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Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining Issue#10 2017

Outdoor entertaining becomes more appealing in the warmer months of the year though due to advances in heating, lighting and cooling it is still possible to have an outdoor lifestyle throughout the year. This issue – Outdoor Entertaining displays to its readers how to design and create, decorate, furnish and equip outdoor spaces and transform them into alfresco entertaining living spaces.

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editor's note

Australians are unrivalled in their passion for outdoor living and the creation of practical, pleasing spaces to relax or entertain in. Once upon a time, it was during the approach to summer that our thoughts mainly turned to our outdoor entertaining spaces, but that is no longer the case. Now we like to entertain throughout the year, which is why the concept of the outdoor room has really taken hold. We invited award-winning Melbourne garden designer Georgia Harper, whose work is pictured above, to talk us through the process of designing an outdoor room. She looks at everything from orientation and zoning to decoration, storage and the use of colour. For those who want the optimal alfresco entertaining experience, a cooking zone is essential. Almost without exception, that will include a…

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laidback luxury

Today, the expectations we place upon our outdoor entertaining spaces are considerable. It’s no longer enough that they look good, as important as that is; they also need to be as enjoyable to use on a chilly winter’s night as they are on a sultry summer’s day. In this award-winning alfresco retreat, designed by Chris Weiss, director of Formation Landscapes, we see the ultimate year-round outdoor living space. A great deal of effort was made to maximise the family’s trans-seasonal entertaining opportunities. It was also important that the space complement the architectural style of the house and provide places where adults and children alike can gather and play outside. The overall feel is one of laidback luxury. The look? Chris describes that as “rustic chic”. While the end result may radiate an…

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stepping out

“A design that complements the home’s renovated interior and provides an enhanced lifestyle” As soon as you step out into this remarkable rear-garden retreat, you’re transported away from the cares and distractions of the worka- day world to a place where comfort and pleasure are the guiding principles. This wasn’t always the case, however. The old garden was run down, tired-looking and poorly built. The same could be said of the area running along the side of the house. To remedy the situation, the owners asked Steve Taylor of COS Design to come up with something that would complement the home’s renovated interior and provide an enhanced lifestyle. Keen to spend time outside all year round, the owners put an undercover entertaining area at the top of their must-have list. This was to…

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warm embrace

From the jaunty angle of the skillion roof and the sleek lines of the outdoor kitchen, to the warm colours and rough texture of the feature stone walling, this cosy deck strikes just the right balance between rustic and modern design elements. Equipped with everything the family needs for entertaining, the deck and the roof that protects it look like a natural extension of the house. Achieving this was made much easier by building the deck in tandem with the house. This fully equipped, immensely inviting space was designed and built by Custom Outdoor Living. Called on to create an area for dining and lounging that would match the home, ensure an easy indoor-outdoor connection and preserve the outlook to the garden beyond, they delivered on all counts. The entertaining area comes straight…

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making an impact

“The planting was kept informal and very soft to contrast the contemporary look of the house” With a mammoth renovation and extension project finally completed, the owners of this modernised home on Sydney’s North Shore were seeking a rear garden design that would have equal impact. “When I first came to the site to meet with the homeowners, the backyard was basically a dumping ground for the construction site,” says designer Josh Harrison from Harrison’s Landscaping. “What the owners wanted was a swimming pool with a surrounding area that would provide ample lounging about space for their teenage kids and they wanted a garden that would be ideal for entertaining.” As the home is very contemporary, Josh carried that feel into the garden, but only in select elements: the angular lines of the…

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family favourite

The reinvention of their rear garden was all-important to the family who call this property on Sydney’s northern beaches home. Ten years earlier they had filled in a swimming pool and made way for a cubby house, but now that their children had grown and the family’s lifestyle needs had changed, they wanted an amazing new pool to fit in with the landscape — which sloped dramatically from one side to the other — and a new outdoor entertaining area. “I wanted to create a calm, serene and completely private space that had an element of style which was very suited to the owners,” says Matthew Leacy from Landart Landscapes + Pools, who was entrusted with the design and construction of the space. There were some challenges that had to be overcome…