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NZ Classic Car No 345 September 2019

New Zealand’s longest running classic car magazine – celebrated its 300th edition in January 2016, an amazing achievement for a publication which began as a simple idea to put local classic car owners in touch with event organisers, car clubs and trade professionals. NZ Classic Car has been a vital part of the local motoring scene for more than 25 years and features unique and extensive classic motoring coverage. NZCC’s enthusiastic and passionate writers cover the length and breadth of the country ensuring extensive classic motoring coverage. Our coverage of New Zealand’s motoring heritage remains unrivalled, especially in the field of motorsport history, plus we include stunning photography, authoritative features and event reports from throughout the country.

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minor memories

Many of us hold fond memories of our very first car or of one particular car from our past that stands out from the rest. Some of us choose to search for the same make and model that we owned decades previously, purely for nostalgic reasons. This urge gets even more powerful when it comes to the very same car. We have two nice examples in this issue. Colin Waite discovered his old rally car languishing in a barn in Central Otago — a car he hadn’t seen for more than 25 years. Despite the car’s poor condition, Colin knew that he had to rescue it. He managed to buy it back and restore it to its former glory. Today, at 90 years of age, he still gets immense pleasure from…

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reliving the dream

Anyone who has been involved in the motor racing scene at any stage during the past six or so decades will no doubt be familiar with the name Colin Waite. The nonagenarian has dedicated his life to the sport of motor racing since the age of 16, when the apprentice panel beater got involved in midget speedway racing at Western Springs in Auckland. Colin helped Laurie Evans build three speedway cars using Jeep and Ford Model A motors, before going on to pit crew for Roly Crowther, who, at the time, was driving the ex–Frank Brewer V8-60 midget. After a few years, Colin went on to crew for New Zealand champion Ian Holden, who had taken over the Frank Brewer car. “I [started] going to Western Springs in 1937 as a…

8 мин.
keeping it in the family

Chris Steele can almost remember the excitement when his father phoned his grandmother one day and said, “You have to come and look at this car!” His father was the service manager for a Rootes Group agency, and someone had brought in a one-year-old 1966 Hillman Super Minx with 2700 miles on it as a trade-in. It was quite a step up from his grandad’s Austin A40. “On the same day, they drove away in it,” says Chris. He doesn’t really actually remember the occasion, as he wasn’t even born then, but the car has been such a constant in his life, and the story has been told so often, that it’s almost as if he remembers being there. You can imagine the excitement. Compared with an A40; the similar-sized Austin Cambridge; and,…

8 мин.
a five-year fight the anziel nova —1967 to 1970

The Nova was originally designed by Tom Karen of British design company Ogle, which designed the Reliant Scimitar At one stage in the late ’60s, it seemed that the Anziel Nova was in the news media all the time, appearing in numerous newspapers and magazines. There were claims that it would be New Zealand’s first mass-produced car. There were even claims that it was designed here by a young man by the name of Alan Gibbs. Alan would be remembered most for his later efforts to produce the Aquada, a car that could travel on land and water. Unlike the Aquada, which had a production run of 25 cars, there was only ever one Anziel Nova. And it was not produced by Alan. Instead, only one car, the prototype, was produced —…

14 мин.
lunch with donn anderson

During my recent lunch with Bill Gavin, covered in previous issues, I told Bill that I’d been given a copy of his book The Jim Clark Story for my 10th birthday by my parents. I then recalled that my aunt had given me a subscription to Motorman magazine, meaning that I have been reading the words of Donn Anderson since shortly after I started reading. It was time to sit down with the guy who has seen everything, met all our heroes, and performed road tests on both the best and worst cars ever made. Donn was typically modest at my suggestion that we meet for lunch. “Who’d be interested?” he asked. To which I responded, “I am” — and he eventually warmed to the idea. Bored stiff On a miserable July day, we…

7 мин.
mama mia, it’s twins

Bangle’s design was as eye-catching as it was debatable at the time. From low down, the front is exquisite. Tony Reid owns a couple of Fiat coupés — or, as the Italian marketing specialists of Fiat named the model, Coupé Fiats. The company has a long history of making striking coupé models, and, even if this one doesn’t fit everyone’s idea of beautiful, it is undeniably remarkable. Tony’s answer to the question of why he owns them includes a story about going to buy a Lancia Beta Volumex coupé. At that point, he saw one of the Coupé Fiats among the crowd of cars for sale and bought that instead. Given the Lancia model’s propensity to end up as bucketful of rust flakes after a couple of years of ownership, he probably…