PC Gamer February 2021

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“at the very least, this year’s looking great for pc gaming”

2020 was a funny old year, eh? Well, maybe ‘funny’ is the wrong word. Regardless, time marches on, and we must try to entertain the possibility that 2021 will be a little brighter – even if that does just turn out to be the light of the first nuclear explosions. At the very least, this year’s looking great for PC gaming. Over in our massive feature we’ve run down some of the titles we’re most anticipating. From the time-travelling chaos of Deathloopto the grim adventure of Darkest Dungeon IIto the slick sci-fi shooting of Halo Infinite, we’re set to be thoroughly spoiled over the next 12 months. The future’s bright - just maybe don’t look out the window. ROBIN VALENTINE Specialist in Big lists Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Spent a lot of time looking at the Wikipedia page…

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the pc gamer team

FRASER BROWN Specialist in Sword-based succession Twitter @FraserIBrown This month Glimpsed a grim vision of a corrupted, dying British Isles. Insert your own Brexit joke here. RACHEL WATTS Specialist in Tolkien tourism Twitter @rachel_wattts This month Quested across the whole of Middle-earth in Minecraft, searching for precious content. STEVEN MESSNER Specialist in Grinding faction rep Twitter @stevenmessner This month Reviewed an MMO expansion, which means he didn’t have time to do anything else. ALEX SPENCER Specialist in Remote demos Twitter @AlexJaySpencer This month Freelancer Alex wrote almost our entire preview section this month. If you don’t like it, blame him.…

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sub standard

Subverseis a huge Kickstarter success story that crowdfunded over a million dollars, promising a sci-fi RPG where you recruit sexy aliens and then bang them. Since developer Studio FOW cancelled Early Access plans, players hadn’t seen gameplay yet – even though its first chapters are due early 2021. So there was anticipation for the first look at its “Tactical Grid Combat, Waifus and SHMUP Gameplay!”. However, that exclusive was given to a YouTuber, Arch, a controversial figure who used to post as Arch Warhammer until Games Workshop decided it wanted no association: it made Arch remove the word ‘Warhammer’ from his channel, and warned others not to work with him. “WE ARE SORRY FOR JUMPING INTO A POLITICALLY CHARGED SITUATION” When the Subversereveal video was posted to Reddit, there was such backlash the…

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highs & lows

HIGHS Alphafold New AI, Alphafold, has made unprecedented advances in protein-folding. Planeception Developer Rami Ismail flew from Montreal to Amsterdam in a real plane, while piloting the same route in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fornite The Galactus event ended up involving over 15 million players. LOWS Fortnite. again Epic announced there will be no in-person Fortnite events in 2021.. Monster Hunter The new Monster Hunter movie contains a joke that has angered the Chinese audience, and led to the review-bombing of Monster Hunter: World. RTX 3090 heist Thieves half-inched around $340,000 worth of RTX 3090 cards from an MSI factory in China.…

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the spy

ASK YOURSELF, THOUGH, DO YOU ACTUALLY NEED THE LATEST HARDWARE ADVANCES? There are many downsides to a life of espionage; to the constant tension, paranoia and mistrust. The worst is how a successful career is dependent on avoiding carbs. It all goes to your hips, you see, and hips are the driving force of motion through air vents. The Spy dreams of baguettes; of scones; of just a giant bowl of ravioli that The Spy dives into Scrooge McDuck style. Dreams are weird, huh? Another downside is the tendency to see conspiracy around every corner. Hence why The Spy spent a month trying to track down the villain responsible for stealing the world’s stock of RTX 3080s. Surely this was some nefarious scheme to hyper-SLI millions of cards together in order to……

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this month in… 2010

1 Time is a flat circle. Exhibit A: Ten years before reviewing CD Projekt’s take on a cyberpunk immersive sim, we were unveiling world exclusive info on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, one of the most successful series revivals in recent history. While it skipped the wildly ambitious depth of the original, DXHR was a brilliant way to add freedom and experimentation to modern shooter design. 2 Exhibit B: Ten years before reviewing World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands, we were reviewing Cataclysm. “It’s impossible to stop playing,” we said, accurately. 3 Exhibit C: Ten years before reviewing CD Projekt’s latest RPG, we visited their studio to find out about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. While the first Witcher was something of a cult classic, beloved despite its weird faces and janky questing, The…