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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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2020 vision

Change can be a daunting prospect. From heel-dragging to complete rebellion, it’s something many of us don’t want but often need in order to progress and thrive. I’m a rebel when it comes to change and find that I must push myself that much harder to seriously affect it. A few months ago, I decided to make a change that would see me put wellness ahead of work – something easier said than done. So, I jumped on a plane and headed off into the sun for a bit of R&R in Fiji chanting my ‘change is as good as a holiday’ mantra. Maybe it was the crystal-clear water as I floated in the South Pacific – or a bit too much of the local brew – but I made it…

14 мин.

Celeste McCormick Account manager – retail, Google How did you get into your position? What sparked your interest in the industry? I studied marketing at the University of Auckland but it was a mentor of mine, Brendon Potter, who suggested that I apply for a marketing internship at Microsoft during my studies. I had never considered working in the tech industry and looking back now I feel so lucky that he convinced me to give it a try. I worked at Microsoft for four years before joining Google and I had the opportunity to try both channel marketing and category marketing before moving into the advertising side. What is your favourite project you’ve worked on to date? A tricky but interesting project that I worked on recently was supporting local retailers and our global Google…

5 мин.
paul ego, comedian and voice actor

On being one of the most distinct voices in advertising I was just messing around in the sound booth where I used to do radio for the Breakfast Show. At the time Foodstuffs was working with FCB to create this new campaign, and while they were making decisions for the sound they approached me and said why don’t you use that nasally voice that you’ve been doing on the radio. From there I basically became Stickman, it was a nice little accident that they had even heard me in the first place. Now, I have people coming up to me in restaurants and asking me to say things in Stickman’s voice, mostly people ask me to say ‘It’s Meat Week!’. I probably am more recognisable as Stickman more than anything. Recently I…

1 мин.
faces of our industry

StopPress’s The Faces of Industry, sponsored by Google in 2020, is a celebration of the diversity found within our sector. Teaming up with the Commercial Communications Council, this video series explores some of the stories from our diverse industry individuals and celebrates the inclusivity our industry is working on increasing. By putting individuals and their stories in the spotlight, StopPress is hoping to reinforce the need for greater diversity in the industry and the benefits it can have. The series kicked off with Cassidy Meredith, group account director at Drum, about how he came to study communications. We also hear how he responds to people who don’t know what he does and get his thoughts on why the industry benefits from having people from all walks of life. Following that, we talked…

6 мин.
contagion a perfect two

When a campaign comes to life on a page, screen or billboard, it’s a marriage of creative and media. But not all marriages are equal. Some see media as simply the broadcast of a creatively-driven campaign, while at Contagion Media, creative and media are fully integrated. Add to this strategic thinking and the agency believes it has something that’s really effective. In the past year, the payoff for this thinking has seen its client roster grow with the addition of the All Blacks, Business Desk, IAG, Sealink, Breakers, Go Rentals and charity Spend My Super. The agency is also now named on the All of Government roster. MEDIA + CREATIVE = CREATIVE MEDIA Explaining its creative media offer simply, chief executive and founder Dean Taylor says “media people connect with creative people and…

6 мин.
publicis groupe’s kiwi expansion

You’ve recently made some pretty significant acquisitions in New Zealand – what does the newly expanded Groupe look like now? Towards the end of 2019, Publicis Groupe acquired New Zealand’s largest independent agency MBM and the country’s leading customer experience agency Affinity ID, doubling the Groupe’s footprint here. We did this because our vision is to be an indispensable partner for our clients and deliver end to end marketing transformation solutions at scale. We’ve got some fantastic agencies here, but there were areas we believed we needed to invest in to be able to provide a truly connected platform for our business and our clients. Both acquisitions are a testament to our commitment to the New Zealand market and our belief in the existing brands. MBM has a successful history with a…