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NZ Marketing is the magazine for Kiwi marketing professionals, covering marketing, advertising, and ad media.

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alexa, write my editorial

Sitting down to write this piece and reflect on what you’ll find in the following pages is a loaded task for me. This issue paints a picture of the changes and challenges I face as a journalist today, as well as what they, and the environment in which I will be working, look like in the future. In my nearly three years at NZ Marketing and StopPress I’ve learnt that things never stand still and the stories in this magazine are further proof of that. But while New Zealand’s media industry is busy finding ways to navigate its way through change, we thought it was time to take a moment to celebrate, assess and analyse the current climate. We’ve brought back the Hot List, alongside an examination of the state of all…

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the future of media

ALISTAIR JAMISON CHIEF EXECUTIVE STARCOM MEDIAVEST GROUP People are accustomed to paying to remove the ads with services like Netflix and Spotify. Will ads just become a tax on the poor? Will free-to-air TV still exist in 10 years? I think the first thing I would say (politely) is that I am not entirely sure this hypothesis is right. I don’t think that in the case of Netflix people are paying to remove ads. I think they are paying for access to what they perceive to be quality content and it just happens to be a by-product that is delivered without ads. In the case of Spotify, I again think people are paying for access to content in a format they want it, not to avoid what is in reality a pretty light load…

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STOPPRESS COMMENTS The best of the bunch In May, McDonald’s took on one of the challenges of today’s connected world, with a touching spot by DDB about a grandfather spending time with his grandchildren. The brand campaign followed 2017’s ‘Middle Seat’ and StopPress readers were quick to share praise and some constructive criticism. “That’s the spirit guys. Just keep pandering. Pat each other on the back, tell the client you really helped bring a tired old brand into lives of real people in an authentic and relevant way. A way which likens the brand to the good old simple values of the kiwi way of life. Then watch as we all forget it. Because, while the spot is certainly watchable, it is entirely forgettable. Technology is evil. Outdoors are good. Burgers and fries…

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by the numbers

$2.561 billion of advertising revenue was generated across all main media in 2017. 21 pencils is the number of pencils picked up by New Zealand agencies at D&AD 2018, including two yellow. 3 million New Zealanders tuned in to watch TVNZ’s Commonwealth Games coverage. $244.5 million of revenue from interactive advertising was reached in the first quarter of 2018. 80 percent of New Zealanders listen to commercial radio according to GfK’s first survey of 2018. 63,714 New Zealanders’ data was potentially exposed in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. $5.7 million was MediaWorks’ net loss after tax according to its financial results for 2017.…

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sarah williams spark

On how Spark sees itself SARAH: The way I see it is we are not just a provider of broadband, landline and mobile services anymore. That’s our foundation and we will absolutely continue to do that as well, but we also want to be in a position where we can provide great entertainment and services over the connectivity we provide, and both of those examples are extensions of that. On its investment in music SARAH: The investment in music is a big focus for Spark and something we know our customers really love and value – it’s really central to emotional moments of connection that we share with loved ones. Bringing Spark mobile and Spotify together fuses music and technology, which is really important as technology is our core offering. We focus on using…

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bragging isn’t a kiwi cultural code. so here are some okay-ish ads.

Over 10 years ago, give or take a chat or two, we came up with the original ‘New Zealand Cultural Codes’- a set of values that help define our Kiwi identity. Understand the Codes and you understand how to connect with a nation. While we’d love to take all the credit, the Codes were developed with help from internationally-renowned cultural anthropologists. Since then they’ve been repeatedly tested and evolved by FCB. Critically, we’ve refined our theory through the constant practise that comes with creating New Zealand’s most popular advertising. Okay, cards on the table, a lot of agencies are banging on about culture these days. We welcome them to the party. We already know that the real power of the Codes comes from understanding the changing tensions behind them. Kiwis’ deepest feelings…