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NZ Marketing Issue 66 2021

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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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New Zealand
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perception vs reality

“Reality is ultimately a selective act of perception and interpretation. A shift in our perception and interpretation enables us to break old habits and awaken new possibilities.”– David Simon, US journalist and TV writer Changing people’s perception of something is easier said than done. Serious struggles and many years can often produce little change – think the Covid-19 pandemic, anti-vaxxers and MMR, the gender pay gap, #metoo and chardonnay being only for older white women (sorry, Mum. I’m an ‘ABC’ kinda guy). The conundrum, though, is that often perceptions are reality. It’s only by talking things through, researching and understanding why and how people come to have certain views that realities can be shifted. Our Agency Perception Survey was first commissioned in 2017 and set out to understand how marketers perceive the advertising-…

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newzeland marketing online

FEATURED STORY THE SOUND OF SUCCESS: REINVENTING RHYTHM & VINES Marketing and Partnerships Director at Rhythm & Vines Kyle Bell lets us in on the promotion of one of New Zealand’s most successful festivals, and reveals what he thinks it takes to excel in the field of experiential marketing. To read more, scan the QR code above. Have an opinion you want to share? Write for us and enhance your reputation as a marketing thought leader. NZ Marketing provides strong opinions and insights into the core disciplines of marketing and communications. One of the ways we do this is through the voices of marketing professionals who have something meaningful to say about our industry. If this sounds like you, pitch your idea to the editor at editor@nzmarketingmag.co.nz FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @NZMarketingMag NZ Marketing Magazine nzmarketingmag.co.nz/newsletter StopPress SHORTS News snippets…

14 мин.
industry insights

LESSONS IN LUXURY SOCIAL MARKETING Luxury car manufacturer BMW has collaborated with integrated marketing agency Pead to move beyond ‘influencers’ to ‘people of influence’. The campaign involves a dozen of New Zealand’s most influential personalities and starts with an invitation to join one of the most exclusive memberships in the country, The Haus of Joy. The result is a hand-picked curation of the most luxurious elements of the BMW lifestyle – including special offers from brand partners, attendance at premium events and luxury car loans – into an overarching 12-month experience. Here, Head of Marketing for BMW New Zealand Gabrielle Byfield reveals the brand’s thinking behind this new socialmarketing strategy. WHAT LESSONS HAVE YOU LEARNED ABOUT SOCIAL MARKETING WHEN IT COMES TO A LUXURY BRAND? Campaigns need to be about more than just short-term…

3 мин.
rebuilding an iconic brand

Since the late ’80s, Hubbards has established itself as the breakfastfoods disruptor. With Dick Hubbard at the helm, the brand introduced muesli to New Zealanders and has since launched a portfolio of products that cater to all tastes and breakfast occasions. Hubbards relaunched in 2012 with its now-popular Amazing mueslis, and Auckland-based Onfire Design was on hand to champion the exciting new product development and innovative packaging design that enabled the brand to become number one in the muesli category. Given the success of the relaunch, it was no surprise that Hubbards would again choose Onfire when it sought to meet a growing consumer desire for quality, nutritious ingredients and recipes in 2019. “I’ve been fortunate to have been part of the Hubbards journey since 2012, helping the team with their innovative…

2 мин.
change takes curiosity

In 2019, Cecilia and James Robinson, best known as the founders and former CEOs of My Food Bag, approached YoungShand with a yet-to-be-named, app-led service set to revolutionise the New Zealand healthcare industry. With their focus firmly on the service’s development, YoungShand was charged with helping craft how to take the new service to market. Tend, as it came to be known, enables Kiwis to see a doctor from their phone, supported by a flagship clinic in the Auckland suburb of Kingsland. The service was designed to challenge the current healthcare model’s pain points, putting the control back in people’s hands. However, although there was no shortage of frustration with the traditional model – the lack of available appointments; the hassles of getting time off work, traffic and parking; and the long…

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do you hold customer data? (of course you do)

ALTHOUGH THE CURRENT PRIVACY Act legislation only came into force in December 2020, the Commissioner is proposing further significant changes. These changes will give consumers a great deal more control over how their personal details are managed by marketers. You might as well start preparing now, because it’s oddson the Minister will listen to these proposals. Here’s an extract from the comissioner’s report: “The replacement of the previous Privacy Act was largely a response to a major review of privacy law by the Law Commission, completed in 2011. The Privacy Act 2020 modernises New Zealand privacy law and addresses some significant gaps in the previous legislation. The Commissioner will use the new powers in the Act to actively address non-compliance and promote good privacy practice. However, technological, social and other developments affecting…