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NZ Marketing

NZ Marketing

Issue 67 2021

NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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art or science?

Me: Is this a Rolex? Thai street vendor: Yes, same same but different. Thinking back to this exchange always puts a smile on my face and is something I’ve been reminded of in my discussions with marketing, creative and business strategists over the past few months. The more I chat with different people about their understanding of strategy, the more I’m convinced that the reason it causes issue for many marketers is because there are so many interpretations of it. Interpretations that become even more nuanced when applying strategy to brand marketing, and then implementing it to creative output. Strategy, at its core, is about having a plan with an end goal in mind. But my plan and goals are different to yours, they’re even different to the person sitting next to me…

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meet the team

NZ Marketing is part of a portfolio of business titles owned by ICG Media, including StopPress, Idealog and The Register. Our team may be small, but we’re a nimble bunch who reach a combined audience of more than 200,000 per month* across our various print, digital and event channels. Introducing a few of our fantastic staffers… * Magazine 360º data, April 2021. COMMERCIAL MANAGER VERNENE MEDCALF Once upon a time, during my search for an exciting career, a family friend advised me to “find a job in advertising – it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on”. I did precisely that and never looked back. The ad industry is the opposite of boring, which suits me to a T. I worked in agencies in Johannesburg, then switched to media sales…

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new zealand marketing online

FEATURED STORY THIRD-PARTY COOKIES AND THE NEXT DECADE OF DIGITAL MARKETING Looking to the future with an eye on the past, PHD Group Strategy Director Simon Bird offers a different perspective on the demise of third-party cookies. As he says in his article: “No amount of data will ever get close to us being able to serve the right message to the right customer at the right time. We can use data to be slightly righter, some of the time. The rest of the time, we should remember marketing is mostly about future persuasion, not direct conversion, and use messaging and analytics accordingly.” To read more, scan the QR code above. Have an opinion you want to share? Write for us and enhance your reputation as a marketing thought leader. NZ Marketing provides strong opinions…

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stop press shorts

BY THE NUMBERS Significant numbers from the last quarter on StopPress. 11 … Golds won by FCB at the 2021 Beacon Awards. 3.7 million … Kiwis listening to radio every week in S1 2021. 2025 The year ‘Big Four’ agency WPP has committed to reach net zero carbon emissions by. 137,000 … Kiwis went to the movies in the weekend of March 25-28, a peak since pre-Covid. 7 percent How much the Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand’s total digital advertising revenue grew by in Q4 2020 over the previous year. 280 … finalists across 66 awards in the 48th annual Voyager Media Awards. $1000 … up for grabs from oOh! media for a Mother’s Day shopping spree. DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? The latest StopPress series, So You Want My Job?, will turn the spotlight on those with some of the coolest roles in New…

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on the shelf life

More and more is being understood about the human mind and what drives purchasing behaviour and brand choice. These learnings are being used by more marketers and design agencies in developing packaging design that works hard on the shelf. Although consumers think they can rationalise their purchases, believing they’ve thought every one of them through, in reality most are driven by the non-conscious (or doing) mind. This is the system that uses memories and intuition and results in habitual purchasing behaviour, particularly when it comes to low-value purchase occasions, such as FMCG products. When buying dishwashing liquid, how often do you stop to research all the available options versus grabbing the one you bought last time? It’s the one you know and can easily recognise, the one you put in your trolley…

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industry insights

CATALYST FOR CHANGE EightyOne strategist Brendan Sturrock asks, “Who wants normal anyway?” Coming back to Aotearoa from the UK has been like stepping through the proverbial looking glass. I’m able to enjoy all the freedoms I missed while stuck in revolving lockdowns, the things I used to take for granted, like having a chat over a meal or a drink with mates, packing the kids off to school, popping to the shops on a whim. Then there are the things I didn’t think I’d miss so much, like working with smart, like-minded people in an actual office while wearing appropriate clothes. But even though we know we’re creatures of habit – it’s surprising to see how quickly we settle back into the familiar ways of doing things. And there lies the danger. It’s…