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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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looking in the mirror

Welcome to our 2019 Media Issue of NZ Marketing and let me kick it off by saying my god, this year is the year of media. I don’t just say that with my journalism hat on either, I say that as an outsider, a consumer. Local news media is following in the footsteps of international companies with paywalls, while our government is leading the way with the Christchurch Call, and regardless of which side you are on, there’s a lot to think about. Like the industry’s Up-and-Comers featured on the next page, I got into journalism to tell stories and hopefully make a difference in doing so. Nearly four years on, this hasn’t changed, but alongside this has come the knowledge of, and appreciation for, what it takes to support and fund…

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Jordyn Rudd Television producer/reporter TVNZ How did you get into TV? What sparked your interest in getting into the industry? I’ve always loved news and writing so there was never a plan B when I was going to university – Communications was it. Back at intermediate we did a Newspaper Day, where the teacher turned our classroom into a newsroom and fed us information throughout the day to put together a story. I remember that day so vividly and knew from then it was an industry I wanted to be in. I did a Bachelor of Communications at AUT, majoring in journalism and minoring in TV. While I was studying I started writing stories for 1 News online, which led onto a producing opportunity at Breakfast. How did you go from being behind the…

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stop pressnz shorts

COMMENTS The best of the bunch Following New Zealand Herald’s paywall going live, Deborah Pead, founder and chief executive of Pead PR, shared her thoughts with StopPress, saying the reality of news is, it comes with a price. Titled ‘The free-press must remain free… and that’s why we should pay for it’, the piece discussed the importance of credible and trusted news, and how the paywall represents a path forward for great journalism. She also pointed out that media relations pros will have to lift their game knowing the honour of landing coverage behind the wall. “Those who pay for quality content will be the ones who are most motivated to engage with it – a win for journalists, publishers, clients, PR people and readers themselves. We must never be afraid to…

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by the numbers

$3.4 billion is what Infratil and a Canadian investment firm paid for Vodafone NZ. 3.62 million New Zealanders (10+) tuned into commercial and non-commercial radio each week according to the first GfK Radio of the year $5 a week is what it will cost you to get behind the New Zealand Herald’s paywall. 8 was Colenso BBDO’s rank in the 2019 WARC Creative 100. 11 pencils were won by New Zealand agencies at the 2019 D&AD Awards, including one yellow. $5.5 million net loss after tax was reported in MediaWorks’ FY 2018 results, which sees it move closer to profitability. 8 was PHD Auckland’s rank in the 2019 WARC Media 100. 10 candles is how many 2degrees blew out for its birthday this year. $1 billion is how much a US man is suing Apple for after its…

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kate roydhouse, curious film

On its balanced roster When I started at Curious, about a year and a half ago, Matt Noonan [founder and executive producer] mentioned to me that it would be really rad if we could just look at evening out our roster. There are some amazing women out there and I really want to be representing them but, that entire process does take quite a long time. My response to that was, obviously, ‘I’m really down and I really want to do that’. My biggest consideration around the roster, is to make sure that we’re not signing a whole lot of people or a whole lot of women that just tick a box and don’t necessarily sit within our style. We sign directors who want to direct commercial, so one of the biggest things is: are…

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interactive energy: insight creative’s brand experience showcase for mercury

The idea was to develop a space that showcased Mercury’s ‘energy made wonderful’ brand proposition to excite staff and encourage visitors to come in off the street and engage with the brand. For Insight Creative Managing Director Steven Giannoulis, the finished product is a cumulation of eight months of work – and his whole team’s input. “Generally, we put a specific team on a project but for this one we opened the brief up to the whole company. We collectively came up with hundreds of ideas, so everyone had a bit of ownership in the finished product.” The unifying idea was ‘inspiring people to imagine’, and the Insight team followed three key themes in deciding on specific exhibits and creating the overall experience: CREATE A SENSE OF JOY – educational but also fun FOLLOW A…