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NZ Marketing Brand 2020 issue 64

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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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New Zealand
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I’ve gone and done what I said to myself I wouldn’t do in our new Covid-19 world. Use the word pivot. But my hand was forced. In what has been a year of forced realities, Auckland was thrown back into a lite lockdown in August, weeks before the TVNZ-NZ Marketing Awards was due to be staged. And with it, a magazine complete with winner stories, interviews and a general celebration of exceptional marketing in New Zealand. That wasn’t to be. Instead we had to pivot. The Awards Night pushed back to November 10, and accompanying themed magazine changed to ‘The Brand Issue’. Frustrating. Daunting. But, doable. So, why the brand issue? Good question. Bang on brand, branded, brand identity, branding, Russell Brand. There are so many brand-related words, all with slightly different meanings. What then…

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new zealand marketing online

NZ MARKETING GOES DIGITAL! The strong opinion and insight into the core disciplines of marketing and communication that you have become accustomed to in our print publication is expanding to a new digital platform, nzmarketingmag.co.nz. Targeted specifically to marketing-oriented practitioners, this exciting new digital platform will offer regular updates on topics that are relevant and important. Our highly practical editorial stance and in-depth examination of the latest marketing trends has earned the magazine a reputation for contributing to the lifting of marketing standards in New Zealand. This same ethos will be carried through to the website with one key mission: to help marketers excel in their careers. So, what can you expect to read on nzmarketingmag.co.nz: Deep Dives Investigative-style features that tackle the key talking points of the day. Such as, an examination of the…

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stoppressnz shorts

Our sister site, StopPress.co.nz remains your daily source of news from across the industry. From analysis of advertising campaigns, moving and shakings and investigative reporting on the latest developments from around adlandia, it’s your premier industry news source. STORYTELLER SERIES This commercial content series is a celebration of all things PR in New Zealand, and profiles the fantastic businesses which make up this growing sector. For more on this series and others, visit stoppress.co.nz/stoppress-series. THE DIRECTOR SERIES Coming later in the year, StopPress will profile the amazing directors leading the charge for creative campaigns. This Q&A series will explore the inspiration and dream projects of New Zealand’s directors, as well as their biggest fears and most illegal tendencies. If you are a director and have a personal gripe to air, get involved today. Email editor@stoppress.co.nz…

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industry insights

BRAND BUILDING IN A RECESSION The Comms Council have taken its existing “Brands Need Building” campaign and updated it to reflect the latest thinking and evidence about marketing in a recession. “At the Comms Council we believe strongly that Brands Need Building. Afterall, a brand is the most powerful competitive advantage a business can create. And the evidence suggests that holds true even in a recession,” says Paul Head, Comms Council CEO. The ideas in the campaign are based on a new report co-published with Peter Field and Rob Brittain, two of the world’s leading authorities on advertising effectiveness, ‘AUNZ Advertising Effectiveness Rules – Winning or Losing in a Recession’, containing valuable insights on the implications of Covid-19 and the resulting recession for the advertising industry on both sides of the Tasman. “We…

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a decade of brand wins

IMPRESSIONS OF THE NZ CREATIVE SPACE? Each agency has had to deal with different challenges or setbacks during Covid-2020. We’ll have all been reminded how important it is to be close to our clients and their businesses. How volatile our industry can be. And, how easy it is for consumers to stop spending with a brand. For me, it’s forced a re-appraisal. How to turn this incredibly challenging time into a positive thing for our business. We need to be closer than ever before to our clients (and their customers) and openly discuss the partnerships we have, the capability we have, the gaps we have – and what the best model to drive a resilient, creative and fulfilling partnership looks like moving out of Covid-19 and into 2021. We should be designing…

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the time for ar is now

With the recent Covid-19 pandemic forcing us to change the way we think about shopping, the eCommerce industry is booming. Traditional retailers are also realising a need to think outside the box. One of the biggest players in this retail shake-up is augmented reality. NZ Marketing sits down with Rupert Deans, Founder of Plattar. HAS THERE BEEN MUCH TAKE-UP BY NZ BRANDS? We’re starting to see more and more businesses discovering the benefits of AR. In fact, we’re seeing brands reporting up to 40 percent higher conversions rates when using AR to enhance the customer buying experience. While AR has been around for some time now, it’s only in recent years that it has become more accessible. Businesses are now discovering the benefits, which ultimately increases the uptake. For example, on a global…