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Plane & Pilot August 2019

Plane & Pilot is the ultimate resource for active pilots who desire an information-rich magazine with timely and entertaining content. Get Plane & Pilot digital magazine subscription today for pilot reports on the newest LSA, certified piston-engine and light-turbine aircraft, expert tips on flying techniques, product reviews of the latest gear and seasoned aviator stories from the sky.

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plane & pilot

Editor-in-Chief Isabel Goyer Associate Editor J. Ana F. Beckett Senior Editors Bill Cox, Lou Churchville, Jeremy King Contributing Editors Peter Katz, Jason Blair, Jeff Van West, Bethany Whitfield ART & PRODUCTION Art Director Carolyn V. Marsden Senior Designer Nate Silva SALES & MARKETING Vice President, Media Solutions Stuart Crystal Media Solutions Manager Michael Echevarria 617-279-0216 | mechevarria@madavor.com Client Services clientservices@madavor.com Marketing Director Andrew Yeum Marketing Associate Tommy Goodale Social Media Manager Tim Doolan Content Marketing Associates Anthony Buzzeo, Joanna Cassidy OPERATIONS VP, Strategy Jason Pomerantz Operations Coordinator Toni Eunice Human Resources Generalist Alicia Roach Client Services Supervisor Cheyenne Corliss Senior Client Services Associate Tou Zong Her Client Services Aubrie Britto, Darren Cormier, Andrea Palli Accounting Director Amanda Joyce Accounts Payable Associate Tina McDermott Accounts Receivable Associate Wayne Tuggle DIGITAL OPERATIONS Senior Director, Digital Products Renee Dextradeur WordPress Developer David Glassman Senior Digital Designer Mike Decker EXECUTIVE Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey C. Wolk Chief Operating Officer Peter Madden SVP, Sales &…

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ufos and the last fighter pilot

I look back fondly but with a clear eye at my flight training way back in the 1970s, done high or not so high above the Joshua trees, sandy basins and rough crumbling granite ridges of the vast, mostly empty American southwest. For me, it wasn’t about getting a license or getting a job but merely about getting to fly solo. That was my goal. It still kind of is. Almost without exception, the most consequential flights I made were the ones when I took off with no instructor weighing me down. I’m being facetious, of course. I had some great instructors, men and women who were critical to my getting through flight training while not killing myself or any innocent coyotes in the sagebrush below. But they also wanted to…

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old bold pilots

Oldest competing aerobatic pilot: Ian Metcher Age at record (2001): 86 Last age inverted: 95 Quote from wife: “I just worry when he drives.” World’s oldest fighter pilot: Phil Frawley Country: Australia Age at retirement: 66 Years married: 45 Grandkids: 4 Fighter pilots trained: 499 Last flew: Hawk 127 Favorite fighter: MiG-21 supersonic jet MiG-21s produced in world: 11,496 Record holder for oldest active pilot: Ernest Eli Smith Age at time of record (2016): 98 Born: 1917 Also born in 1917: John F. Kennedy Job at retirement: Beer truck driver Age FAA grounded: 99 Reason: Health issues Quote: “Flying doesn’t take special skills.” Previous record holder: Pete Weber Jr. Age at record (2015): 95 years, 4 months and 23 days Years as pilot: 72 Models of aircraft flown: 37 Military branch: U.S. Army Air Corps (later the Air Force) Service in WWII: P-38 fighter pilot In-flight emergencies: 1 Occurred on: His wedding day Landing site: Cornfield Hours late for nuptial…

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THE MYSTERY Do UFOs exist? And if so, what are they? THE BACKSTORY In recent months, new revelations from the United States Department of Defense have reignited the debate over whether UFOs exist. At the same time, a number of pilots, including a couple of retired Naval aviators, came forward to detail their encounters, including one that was reported as a near-collision after a UFO, described as an orb with a cube at its center, slid in between a couple of Super Hornets flying formation before it hyper accelerated away. It’s not just one crazy pilot, either. There’s video evidence, including one onboard weapons system image—the F/A-18 carried no actual weapons—that shows a very saucer-looking object. On multiple occasions off of both U.S. coasts, aircraft have picked up such craft on their radar. Shipboard…

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cross check

ACROSS 1 Biggest aircraft in the world, ____ 10 6 Satellite triangulation network 8 1903-14 is known as the Pioneer ___ of aviation 10 de Havilland trainer, 2 words 11 Famous “Baron” of WWI 12 Soak up 13 Slop 15 Coded wx warning when the volcano blows 17 Restaurant service 19 Second part of both “ground” and “flight” 21 Where whirlybirds usually begin and end the day 23 60 and 65 are both important examples of this measure 26 It’s “least,” as opposed to “best” 27 Flight _____ engineer 28 Only DE and RI have fewer airports 31 Cirrus SF50 ____ Jet 33 Amazon-sized aircraft 34 These two letters in a plane name mean longer legs 36 Ability to remain calm under pressure: 3 words DOWN 1 _____ Vulcanair V1.0 2 What a smart pilot does a lot 3 The Italian word for Goshawk, name of a plane made by the Pascale brothers 4…

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news of note

PISTON DELIVERIES SOAR IN FIRST QUARTER Deliveries of piston aircraft increased by 24% in the first quarter of 2019, growing more than any other aircraft segment, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association’s recent Q1 report. Turboprop and business aircraft shipments also increased, while rotocraft saw decreased figures across the board. FOREFLIGHT UNVEILS NEW CAPABILITIES With the release of ForeFlight’s newest edition, 11.4, the app now provides pilots who fly supported aircraft with key distance and speed data for takeoffs and landings. Also included in the new release is the smart logbook photo feature, which automatically syncs photos from a given flight with that particular logbook entry. CIRRUS PLANS NEW TEXAS FACILITY Cirrus Aircraft will open a new service, training and aircraft management center at McKinney National Airport in northern Dallas, with factory service operations…