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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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under construction

Growing up, I went to a high school with nearly 2,000 students, which made for crowded paths as we walked from one class to another. Inevitably, we found better ways to get to where we wanted to go and, to the chagrin of the powers that be, we created our own tracks. Those paths, which are created by the footfall of humans or animals, are widely known as desire lines and, while some see them as evidence of an original design flaw, others see them as evidence of our innate ability to find the path of least resistance. After school I followed the predictable path of going to university and, upon finishing my degree, planned to return to complete postgraduate study and learn more about media. However, what I considered to be…

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the future of advertising

BEN MORGAN DIGITAL DIRECTOR ACCENTURE INTERACTIVE NEW ZEALAND Are traditional agencies still match fit, when considering agency-client partnership models, ownership of strategy and consultancies? For the modern CMO, customer experience is at the core. Brands are seeking to connect the ‘big idea’ with the reality of experiences across digital and physical touch points. The result is less budget allocated to campaigns. The changing needs of brands has demanded a new model that sees consultancy, creative and technology converging – bringing together brand strategy, design, communications, customer experience and product development at scale. Accenture’s acquisition of creative agencies such as Karmarama and The Monkeys are driven by the need of this new, modern CMO, and it is proving a real differentiator. The ability to forge customer experience end-to-end better reflects the modern adland, which the traditional agency cannot…

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STOPPRESS COMMENTS The best of the bunch Lotto and DDB kicked off 2018 with a new iteration of the brand’s ‘Imagine’ platform, featuring a heartwarming heist. What first appears to be two armoured truck drivers stealing a load of cash—to the delight of one and disgust to another—becomes a tale of one friend surprising another with a lotto win. It brought a tear to StopPress’ eye and to its readers as well. Good work. Nice acting, well shot & some…. suspense, not seen that in a NZ TVC for a while. A great watch… LEIGHTON HOWL / THE POND It’s the best one yet. Brilliant story-telling, emotional, nicely made. JASON This is just brilliant. Gets me every time I see it. Thanks for showing us all how it can be done. COMPETITOR Nice work, I was starting to get…

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by the numbers

$1.048 billion Was spent by local agencies on major media in 2017. 28 publications Are set to be affected by Stuff’s decision to close or sell some of its community and rural newspapers. 51 percent Of urban consumer growth from 2015 to 2030 will come from the retiring and elderly market according to McKinsey Global Institute. One in five Connected consumers in New Zealand trust global brands according to Kantar TNS’ Connected Life research. 56 percent Is the amount consumers ages 25-29 have increased their spending in the last eight years according to Marketview. 90,000 Individually programmable LED lights have been used to light up Auckland’s Harbour Bridge in an effort by Vector to signal the city’s long-term movement towards a sustainable future. 40 percent Of the $95 million revenue Yellow made in the 2017 financial year came from digital services.…

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WHERE IS THE AD SPEND COMING FROM? Nielsen’s top 20 advertising spenders for 2016 and 2017 shows it’s the supermarkets, telcos, department stores and, health and hygiene brands handing over the dollars in exchange for advertising. The past two years has seen the top spenders remain stable, while the amount spent has increased. In 2016, top spender Harvey Norman spent an estimated $75.798 million while in 2017, this increased to $77.787 million (Source: Nielsen Ad Intel ratecard). This reflects the record agency spend in 2017, with agencies spending $1.048 billion across major media in New Zealand according to Standard Media Index (SMI) data. DOES THE PUBLIC KNOW ADLAND? While media, marketing and advertising folk work hard to understand consumers, what do consumers know about the industry serving up the content? To test consumer knowledge, we…

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martin yeoman & jamie hitchcock

It was April last year Martin Yeoman and Jamie Hitchcock announced their departure from Assignment Group to start their own agency The Enthusiasts. They’ve since gone on to pick up project work for Ti Ora tea from JDE (formerly Brew Group), 2degrees, 1Above and Al Brown’s Fresh Catch, and clients including 3 Wise Men and Goodman Fielder. Now as the pair sit down with NZ Marketing, they reflect on the year that’s been and how their history in the industry is carving their future. Going it alone JAMIE: Martin and I had been at Assignment for seven years which is a healthy amount of time at an agency, and I’ve come from my own agency [Josh & Jamie] which we sold to Assignment pretty early on. I wasn’t necessarily 100 percent sure…