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Outdoor Entertaining Issue #9

Outdoor entertaining becomes more appealing in the warmer months of the year though due to advances in heating, lighting and cooling it is still possible to have an outdoor lifestyle throughout the year. This issue – Outdoor Entertaining displays to its readers how to design and create, decorate, furnish and equip outdoor spaces and transform them into alfresco entertaining living spaces.

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editor's note

The most engaging outdoor space will have a sense of place and look as if it was “meant to be” rather than a hasty after-thought. It will be like a wellwritten symphony in which each integral element — water, plants, decor, furniture, lighting, outdoor rooms — is in perfect harmony, both with one another and with the home it envelopes. To get the balance right — and to ensure the desired end result — you need design expertise, horticultural experience and an understanding of the construction issues involved. The only way to harness the necessary know-how is by calling upon a professional landscape designer and contractor. In this edition of Outdoor Entertaining, we show you what can be achieved when you work in collaboration with a professional. The outdoor living projects…

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it’s party time!

WORDS: Georgia Harper PHOTOS: Patrick Redmond Considering a total revamp of an outdoor space can be an overwhelming thought — it’s always tricky to get everything just right on a flat block of land, but when you throw a steep, two-direction fall into the mix, what to do then? How do you get the most usable space in such conditions? This garden, created for the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show, presents one possible solution. The goal was to create a place to relax with a few or entertain with many, to be great to look at, to feel like a private hideaway, and to use all of the available space. The first step was to work with, rather than against, the land fall to create a series of terraces that follow the…

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the perfect fit

WORDS: Carrol Baker PHOTOS: Patrick Redmond Relaxing poolside space? Check. Stylish seating and conversation area? Check. Cosy outdoor barbecue area? Check. Scenic viewing platform and meditation zone? Check. Clearly, this unique outdoor space ticks all the boxes thanks to the inventiveness of designer Scott Wynd of TLC Design and TLC Pools. There are places for adventurous children to explore and restful spaces that invite adults to unwind and stay awhile. Scott says the subtle integration of all the spaces was key to the success of the final design. “The homeowners wanted to create a practical, sophisticated space that concentrates on human movement and the interaction of private spaces,” he says. To ensure the final result reflected their vision, Scott worked closely with the architect who designed the home. The swimming pool, with its interior…

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star of the show

WORDS: Annabelle Cloros PHOTOS: Tim Turner If you’re a fan of the popular renovation show The Block, and you were tuned in last year, you may have been wowed by the sprawling green wall or perhaps the outdoor entertaining/dining area of this space. But opinions aside, it’s safe to say this apartment in the Melbourne suburb of South Yarra is now a greener place thanks to Inge Jabara Landscapes, who was taken on for the job by contestants Josh and Charlotte. The aesthetic of the space revolves around Scandinavian and Australian influences: think clean lines and lashings of timber combined with soft furnishings for comfort. The space itself serves as the formal entrance to the apartment and the goal was to give it maximum impact, setting the standard for the rest of the…

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indulge yourself

WORDS: Karen Booth PHOTOS: Patrick Redmond With block sizes continuing to shrink and more and more Australians living in urban areas where courtyards and compact outdoor spaces are the norm, you need to get a little creative if you want to enjoy the full outdoor living and entertaining experience. This project shows just what can be achieved with some creative thinking and an innovative design. This exquisite outdoor retreat speaks of indulgence. From the beautifully furnished outdoor dining area to the “floating” barbecue bench and water feature, the look is extravagant and the living oh-so easy. The family loves to entertain and spend time outdoors so when they built their house, a fine example of contemporary architecture, their aim from the outset was to ensure an effortless, uninterrupted flow from inside to out. “By…

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easy elegance

WORDS: Karen Booth PHOTOS: Patrick Redmond What do you do when you have grand ambitions for your garden but not a great amount of space? You seek the guidance of a professional landscape designer, which is precisely what the savvy owners of this home in Melbourne’s inner suburbs did. They sought out David Franklin of Franklin Landscape & Design, who says: “The brief from the homeowners was to give them a garden that looked like it had been there for years. This meant giving the garden an established feel and ensuring it complemented the architectural style of the house. Another important element of the design was the creation of entertaining areas and finding space for a plunge pool.” David chose a French cottage-style theme for the garden, which combines rustic charm with easy elegance…