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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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colouring outside the lines

It was the early 1900s when Richard Pearce was making one of the world’s first forays into aviation with his self-built monoplane, and by 1954, that inventive nature had taken to the water as William Hamilton developed the world’s first propellerless boat. Come 1967, Burt Munro was setting a land speed record at Bonneville Salt Flats and in 1998 Glenn Martin was selling his jetpack to other companies (Martin Jetpack is now supported by China’s KuangChi Science, and last year posted a financial loss). A snapshot of those 100 years show-off New Zealand’s Number 8 Wire mentality and though the marcomms industry isn’t exactly setting speed records or reaching great heights in the sky, that thinking is ingrained in it. I love hearing the pride you all have in New Zealand and…

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the future of marketing

ANNEMARIE BROWNE CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER LOTTO NZ What have we moved away from that we probably shouldn’t have? The trouble with shiny new things is that we are all attracted to them, yet what we hear time and time again, is that as human beings the things that motivate and drive our behaviour are hard wired into us. And so, the simple fact is that we love to share and engage in things together. Mainstream media delivers critical reach, viewability and engagement at a mass level and allows us to position our brands amongst New Zealand’s most loved characters and events. While new digital channels can help to extend that relationship, they have a long way to go before they replace it. Definitely worth a rethink! SHANE EVANS GENERAL MANGER OF MARKETING ASB What keeps you up at…

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STOPPRESS COMMENTS The best of the bunch In August, Sky launched a popup eSports channel delivering Ginx eSports TV, an eSports TV network that’s already available in over 50 countries. When StopPress readers heard the news they were quick to share their thoughts. “Next time the LetsPlayLive guys talk up how eSports are this huge growing thing, and will be massive in NZ, ponder this question; Football is a global juggernaut, which tons of Kiwis have a keen interest in. How much interest/money is there in the NZ football league? I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the logic for yourselves.” UM.. “Can’t you watch eSports easily, legally and free on Twitch?” BUT “Research indicates a clear gap in the market. There is an unacceptable amount of friction in the customer journey for an e-Sports fan. For…

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by the numbers

1.96 million New Zealanders live outside of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch according to Consumer Media Insights (CMI). 22 percent of central North Island residents read six or more issues of a newspaper each week. $192 million was the revenue posted by Ooh Media in the half-year ended 30 June 2018, up 11 percent from the half year ended 30 June 2017. 603 formal complaints about ads in New Zealand were received by the ASA in 2017. 82 percent of New Zealanders tuning into linear TV each week according to NZ On Air. 78 percent of New Zealanders tune into radio according to NZ On Air. $55,098,516 was the revenue (gross media revenue) generated by out-of-home in the first six months of 2018 according to OMANZ.…

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stephen england-hall

In April last year, Stephen England-Hall took over the chief executive chair of Tourism New Zealand. He brought with him experience from his previous role as chief executive of Loyalty New Zealand after crossing over from the agency side to client side. Having now made himself at home at Tourism New Zealand, England-Hall fills us in on how the company is moving into the future, the role of technology in marketing and how both fit into the C-suite. On the evolution of the ‘100% Pure’ strategy STEPHEN: For New Zealand, it’s very clear our country brand is based on three core pillars: it’s a beautiful place with warm, welcoming people who do really good things – ‘100% Pure New Zealand’ as a campaign really focuses on telling that story to an audience…

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the death of stalin

Unfortunately, not all successions go that smoothly. The excellent film The Death of Stalin follows the time between the great tyrant’s death and his eventual replacement by (spoiler alert) Nikita Khruschev. As in Game of Thrones the pretenders to the Soviet leadership were faced with the very real possibility that ‘you win or you die’. There are parallels with the current situation in media where the traditional set is on its way out, but we don’t yet know exactly what will replace it (other than it will not be My Space, Four Square or Google+). During the halcyon years of TV advertising everyone agreed on the power of the medium and the debate was mainly about the execution: should the ads be creatively brilliant or scientifically manipulative? Such was the power…