilson, who recognized the potential of such a model following…

9 мин.
nobody needs a bentley

I’ll admit that large, luxurious, powerful coupés always seemed pointless to me. If you’re going to get a big car, it might as well have four doors. If you’re going to get a fast car, it might as well be small and agile. If you’re going to get a luxurious car, it might as well be a Range Rover (who can beat luxury and being atop a mountain, right?). Like most kids growing up pining after cars, I never felt the need for luxury; I had the need for speed. I wanted lightweight Ferraris, stripped-out Porsches, track-bred Lamborghinis, eye-popping TVRs, and low and lithe Lotuses. Now, not so much. Sure, I still want speed, but I also want comfort. And I want a good stereo system and a smooth ride and adaptive…

4 мин.
readers’ writes

Letters SEND YOUR LETTERS TO: Mail: Readers’ Writes, New Zealand Classic Car, PO Box 46,020, Herne Bay, Auckland 1147 Email: editor@classiccar.co.nz TRUE BATTLER Through our charity, Race4Life, we’ve become aware of 48 year old Russell Yates, who was diagnosed a year ago with pancreatic cancer—his story might be of interest to your readers, especially with the upcoming Targa. Russell was told that he wouldn’t see Christmas, but this determined and courageous father of two and husband to Brenda said to himself, “I’ll be proving you wrong, mate!” Russell’s cancer has spread to his liver and he’s about to embark on another round of chemo. However, he has been very mindful when organizing its timing as Russell has entered the South Island Targa, and he has made it clear that there will be no talk of…

14 мин.
queensland safari

The idea hit me like a thunderbolt out of nowhere. Huddling in front of heaters for weeks, with torrential rains and cyclone winds battering the homestead, was getting too much. A tropical excursion was obviously called for. My lovely lady had been making overtures on this theme for several weeks. Not that quick on the uptake, or legendary with my lateral thinking, this multitasking marvel of a bloke had not seen opportunity when it was in his face, so to speak. Until now, that is, not being a resort sort of fella, I’d been dragging the chain on this proposition. Then it whacked me between the eyeballs. Road trip! To be undertaken in the hot climes of Queensland, and everyone’s a winner. Mary-Anne, my sweet lass, is a heat junkie and a sworn…