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NZ Classic Car

NZ Classic Car No 323 November 2017

New Zealand’s longest running classic car magazine – celebrated its 300th edition in January 2016, an amazing achievement for a publication which began as a simple idea to put local classic car owners in touch with event organisers, car clubs and trade professionals. NZ Classic Car has been a vital part of the local motoring scene for more than 25 years and features unique and extensive classic motoring coverage. NZCC’s enthusiastic and passionate writers cover the length and breadth of the country ensuring extensive classic motoring coverage. Our coverage of New Zealand’s motoring heritage remains unrivalled, especially in the field of motorsport history, plus we include stunning photography, authoritative features and event reports from throughout the country.

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targa time

Welcome to our special 2017 Targa New Zealand issue. I’ve heard it said that Targa New Zealand events are among the best value for money, well-organized, and fun motoring events to be held anywhere in the world. After all, there aren’t too many countries that offer thousands of kilometres of unique secondary roads that twist and wind their way through some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, on which you can compete on special stages at speeds up to 200kph. Competitors don’t have the luxury of setting up chassis, drivetrain, suspension, and brakes for the perfect lap on a pristine race track surface. On the contrary, the best Targa roads are often the exact opposite, challenging drivers and co-drivers to their limit. This year’s Targa will kick off from Hampton Downs Motorsport Park…

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droop snoot rs2000

The MkI Ford Escort is one of those cars a lot of us will recognize from any angle in a thick fog without glasses on The RS2000 was designed at Ford’s high-performance operation in Germany, with the original European-built cars fitted with a plenty grunty 82kW Pinto engine. In 1976, 25 of the German-built MkII Ford Escort RS2000s were imported by Ford Australia to fit the criteria for racing in the Australian Touring Car Championship (ATCC) — that is, they were, “Cars recognized as Australian Touring Cars, which, if of FIA Group 1, must be one of at least 25 cars complying with the recognition documents imported into Australia. If manufactured in Australia, before 1975, they shall be one of at least 500, and if after 1974, of at least 1000, basically…

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rennsport #7

Our attention squarely focuses on the car we are there to see — a faithful reproduction of the famous 1973 Porsche 911 RSR Porsche as we know it today is a leading European manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans, but it wasn’t always like this. The company had its beginnings way back in 1931 when Ferdinand Porsche founded the company in Stuttgart, Germany. Initially, it didn’t start out building cars under its own name but instead offered motor-vehicle consulting and development work. One of the first assignments the new company received was from the German Government to design a car for the people, and this resulted in the creation of the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful and recognizable vehicle designs of all time. The Porsche 64 was…

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holden heaven

We know there are many different types of car fans, petrolheads, and gear nuts, and you are probably already trying to work out which column you fit into. Once you have decided, remember that every column can then be filtered by preferences — such as V8, rotary, four-cylinder lovers — you get the idea. Even once that filtering has been done, fans can still be divided by brand, but there’s no need to dive into the history of Holden versus Ford here, as we all know that loyalty runs deep. With Holden, even its most hardcore fans know that there is an alpha dog in the enthusiast pack, and that man is Steve Fabish. He’s been collecting Holdens for more than 30 years, taken drives with Greg Murphy, and has collected…

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degrees of separation

There is often comment that there are only four degrees of separation between people in New Zealand. Could it be less with cars? I have been perusing the July issue of New Zealand Classic Car with the FJ40 Land Cruiser — had one of those; red Mazda RX-2 — had one of those; Datsun 1600 — had one of those. And the Triumph Stag? My brother has had one for over 20 troublefree years — he has refurbished the running gear and body, and with a very clever mechanic recently rebuilt the engine with fuel injection off an XR8 Falcon, improving the driveability no end. Back to the Land Cruiser and other hard-working vehicles I have used in the civil- and roadconstruction industry. During the subdivision boom in the mid to…

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this month at themotorhood.com …

Targa live We’re on the ground at Targa 2017, bringing you live updates and Facebook live videos from the event. From the thrills and spills to meeting drivers and checking out the cars, we’ll have all the action streaming to you live to enjoy from the comfort of your armchair. Search ‘Targa 2017’ at themotorhood.com and follow the link to the New Zealand Classic Car Facebook page for the live video links. Ugly duckling While this month’s Porsche 964 Turbo leads the way in the collectable turbos segment, the 996 Turbo was and remains the ugly duckling of the lineage. Lachlan experiences Porsche ownership (although he says he doesn’t like to talk about it much) and attempts to get onto the 911-investment bandwagon. See how he went by searching ‘996 Turbo’ at The Motorhood. Workhorse to…